Sony Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen EditionThe kitchen is a prime place to use a tablet. Sony knows this, too, and that's why it's rolled out the Xperia Tablet Z Kitchen Edition. this Wifi-only 10.1-inch tablet (read our full review) already is water-resistant — a fact that suits it for the spill-happy environment of you kitchen.

With the tablet also comes an iGrill wireless digital thermometer, and you get food apps, recipes and videos preloaded as well.

The Kitchen Edition of the Tablet Z will cost you $649 — and Sony's tossing in free ground shipping. 

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gksmithlcw says:

I wish it wasn't so pricey, I'd snap one up.

outlooker says:

This whole idea of a kitchen tablet isn't useful enough to be worth that kind of money.

beng8686 says:

Aside from the price, this is actually a really good idea.

cwmont13 says:

At that price they ought to include a chef to prepare the food for you! It's a good idea but way too pricy.

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Fussolia says:

Better be able to use it as a cutting board...

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miwaca says:

Looking to see what sticks eh...

milesmcever says:

Ships with 4.1... what year is this again? Almost got my attention.

Fenderman72 says:

My tablet Z got moved to 4.2 last week.

This is a great idea and something I think will be big one day. But, at this price it's out of a lot of people's eye. Not to mention that the apps are probably touch based, instead of navigating some other way. Who is going to want to touch their grimy hands(say with raw meat on them) even if the tablet is water proof?

rap1 says:

I've often thought a frig tablet that magnets to the frig would be a great idea. It would include this type of stuff and family communication stuff (notes, calendar, baby sitter info, etc). But this is way too expensive for what it is marketed for.

This is what became of my Palm TouchPad. I just added a suitable case and screen guard. There is little chance I would buy a dedicated tablet for cooking and definitely not one in that price range for what is such a limited use.

You would be better off doing what I did above with an older tablet or buying a cheaper tablet and protecting it in a full plastic case.

All you will be using it for is basic cooking apps, browsing cooking sites or using YouTube. There's simply no need for a top end device.

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yankeesusa says:

At that price you'd think it would cook for you too! I'll stick to the nexus tablet or other with a protective case. I wouldn't give that much money for an unlocked phone either.

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nasellok says:

What the fuck is wrong with Sony....they have great products, but they charge 2x's what they are worth.