Gold Galaxy S5

British mobile operator Vodafone has announced that it'll exclusively carry the gold color Samsung Galaxy S5 "from launch." The gold GS5, like other models, will go up for pre-order from next Friday, March 28, ahead of an April 11 launch.

The "copper gold" Galaxy S5 is one of four colors available at launch, the others being charcoal black, shimmering white and electric blue — you'll find more of all four flavors of Galaxy S5 in our hands-on gallery.

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Source: Vodafone UK


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Gold Samsung Galaxy S5 a Vodafone UK exclusive


another day, another blatant copy from Samesung.
i accurately predicted when the iphone 5s was announced, that the galaxy s5 would come in gold and have a fingerprint unlocking in the button.
as per usual, apple innovates, Samesucks copies! they've even copied sony with the water and dust proofing!
the only reason we have the galaxy gear is because Samedung saw the rumors that apple was working on an iwatch.
I'm looking forward to the day when there is not 1 single Shamesung crappy compotent in the idevices!

So iphone was first with gold?

Nokia must own iphone then with the nokia collors of 5c.

Oh yea, the things ios stole from every other mobile OS, its immense.

Go back and eat some grass, sheep!

Anyway looks ugly as hell!

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I'll never understand why people get so upset about this. If one company puts something on the market does that mean no other company should ever do the same? That would lead to a very boring marketplace in my opinion. Taking an innovative idea and building upon it is what leads to bigger and better things.

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The galaxy gear was a copy of something that Apple have still not produced?

You are a comedian

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

That's just downright hilarious.

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Another day, another stupid post by someone who cares WAY too much about a stupid phone.

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Guess the all new HTC one has to be thrown in the copy cat pile... They totally ripped off LG and there knock on feature... Here's the thing... is a good thing! Its An awesome feature so why on earth would you as a consumer not want it on other phones???
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Apple bought the company that made the finger print reader in the Atrix. They didn't invent it. And Samsung released gold versions of phones long before the 5S. Look it up. Get out of here troll! Phil please block this troll!

Sent from my Nexus 5 :-D

So apples notification centre and quick toggles, did Apple innovate and come up with that as well?

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its implemented much better and looks nicer

and like i said, i specifically predicted 2 things upon announcement of the 5s, that the s5 would come in gold and with a finger print button unlock.
it really is copying at its laziest.
we know full well, if apple hadn't done, these would not be on the s5.
samsung have done nothing innovative on the s5 (nor indeed on the s1 to s4).
Whatever apple does, six months later, samsung will do on their new galaxy phone, and always more poorly implemented.
the gold on the iphone was a subtle champagne gold, that quietly screamed style, status and prestiege.
the gold on the s5 screams of cheap, tacky, $20 backstreet sti-riddled vegas whore.
the finger unlock on the iphone is inituitive, it works, its simple and elegant.
the finger unlock on the s5 is janky, requires more effort, and unnecessarily complicated, and requires swiping instead of a simple press to unlock.

I care about my phones. samesung doesn't.

You must not have used the iOS notification drop down much if you think it is much better...why are the individual notifications so big. The iPhone's screen size is already tiny, but the notifications are unnecessarily large. You can't even swipe away individual ones, you need to hit the little X which is less intuitive. You also can't act on notifications in iOS through it's swipe down.

Got to agree with the S5's fingerprint sensor. Swiping is not the way to go after using the iPhone's.

If it's "implemented better and looks nicer" how come so many iPhone users complained about iOS 7 when it was released?? I saw many complaints online.
Btw, I think the gold back is ugly on the S5 too, but I like the gold trim. So what I would do is buy the gold one and get a black replacement back from Sammy or a 3rd party and put that on. Problem solved. It'll look better than the iPhone.
The reason the unlock feature is a swipe is because they DIDN'T wanna copy Apple. Duhh.. It's not a new feature (Atrix).

Oh no, your comment is going to stop people from buying Samsung phones. Oh wait, iPhone and Apple have never included anything that other phones have had. All their stuff is by their own innovation and creation.
Idiot. If you don't buy a phone because it copied a feature from another phone then Apple has done it's job. Good for you. Your loyal to a company that gives you nothing in return.

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you're joking right?
apple invented the buttonless smartphone, invented the tablet, etc.
if apple didn't exist, there would be no android, no tablets. hell, blackberry's profits would be very high due to everyone using "smart"phones that are little different to 8 years ago.
and you claim Apple give us nothing in return?!!!
they literally gave the world the magic of technology in the palm of our hands!

Microsoft invented a lot of what you are talking about. Heck, you do know that Bill Gates (Microsoft) gave Apple the money to exist, and I mean literally gave the money ($500M), right?

On an earlier remark, you said the iPhone 5S denotes status, prestige and style? Really? A phone that is sold in Wal-Mart, Boost Mobile, and many dingy places. The most ubiquitous phone around. Lol

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Actually, no. And, I'm not even going to waste time cleaning up this atrocity you call a meaningful reply.

But, you're blatantly wrong. Apple may have popularized those products, but they damn sure didn't invent them.

You can be a fanboy and not lie. Yes, it is possible.

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Copy Sony with the water proofing?

Umm in Japan most phones are water proof because people taken them into their shower. Japan where most phones are flip phones.

