Google Camera and Android Wear

An update to the Google Camera app is slowly making its way out to users, and it includes a neat new feature — a remote shutter button on your Android Wear device. The new version of the app contains an Android Wear component that, when triggered by running the camera app on your phone, will drop a notification on your Android smartwatch that lets you take a picture and then review it afterwards. While this isn't anything new — Pebble has had an app for that for a while now — it's exciting to see it come in a "native" app.

We've noticed one other change, that's not as exciting. The "maximum" quality setting for lens blur photos and panoramas has been stripped on phones we've updated. While there is probably a technical reason for this, it's still not going to be a welcome change for many folks.

The update is slowly trickling out through the normal channels, and you can try hitting the Google Play button above to play the update lottery for yourself.


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Google Camera update brings Android Wear remote trigger


The update says 'big button now optional' what does it mean as I'd love to be able to get rid of the big photo button.
I'm always accidentally taking pictures of random shit as I try to go back out of the app.

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Haven't used a g2 but I'd say that the g2 probably has a better experience.

Sent from an HTC or Nexus. Hopefully one day soon, an HTC Nexus super tablet.

G2 camera interface isn't perfect (a little clunky and options take the whole screen with no preview) but I think it's better. I only use Google Camera on mine for photospheres

Bummer, using the watch as a remote shutter is a great feature. Who knows, maybe the LG camera app will get an update some day to do this (unlikely, but I'm an optimist, dammit).

Not hard to replicate the functionality tho, both Samsung and HTC let you use any Bluetooth headset as a remote trigger (just pair and click). I'd be surprised if LG hasn't copied that...

Will this work for the gear? Or should I say does the gear have this option?

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