VEVO, Plex, Songza highlight list of 10 additions

Google this morning announced a new cadre of apps for its Chromecast streaming appliance — as well as the ability to cast local content to your TV.

The new apps include the likes of VEVO, Red Bull.TV, Songza, PostTV, Viki, Revision 3 and BeyondPod. And you'll be able to stream local media from your phone or tablet over Plex, Avia or RealPlayer Cloud. Not quite the same as the direct casting we've been hoping for, but it's better than nothing at this point.

Google says the new apps will be available "over the next few days."

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Google announces new apps, local content streaming for Chromecast


YES! This is fantastic news!

EDIT: Mostly because of the local media streaming abilities. But this shows that Chromecast dev is moving forward. This may help seal the deal for me to buy it for people as a Christmas gift.

It takes garbage to know garbage, lol. Seriously, he made a comment about a product. Why resort to name-calling?

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If you push Control and "o" on your keyboard, you can open a downloaded movie in a tab on your browser.

That is great news! Not sure if everyone is aware of this, but I just got a chromecast and realized that through Google Chrome you can play your local media files on your computer. You just simply press control+o in a tab and search for a movie or whatever is on your hard drive and it will play it.

Sadly I do not think this would work on a phone or tablet (to my knowledge at least!)

Go sell some plasma and get yourself one. (unless you're in a country that can't get them. Then... apologies!)

finally! local media streaming. time to put away the HDMI cable and use the Chromecast for it all !

The Chromecast is slightly discounted on Amazon currently, not the $30 it was on Cyber Monday, but still slightly discounted vs Play.

Not to mention free shipping and no tax for a lot of people. That equals a good $10 cheaper probably.

It's actually the opposite for me, Play is currently offering free ground on the Chromecast (even though it's clearly not coming Ground to Puerto Rico!)... And they don't charge tax here, Amazon probably chargers a least $5 to ship it here (we've never had free shipping from them, Prime just gets us that but no 2 day).

Just ordered one, not sure if Plex / Avia will be good enough for quickly sharing photos and videos, but worst case scenario I'll just use it for music streaming. Even though I buy my music from Amazon, the Chromecast should still be slicker than my Tivo's music streaming over the network (or turning on a Bluetooth dongle on the AVR, connecting, etc).

Just gotta get around to uploading my music to Google...

I am still hoping that Amazon Prime or Spotify will be supported by Chromecast soon.

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No, he really means an Android app. I still can't believe it's almost 2014 and we still don't have an Amazon Prime app for Android phones and/or tablets.

Yeah, but Amazon has no incentive to put any effort into making Prime media available through dedicated apps for "other" ecosystems. We still don't even know how many Kindles (of any kind) have ever been sold, yet we know they're a big part of their overall broad plans. They'll just stick to their 15 year world domination schedule.

Amazon's continued insistence on telling their Android-using Prime customers to FOADIAF is maddening. There is absolutely zero technical or logical reason for this slight, but no one seems to be able to get Amazon to publicly explain their actions. They'll sell MP3s and apps and Kindle content to us, but video is off-limits? And no, it doesn't make sense that they're trying to force us to buy Fires because if they wanted to funnel people toward their tablet, why support the iPad?

What I'd like to see is the ability to stream to my Chromecast from a NAS via DNLA. I have a networked drive full of stuff and to be able to stream it to my Chromecast instead of having to fire up my game consoles would be sweet.

"What I'd like to see is the ability to stream to my Chromecast from a NAS via DNLA."

That's exactly what Plex and Avia do.

What I'd like to see is the ability to stream to my Chromecast from a NAS via DNLA. I have a networked drive full of stuff and to be able to stream it to my Chromecast instead of having to fire up my game consoles would be sweet.

I agree!

Actually, Amazon video works on Google TV.. but not on google phones. It also works on apple phones but not Apple TV. Amazon doesn't make one bit of sense. And they don't get money from me for content because they make it impossible to watch it conveniently.

They are making their content usable from anywhere, but only convenient from their tablets, or other forums that they can control and make money off of.

Are people confused by the terminology, or do you really not understand that Spotify is to blame, not Google? Saying "Spotify is still not supported" is wrong. Saying "Spotify still doesn't support Chromecast" is what you actually mean. If you want it to happen, complain to Spotify. They're the ones who need to implement it.

