We've seen some pretty interesting Android promotions in our time, but Chili's latest takes the cake for sure. They have a new app out and they really want you to try it out. In fact, they want you to try it out so bad that they'll give you a free Android smartphone to do so.

The process is fairly simple of course, visit the Chili's website and order up $25 worth of food and you'll get be able to collect a free Android device and then download their app onto it. The fine print is where you may get caught up though, it shows it's with a new 2-year contract and subject to terms but that's just how it has to be. Interested? Check out the link below for the full details.

Source: Chili's; Thanks, Cory!

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icebike says:

A cheesy phone, and being saddled with a another contract, with a plan you have no say over, plus an activation fee?


When will people learn that giving someone a phone that requires a contract is no gift at all!?

piizzadude says:

when you can buy a smartphone outright for $100-$150

dkear says:

Yeah especially if it's a Droid 2 lol

Ugh! You can probably get that phone (or even a nicer one) for free on contract, without having to eat the sh*tty food from Chili's.

Holding out for the Applebees Android upgrade offer.

mlett says:

With that one you get a free* iPhone 3G. *with 2 year contract :)

jckwong says:

comes hypertension headaches! (caused by the amount of sodium in Chili's food, see the Country Fried Steak)

DocToxyn says:

Uggghhh, they could be giving away an unlocked Evo 4G lte and I still wouldn't eat there.

TomW093 says:

No one said you had to actually EAT the food...

rrife says:

Free? It's more like $2500 over the next two years.

Gearu says:

Nothing good will come of this.

crxssi says:

Typical marketing misuse of the word "Free". It is not "Free", it is 0% down payment. I wish the FTC would put a stop to it.

MooPenguin32 says:

My wife showed this to me yesterday and we both laughed. It's certainly an odd advertisement campaign.

Klotz says:

Arby's phone deal will come with a finger you can use as a stylus.

Nikopil says:

Some people's gullibility is baffling. I don't get how AC could even promote this "offer" as a great deal when it's a simple rephrasing of the standard offer of a "free" phone on a 2 year contract. Add $25 to get $25 worth of food and a free promotion app.

n25philly says:

Not worth it

Such a lame ploy to get people stuck in cellphoen contracts, I hope people don't fall for this offer and plus they have to deal with a subpar phone for two years