Angry Birds

The decision to initially publish the full version of Angry Birds this morning on instead of the Android Market raised a few eyebrows, and it showed what can happen when an immensely popular Android app doesn't have the might of Google's servers behind it. GetJar went down almost immediately, leaving us all scrambling for mirrors and apks.

Just how bad was the traffic crush? GetJar says traffic was eight to 10 times higher than a normal daily load, and it could see 10 million hits by the end of the day -- far more than its usual 3 million. Chris Dury writes on the GetJar Developer Blog:

"In the past few months, we’ve built the team up to nearly 60 people and we’ve been focused on scalability on many fronts. We were unfortunately not done yet, and couldn’t handle 8x to 10x higher peak load. GetJar normally does 3 million downloads a day and we may have hit more than 10 million today if all went well. In 2 weeks, we’ll complete many of the scalability projects, and we’ll be able to manage 10+ million downloads a day."

The popularity of Angry Birds was only bolstered by today's down time, to be sure. You can look at the decision to (attempt to) publish exclusively with GetJar as a damning of the Android Market. But you can't deny there likely was a mad dash to Angry Birds up in the Market just as soon as things went sour. [GetJar Developer Blog]


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GetJar says Angry Birds release drove traffic some 8 to 10 times higher


got an email from Rovio early this morning with the Getjar link, tried all day and only got as close as an unsuccessful download. But I'm set now!

Got the new APK, but keep getting the same error I got from the earlier release: "Angry Birds could not be viewed. Free up some space on your phone and try again." Any way I can check how much space I have free? (Droid Eris) btw.

So just what was the problem putting it in the market?

Did they not like Google's percentage, or what?

What a fiasco this launch was. What should have been a smooth launch turned ugly with server overloads and plenty of fans scratching their heads why it was released on some two bit market that no one really uses.

Conspiracy theory would say that Rovio has been in bed with Apple too long and somehow was trying to snub Google. This proved to be a fatal error on their part. In the end, they put it on the market and I had no problems downloading. What does this show...that Android really only needs one Market. Make that the best it can be and not multiple markets. It just confuses the consumers, and more work for the developers.

Mental the guy who thought it was a good idea to put in on Getjar and just put the dam app on the market and everyone is happy.

I'm gonna have to download this when my X gets here Tuesday to see what all the fuss about this game is. I didn't get it on my Pre because it wasn't free & I knew I wouldn't have the Pre much longer but obviously this is the modern-day Super Mario Bros game. Maybe too drastic but damn...people goin nuts over this game!

Forgive me for not being terribly mathy--but if average daily traffic is about 3 million, and GetJar "might" see 10 million by the end of the day, wouldn't that be closer to 3 times higher traffic, rather than 8 to 10 times?

I loaded it on my Captivate today no problems. Addictive! Another great game"Mini Squadron"...

I can totally imagine the conversation between GetJar's developers and marketing people;

Marketing: "Great news, we are going to have a 24 hour exclusive on angry birds".

Developers: "Are you F***ing mad! We aren't set up for that kind of traffic. We haven't finished the scalability project yet."

Marketing: "But this is a great coup for us. It'll be great."

Developers: "No, it won't be great. It'll bring our site down"

Marketing: "I doubt it, but I'm sure you guys will do something"

Developers: "When does it go up? We have about 2 months of work left"

Marketing: "Tomorrow, but I'm sure you'll work something out. It's going to be great."

Developers: "No, seriously, this is a bad idea. We can't do this"

Marketing: "I'm sure you'll work something out. It's going to be great."

Developers: "Are you even listening to us?"

Marketing: "Yes, didn't we do well to get this. We're brilliant. We're off to the bar now. Don't forget to prepare the site for millions of downloads tomorrow!"

The QR code for the market does not work. Searching for Rovio Mobile in the market produces no results. Searching for Rovio in the market produces only three results, none of which are the application referenced in the article.

I happened to be able to successfully download and install the application from GetJar. From the comments, it seems that it's randomly showing up in the market. Sprint HTC Hero 2.1

Yeah, it's not showing up for me at all on my Eris. And installing the game from GetJar gives me the "out of space" error, even though I have 20MB and 8GB on my SD card.. :/

Didn't they say the free app would ads? My wifes and mine have been played to death by my 7 year old daughter and no ads do far. Not complaining just wondering if someone screwed up on the version they let out.

They show up as a banner on the lower right corner, very rarely, only one I remember was an NBA ad of some sort. If you're focused on the game you'll barely notice them.