Agreed. There are many apps that the Chromecast can support. Whether or not the developers decide to create that support is an issue that needs to be taken up with said developers, not Google.

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I think local streaming is misleading.. you need one of the cloud apps which actually stream media from the cloud and not locally..So you can't really stream from your Gallery.

I'm not sure if I'd qualify Plex as streaming from the cloud. I just set plex up on my linux server last week, and it works fairly well. Technically, it's not streaming from your phone or tablet, but the stream is still "local" to my LAN, not originating online.

False. You definitely don't need a DLNA server to stream local content with Avia.

I don't have a server, and I just finished casting footage that I shot with the same phone that I'm using Avia with. Not sure where that information is coming from.

Really need to quantify local streaming. Local as from your mobile device no, but local as within your home network yes. In many ways that is the better and smarter way to do it. Especially when so many people now have NAS devices.

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if you launch the chromecast app, and tap discover apps... you can pull up the list of apps now... unless i'm missing something.

P.S. is Plex worth it?

Well, considering plex is free (plexpass subscription is optional), it's hard to gauge it's worth. :P

That said, I use plex and love it. It's essentially just a media library/manager. I have a dedicated server set up, and i've been streaming media to my chromecast using the normal chrome plugin, and it works just fine.

Probably the best part of plex is that it keeps track of what you watch, and how far you were into it, so you can easily keep up with whatever series you're watching, and resume movies you take a break from, etc. It also transcodes media to compatible/lower quality if you need it.

Other nice features of plex: You can watch your media when you aren't home if you get the plex app on android (costs a few bucks) or just use plex web from their website with your laptop


kidding! thanks for the reply, i'll set up plex tonight when I get home. how much are they paying you?

kidding again.


Hey now, there's an idea. I wonder if i can charge them a commission because i got you to install it.... :P

If you have a decent media library it's worth it. Setting up the Plex server takes some time but once you have it up and running I have found it to be the best DLNA type media server out there. The app is great and the ability to share your media online is awesome. We rented a cabin this summer, brought the Roku, 5 minutes of setup and we were streaming a movie from our house 300 miles away...ah, nature.

I'm hoping this is similar to BubbleUPnP. I have a Serviio server set up to play local content through Bubble on any DLNA renderer.

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Reading closer at Google's post, you'll have to have one of the apps to cast your own stuff, doesn't look like it'll be available from just the gallery. Maybe with the updated Wireless Display/Cast to screen function in 4.4.1

FYI Avia has an "Unlock Extras" feature in the settings that enables chromecast support (and other features) for $2.99.

I wish they'd make one with a wired network connection and maybe analog or optical audio out. My tv doesn't move and a wired connection is so much better. I would also love to hook these up to little speakers all over the house.

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I bet there is a more Roku like device coming out in the next year. I'd love a Chromecast with an actual remote option as well so that I can use my harmony remote with it.

We need a local video player to support streaming. Something like MX player. Plex doesn't cut it.

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Starting to look possibly competitive with Roku, now that it can do Plex for local stuff.

Both really, Google have decided that nobody outside of the US matters so they not bothered to release it anywhere else! I think certain apps will work.

Not sure why Google don't want to release in other markets, I can understand the US-only initial release but 5 months on it's a little bit strange, don't they want to gain more customers?

I did think about getting a friend to grab me one from the States but without being able to stream from local devices I thought I would just wait until it is developed further. Maybe Google don't want my money anyway. I guess I'll just spend the money on beer instead :)

Google are a US company servicing their home market. They don't see the need to bother with other countries. At this point consider anything they do internationally to be a bonus. Forget about chromecast, voice, glass, 'OK google', etc. it ain't happening.

OTOH you can pick a chromecast from Amazon via an importer for £35 these days and that's probably what google would have charged anyway.

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Can anyone explain the hdmi input switching? If I'm on my cable tv hdmi input, and decide to cast something from my Android phone, my understanding is that the chromecast will automatically switch to the chromecast hdmi input. What I'm really wondering is when you stop casting, do you need to manually switch back to your cable tv hdmi input, or does the chromecast switch back to the cable tv input automatically? Thanks!

You have to manually switch back. At least that's what I've been doing. Unless there's a workaround that I've missed.

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So.. What is Avia and Plex? Do I have to pay for Real Player cloud for local content storage? Any recommendations?

