Droid 2 Global

Although Verizon is good to go on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Droid 2 Global, Motorola isn't. They now have stepped in to say that the update is certainly not rolling out at this point despite what Verizon has to say on the matter. We're not exactly sure where the break in communication came from but one thing is for certain -- it puts Droid 2 Global owners to the back of the line in the Gingerbread waiting process and that's just simply not cool at all.

Source: Motorola; Thanks, Anguish, for sending this in!

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area52 says:

...and goodbye Moto

ishore99 says:

Better to have it right, than get an update and have issues.

ryokox3#AC says:

I would rather wait than get something with problems.

Yeah, just ask evo owners.

jfarling says:


animatedroid says:

since Im not too interested in the using the OTA itself, I say out with it now so devs can jump on it and start cooking up some GB ROMs for the neglected D2G.

w/e issue they're having is probably some proprietary software nonsense theyre trying to stick everyone with. That's the kinda the stuff that devs would strip out anyway so problem solved by problem source elimination.

Are u serious? First with the Pro now the Global! Moto suckssssss.

smccloud says:

At least they've announced the GB update for the D2G. Us D2/DR2D2 users are still waiting to find out if we get an official update.

dlongb13 says:

Yeah but give me an instance besides the D1 updates that Verizon did get right. EVERY update they sent out is plagued with issues. I just don't get it. T-mo Has the best testers it seems. VZW testers need to be phased out and they need a new slew, sorry if you are one.

jediman says:

Pfft..still no info on droid 2. Forgotten again...

ithinkimjoe says:

they've had over half a year to get GB right. how are they still SO far behind?