Gears & Guts hacks and slashes its way into Google Play


Gears & Guts cruised into Android today, bristling with all manner of unlikely weaponry. This free top-down action game puts players up against a horde of zombies that they have to clear out with car-mounted chainsaws, flamethrowers, and machine guns. Here's what you can expect. 

  • Wide-open combat in massive environments.
  • Sports cars, monster trucks and armored vehicles.
  • Dozens of cars and items to earn, including rare, experimental weapons.
  • One car vs. hundreds of zombies, like...
  • The Walker: Cannon-fodder, but deadly in groups.
  • The Bruiser: A walking mountain of undead flesh.
  • The Runner: Keep your speed up or they’ll drag you down.

Glu recently churned out Mutant Roadkill with an obscene reliance on in-app purchases and ads, and was also oddly about running over mindless shamblers. I've played around with Gears & Guts for a little bit, IAPs and ads aren't quite as obnoxious, though they're still a big part of the picture. If you're into gore, give Gears & Guts a shot. 


Reader comments

Gears & Guts brings together zombies and reckless driving


I'll pas. Yet another cash shop heavy Glu mobile game? I've already got like 3 of those on my device, don't need another

Another in app purchase/nagging add game? Sorry, the combination of Final Fantasy 3, Shadowgun, and Mass Effect have totally spoiled me and I cant tolerate those cash croppgames anymore. I am willing to pay for quality.

I like the idea of the game and it seems fun. With that said, I can't stand the IAP and nagging ads in the game. Not sure how long this game will stay installed.