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The comment from Samxool shows the typical low brow unintelligent dribble that you would expect from a iPhone user. They see all the great innovation that Samsung has produced over the years and then they look at the POS that they have and they spout out like some 5 year old child that's jealousy of another's fabulous toys.

It looks cheap and poor quality. It won't take any beating from other smartphone company's #HTCONEUP

What's with the colour names these days? First it's apple's imaginary "space grey", for those who don't know, I can assure you space is NOT grey. Now, Samsung is at it, with their Shimmering White and what? Copper GOLD?? What's next? smurf blue? oh wait, its ELECTRIC blue. (personally i prefer smurf blue, but then the lawyers will get upset)

Wow, they are certainly innovative, but it's a shame they put all of that into naming the colours. That's why it's disappointments year after year. Oh well,guess we'll just wait for the next One.

Go buy a car, it's the same thing. And you really can't say it's gold, because it's not. It's kind of gold color, the same as the blue is a shade if blue.

Anyway, this is marketing pulled from the automotive world. They say it helps sell cars, so why not phones.

Posted via Android Central App never benefits the consumers. .....Although best buy with their exclusive blue is cool because it's not carrier specific.

I usually am drinking while posting here.....sorry

Love your signature, by the way!

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I don't really give a shit about carrier exclusive colors. Carrier exclusive devices piss me off, though.

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Copper Gold doesnt even make sense...which one is it? Copper or Gold? I'm not a fan of Gold or Copper colored phones. I think its a way for the crazy insecure people of this world to make themselves feel better and makes them feel like they are more high class than they are. Whatever makes you feel better people. Normal people like me will just sit and laugh at you ...

Same reason people buy only certain brands. They feel it makes them superior somehow. As if a brand could do that.

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No, it just helps justify that one thing is better than another. The superiority thing comes from reading reviews on tech sites ;)

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So many people are concerned with the colour (and yes that is the correct spelling) lol but they will slap on a case anyway so question does it really matter if it's copper gold (which is daft) as with any naming of colour.

Perhaps they (Samsung) are delusional to believe that we the people go around saying look I have the electric blue S5. To much time I suspect going into this area and when that could of been used to design a product that has a bit more class.

The rest of the Hardware is not that bad tbh.

Sent From the one the only the magnificent Note 3.

Every phone I've owned has been black, or dark grey. Black is my preferred colour. As for cases, I don't use them. The only concession to a case is on my present GSIII, which is Samsung's "Flip Cover". Samsung gave me a fifty percent off code, on anything under $50, for registering my phone. I saw the flip cover, and liked it because of the screen protection it offers, without having to deal with expensive sticky things.
On the other hand, my love-struck son bought an iPhone 4, so he and his wife could use "face time" (whatever in hell that is), because she already had one, and he got a "great deal". He immediately stuck it into a very expensive, ugly, and bulky case that nearly trebled the size of his precious, fragile iPhone, that, even being an iPhone, is the worst iteration yet made.
Try though I might, I couldn't convince him to stay far away from any Apple crap. Twenty somethings!

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Oh man, I laughed my ass off at this incredibly fresh and timely joke.

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The balance between design and internal hardware is the S5's downside The internal specs are Not that bad (not minblowing) considering the Note 3's 32gb base storage and 3gb Ram I thought they may of implemented this. Then again it's not comparable to the Note 3 and is the successor of the S4 but Samsung should of announced it as the S4+ or S4 advanced or the S4s
It's a worthy upgrade from the S3 which I suspect was the big part in Samsungs logic.
Sent From the one the only the magnificent Note 3.

Just though about that statement and there are already so many variants of the S4 that wouldn't of been great from a marketing perspective lol

Sent From the one the only the magnificent Note 3. seem to be under the usual idiot apple fans misconception that apple have done absolutely everything first.
i have LG phones from ten years ago in gold colour.
get yer facts right if yer going to be an apple tool.
apple will be first of the very large corps to either go bankrupt or to collapse to a nothing little firm.
otherwise apples "innovation" is to get fools to pay for out of date badly designed trash at premium price.

You need to go to a trailer park, the hood, college camp's, olive garden, that will change your mind on who would by a gold phone.

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Gold accessories and phones are tacky.

Edit: Jinx with ted leaf.

I guess I'm not the only one that realized this.

Agreed, for the most part. I like the softer shade that Apple used for the 5s, but I think the more saturated gold shades that HTC and Samsung have used are a lot less attractive.

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I generally agree that exclusive colors/features do not benefit the consumer. It just serves to help the carrier market or distingush their customers from that of the competition.

I figured out that for many android and non-Apple devices, when/if a phone gets really popular, more colors become available. I first noticed this with the Motorola Flip that was in silver, gold, black, red, pink, blue, light blue, etc.

The S4 is available in so many colors, but mostly black and white at launch. ATT has the Garnet Red exclusive, Verizon has Brown/Mocha and even Best Buy has Artic Blue (multiple carriers). I generally place my phone is a case so the color isn't "that" important to me. That said, I normally go with a dark colored (black) on the front.

I generally wait till the first price drop to buy my android phones and by then more colors or a GPE is available as an option.

I'd rather own an s4 then this sorry. This design is just way to ugly

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Willie Banks edition. Dang, to each his own. Someone is buying cases with bowties on them at Amazon. Need to hurry over there, too.

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I just do not get it with the different colors. As Peter from family guy said "no one gives a darn"
Everyone puts a case around the phone that covers up the color.

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