We've seen some pretty interesting Android promotions in our time, but Chili's latest takes the cake for sure. They have a new app out and they really want you to try it out. In fact, they want you to try it out so bad that they'll give you a free Android smartphone to do so.

The process is fairly simple of course, visit the Chili's website and order up $25 worth of food and you'll get be able to collect a free Android device and then download their app onto it. The fine print is where you may get caught up though, it shows it's with a new 2-year contract and subject to terms but that's just how it has to be. Interested? Check out the link below for the full details.

Source: Chili's; Thanks, Cory!


Reader comments

Get yourself a new Android smartphone just for eating at Chili's


A cheesy phone, and being saddled with a another contract, with a plan you have no say over, plus an activation fee?


When will people learn that giving someone a phone that requires a contract is no gift at all!?

Ugh! You can probably get that phone (or even a nicer one) for free on contract, without having to eat the sh*tty food from Chili's.

comes hypertension headaches! (caused by the amount of sodium in Chili's food, see the Country Fried Steak)

Typical marketing misuse of the word "Free". It is not "Free", it is 0% down payment. I wish the FTC would put a stop to it.

Some people's gullibility is baffling. I don't get how AC could even promote this "offer" as a great deal when it's a simple rephrasing of the standard offer of a "free" phone on a 2 year contract. Add $25 to get $25 worth of food and a free promotion app.

Such a lame ploy to get people stuck in cellphoen contracts, I hope people don't fall for this offer and plus they have to deal with a subpar phone for two years