Samsung Vibrant

The Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for Bell and Virgin Mobile Canada has received the official Gingerbread update, but the bad news is that you'll need to use Kies to install it.  Just like the Froyo release for the T-Mobile US version, this means digging out your cable and sorting out drivers and generally a big mess that the average user won't be bothered to do.  But I'll go on the assumption that all you guys are not quite the average user, so if you're rocking a Bell or Virgin Vibrant, fire up the PC, step back to the 1990s, and flash your update.

Source:@virginmobilecan; via MobileSyrup

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dandroid4g says:

Since when has the tmobile vibrant gotten gingerbread?

PingaDulce says:

Didn't you read the damn article?

jdm4u says:

I'm sure he did, as I did, and I haven't heard anything about the T-Mobile US Vibrant getting a gingerbread update. Maybe the article meant the Froyo update.

archie53 says:

I'm thinking it's a typo

xploPR says:

that must be a HOAX

arcadelion says:

Glad to see so many people still rocking the Tmo Vibrant.

Jerry, correct this post or I will curse you for not informing us of our update! ALL CAPS RAGE!!!

Yes yes, It was just a typo and I meant Froyo. :p Fixeded

El Jefe says:

Why can't Samsung phones handle an update OTA like every other manufacturer does? It is so idiotic to make everything go through Kies.

arcadelion says:

No need to beat a dead horse >.<

El Jefe says:

Wow. Bitter much?

arcadelion says:

Not bitter, just don't want to read a bunch of other bitter comments on how much Kies sucks. We all know it sucks, but no need to dwell on it (again).

I don't really care if I have to plug in my phone to get my update via Kies, but to each his own.

Oz_32 says:

ok I have the original tmobile vibrant (galaxy s)phone and since when did the vibrant get android 2.3 please advise

arcadelion says:

It hasn't been updated. Just checked on Kies and no update available :-(

Jon_Doh says:

Gingerbread hasn't even fully rolled out everywhere yet and Ice Cream Sandwich is getting ready to hit the airwaves. Of course, if it takes eight months to get it like it did with Gingerbread it won't seem so soon.

Anyone else notice that picture isn't a Vibrant? I think it's an i9000, but I'm not sure. Anyway, at least there's hope that T-Mobile US Vibrants will get 2.3 soon.

IceDree says:

Yep , its the I9000

hansonator says:

That's because it's the Bell Mobility Canada Galaxy S Vibrant. Which is essentially the international version with a little Bell bloatware and compatible modem ( has 850 Mhz WCDMA band enabled ). Model number is GT-I9000M. Nice thing is that all GT-I9000 ROMs are compatible like the 2.3.4 leak that I have on my Bell vibrant.

Samsung should just release Odin to the public if they're going to make them plug in to update. It works so much better than kies.

El Jefe says:

Why is that Samsung in the picture running iOS?


hansonator says:

Since when does iOS have an app drawer? Oh, it doesn't. You have to smatter all your app icons across the home screens. ;)

arcadelion says:


El Jefe says:

Wow, Hansonator & Arcadelion, talk about absolutely no sense of humor. I was just joking that Touchwiz looks a lot like iOS with the dock & square icons, not that it was actually running iOS. Sheesh!

xZeDgEx says:

This is for the Bell and Virgin Vibrant, not T Mobile.

carraser891 says:

Samsung blows in general.

arcadelion says:

Great input -_-

can3gxw says:

Are the comments open to everyone, or just those with almost nothing pertinent to say? What's the point of bashing Samsung, or bashing KIE, or.. or... or... everyone KNOWS that Samsung is slow to update their hardware, and that some people have problems with KIES. Deal with it, or go buy something else.

I updated my VIBRANT on BELL here in CANADA as soon as I saw this article. Plugged my Galaxy S VIBRANT into my PC, KIES fired up instantly, and told me that a firmware update was available. From the time I connected my VIBRANT to my PC to the time it rebooted after update, complete update to GINGERBREAD from FROYO took just under 15 minutes.

Thanks, AndroidCentral for this information! We don't get this info from Samsung or Bell. Jerry still rocks!