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Avia costs $3 and doesn't require another DLNA server. OP is wrong. You can cast local content from Avia.

Ive had one since it came out, but so far its just been used as a tool for my and my roommates to battle with with youtube videos.

Plex support (and my shiny new 2tb hdd) is great.

Edit: Plex pass is required for chromecast to work. screw that. Let me buy the software, no sub please.

It'll eventually come to non plex pass subscribers. Seems the way they operate is the new stuff first comes to paying subscribers.

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Ok, so Plex requires a server running on a PC... It's technically local streaming but you can't stream directly from a phone/tablet without having a PC on.

How about Avia though? Another site's review of the new Avia app seems to indicate it makes your phone act as a DNLA server so you can in fact stream/cast stuff directly stored on your phone, in ADDITION to cloud content. Is this inaccurate?

If Avia really adds true local streaming without a third device then I'm ordering a Chromecast immediately... It'll be simpler than Miracast for spur of the moment streaming of photos/music.

Not that my Miracat box doesn't work well, it just requires me to connect and then ties up my phone since I'm straight up mirroring etc. I think Miracast actually works better as a portable solution, and Chromecast seems ideal for the home (despite being a smaller device than any MC box).

Avia sees my local media so it should work with Chromecast as it can make your tablet/phone a DLNA server. I wanted to test Avia at lunch but it appears the current build in the Playstore does not yet have Chromecast support. VEVO did not either then I got an update an hour later that says support for Chromecast. Couldn't find the option though and thing you need to create an account and login to VEVO to use Chromecast which is dumb but so be it. Will be playing tonight.

One quick note about Avia... I have not thumbnails of my photos or video. I can touch the icon and display the picture but no thumbnails. If this is not some issue with my phone and this is by design Avia has got to be the worst DLNA app I have ever used. No thumbnails are downright stupid!

Seems it's an in app purchase for Avia, you might've missed that? Dunno, I'm getting it purely for this... If Avia sucks too much I'll just use it for music streaming and hope more apps come out for it. Just gotta get around to uploading my music to el Goog.

I'm interested in how this works as well. If I take a video with my phone, can I cast it to the TV with this Avia app? Would be nice if they had a trial version that only let you cast a few videos a day to test out that it works. I don't want to fork over $3 only to find out it's not true local casting.

In this case, I don't think they are being cheap. The just don't want to pay for something that may not be of use to them. I didn't sound like they were opposed to paying if it worked.

You only get 15 minutes to test, not nearly long enough to find out if this does everything you want it to do.

Where's the Dev SDK this limited release crap is dumb. If I wanted a walled garden I would have purchased an Appletv which is looking better and better.

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OK so trying Avia, local videos that I took with the phone stutter bad. Not sure why. I just tested a 10 second video I took and while I was able to cast it, it wouldn't play stutter free. If the same video is uploaded to Youtube/Google+ however, then I can cast it without stutter. Anyone know why?

The Chromecast is REALLY finnicky about video file compatibility. Remember: not all .mp4's are created equal. That goes for other video file types too.

Uploading to YouTube converts it to Google's favorite codec, so naturally its going to work then.

Any news on the WatchESPN app? I would love to be able to use it with my chomecast.

Avia definitely casts local content. Not sure where OP got the idea that it doesn't.

All you need for Avia is your phone, the app, a Chromecast, and a wifi network, and you can stream your local content to your Chromecast. I'm casting with it right now.

You're right, I don't know why they crossed out "stream local content" in the post. I attached a drive to my Nexus 7 using stickmount and was able to cast movies from that to the Chromecast using Avia.

Plex charges a monthly fee to be able to use chromecast functionality. On that basis alone I would go with Avia

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I haven't tried Avia yet but RealPlayer works quite well. I like the option of being able to keep some in the cloud without setting up my own server (even though storage is limited). Gonna give Avia a spin tonight.

You already can stream local media with Chromecast. Just press CTL - O to open the file and it will play in Chrome and hit the stream to tv chrome extension button and voila it will be on your TV. I am surprised so many ppl don't know about it.

That allows you to stream it from your computer. These apps allow you to stream local content from your phone or tablet.

I downloaded Avia for free from play store n purchase 2.99 for the Chromecast feature. I was able to Chromecast my videos, music, and pictures. This is so cool!

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