Android CentralGoogle has marked the launch of Google Drive by giving Gmail users an extra 2.3GB or so of storage. The company announced that it'll bump the free allowance up to 10GB (and counting) for free users, and 25GB for paying Google Drive customers, a substantial increase from the previous 7.7GB or so previously offered.

We're not seeing the changes reflected in our own accounts just yet. But considering the fact that Gmail updates are usually rolled out over the course of a few days, it shouldn't be too long before we start to see our extra storage space.

Google says it'll continue to slowly add to the new 10GB free allowance every day, just as it's been doing since Gmail launched with 1GB of space back in 2004.

Source: Gmail blog


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Gmail free storage upped to 10GB, 25GB for paying Google Drive customers


my question is, If i already have purchased space prior to google drive, does it now count as google drive space as well. I bought the yearly package of space for picasa/gmail ect about 3months ago at 85gigs or something. does this now count towards google drive?

Until that plan has expired it will be there. However if you buy another plan, say the 100GB plan then it will wipe out your existing one. I didn't mind with mine as it expired next month, but if you got a while left then wait else face wasting whatever you paid :)

Actually, if you are on the annual plan already ($5 for 20GB), you will stay on the annual plan until you change it or they aren't able to bill you (i.e., your credit card on-file expires and you don't update it). You're "grandfathered." So, as long as you keep your Google Wallet updated, you'll be rocking essentially free Drive space for eons. ;-)

Google practically raised service fee. I'll keep my extra 20GB for $5/yr plan until I run out of my space.

Google Apps standard users don't get gmail space upgraded even when buying increased storage.
7.5 is fine for mail storage for me but you'd think they'd look after the people who are onboard with the organisation already.

Weirdly, I'm at 28.2GB in Gmail... I paid for the extra 20GB of Google space ages ago. You'd think I'd be at either 30GB (the new "free" plus my 20GB) or 27.5GB (the old "free" plus 20). Seems like I'm getting 8.2GB free + 20... which makes no sense to me...