Yes, we knew it was coming but now we finally get a sneak peek at the soon to be released Angry Birds Valentine's Day edition. Although we still have some time to rough up some pigs before then, Rovio hasn't forgotten that fact. In addition to the upcoming Valentine's Day edition, you'll also be able to unlock a new level via secret code found within the Super Bowl commercial for their upcoming animated feature movie Rio. You can hit the break to get a look at said secret level [AllThingsD, Entertainment Weekly]

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can hardly wait!!

noshftshck16 says:

The pig in the second screen shot is sitting in the aperture labs logo...or the chase credit card logo. Discuss.

voiceonly says:

Or, it's Steve Jobs' sphincter.

embails says:

LOL... it's the dot for the "I" in RIO

rizzay1 says:

I wish I could play angry birds ever since I reseted my phone I can't download it any more :/

treyrey86 says:

What you can do for a quick fix is hook your phone up to a computer with your USB cable, then select mount as disk drive, while it is mounted you can download angry birds from the market...I had the same problem and that is what worked for me....I dont know why but it does.

noszero says:

Is angry birds still cool after Late Night talk shows have it in there monalogue? Where's the Beef? Haha. Ur all to young for that one..

moosc says:

I remember the where's the beef commercials.

Reverend Ink says:

Are they not going to put Ham Em High on Android? I bought it for my kids a while ago on my old *ugh* iphone.

jfultz14976 says:

Cannot wait to play this on the nook color I am getting for V-day!

MitchRapp says:

do we know if this is going to be a 3rd Angry Birds game, or will it be part of an "Angry Birds Seasons" update? I thought SEASONS was made to incorporate all holidays... (eventually)

AnneO#AC says:

My kids and I are addicted.

peterfares says:


zx6rarcher says:

I wonder what the "HD" badge in the first screenie is all about...

Adn1015 says:

Hopefully will be to make it look better when being played on a tablet, or for higher res screens such as the Bionic will have. Played it on a Galaxy Tab once, and clearly looked made for a phone, and just blown up to fit the tablet.

zero3187 says:

My girlfriend plays too much angry birds already! lol