Sony Xperiz Z2

With widespread delays reported, Sony's having a tough time getting its new flagship phone, the Xperia Z2, out to consumers around the world. But even in countries where the Z2 has already gone on sale, there are reports of hardware issues affecting some users. Following the Xperia Z2's recent launch in Singapore, Sony's local arm has issued statements addressing some owners' concerns over build issues with the device.

In response to reports of Z2s overheating when recording 4K video, Sony Singapore says users should stick to recording Ultra HD footage for a few minutes at a time, and use external storage wherever possible.

"We are aware of some users encountering issues when shooting 4K video for extended periods. Shooting movies in high quality 4K resolution can make significant demands on your phone’s processor and battery life, as well as phone memory. Therefore for the best experience, we recommend you install a high capacity SD card (Xperia Z2 can take a card up to 128GB) and shoot 4K video in short bursts of no longer than a few minutes at a time."

There've also been reports of some Xperia Z2 units coming with misaligned displays, causing a noticeable gap between the outer edge and the screen. Apparently the this is most noticeable on the white model, and it's led to fears that affected handsets might not be as waterproof as advertised. Sony says it's investigating the reports, adding that concerned Z2 owners can bring their phone into a service center for testing.

"We are aware of some users’ concern on the waterproofing capability of the Xperia Z2 due to the presence of gap(s) and are currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, users who wish to [sic] may bring their Xperia Z2 to any service center to have our staff conduct a water resistant test."

The Sony Xperia Z2 lands at some UK retailers next week. Meanwhile in Hong Kong, delays have pushed the launch back to June.

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Gapping and 4K heat reported by Sony Xperia Z2 owners


I was wondering why Samsung had a disclaimer on the note 3 about only recording 30 seconds or so at a time while recording 4k. It makes sense that it could cause damage if you record 4k for an extended time. Sony probably should have done the same, won't stop me from buying this phone I still want this phone when it hits Canada.

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Samsung should put the disclaimer on using anything over a minute.:)
Seriously, I thought after S3 it wouldn't happen again, but my wife's Note 3 tends to do the same.

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Buy it on eBay. I have mine in Minnesota USA already :)

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Its official I'm not waiting for this to hit US with the S5 2 days away...every new phone has issues but I have to wait to find issues... Naaaa.. 2015 will be a M9 or Z3 ... 2014 I'm going S5

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Um I have Verizon.. I was waiting to see if these rumors of it coming to VZW would be true... Plus I have the edge program and my plan is over 10g.. Verizon gives me $25 off because of my edge program and being over 10g so that basically pays for my phone being that the payments are not over $25 a month... Sooo eBay or free... I'll take I'm not chasing down a phone... No phone is that good .. the last phone worth that was the original iPhone exclusive to AT&T..(still didn't do it then) but thanks!!! I know eBay is always an option when applicable

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Just stating facts. You can read countless articles on the interwebs about how great they're design is...

but i digress >>> sent from my Note 3 LOL

This is why I would never get a phone until after it has been out for a month or so. Let other people be beta testers.

At least with Nexus and GPE devices you have the assurance of great customer service. I was unfortunate to receive more than one defective Galaxy Nexus and Google always sent out a brand new unit overnight with just about no questions asked and paid postage to return the defective unit. Sammy blew it with QC on that one and Google did a great job keeping customers happy.

It's really quite off putting to read quality issues already. I had this phone earmarked for my next upgrade but will have check it out when it hits the UK

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This is nothing new. M7 had issues last year with the gap around that plastic molding. First batches tend to be rushed out I guess

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Yes but that was just an aesthetic issue. This issue affects a big functionality (and selling point) of the phone

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Still, do you remember all the trouble upon release of S4 Active last year? A lot of water damage going even at the Att stores. I'm not excusing Sony, but don't want to point fingers only in one direction.
Way too many faulty flagship devices nowadays - including iPhones.

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When I bought my Z1 Compact the first thing I asked is the manufacturing date. They told me all hardware issues including the camera and display panel are fixed on newer ones. Hope that these are the only issues that they find as I think the z2 is a great phone.

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I hope Sony address this ASAP as I think k they have an incredible line up of tablets and phones now. Would be a shame to see them blow it.

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Lol I can already see a spoof accessory for the Z2, a fish bowl with a clip to hold the phone inside under water to keep it cool

Well, the gapping is most likely result of a production (or production procedure) fault that can be corrected in later versions.

But what about the 4k video issue?

I have a question...
Advertising this device as recording 4k video...

I wonder if I can claim and prove that I was tricked with false advertising when I'm unable to use this feature as I will.

What if I insist on recording for long periods and end up with a broken battery (or exploding battery)?

Overheating resulting component failure?

Considering the properties and advertising of the new 64-bit qualcomm mobile soc's and these customer experiences with Z2, is it safe to assume, these devices are in fact unable to provide a usable 4k video feature?
At least not without damaging the battery...

that's exactly why you don't buy the first batches...goes for all manufacturers ..yes..even the aijphoney

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

Wtf! This is crap! Either give us 4k recording or don't. Not this half baked bs. Sad, was gonna get this. But I don't care for 4k anyway, nevertheless. Is this true that the S5 can't record more than 30 seconds as well? Does it overheat if recording goes beyond that?

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Exactly why sony needs to stop putting gimmicks into their products. 4k video etc that you can hardly use properly. Why not wait till you have a CPU and ram etc that can handle it without overheating and or crashing. Not knocking Sony I wish they would take market share just not doing things like this

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this is common, 4k gets devices extremely hot the higher the FPS. The sony fdr-ax1 shoots at 60fps with 4k and has an external fan built in it. The FDR-ax100 does not have a external fan, and because of the heating issue sony did not make the AX100 60fps. It doesnt help that the phone is sealed to prevent heat from leaving the phone. Aluminum is one of the best heat detractors so i dont know what glass does for it.

Well my Z2 should ship next week from vodafone UK if it gets warm it will be no different from my samsung s4 that get's hot any way playing games!

I don't have a problem with recording time being limited; that happens with real cameras as well. Besides, I don't take videos that often. Getting the Z2 for the still image quality. But that gap is bugging me. Planning to import it but now that seems rather risky with no US warranty support.

I purchased a Sony z2 from phones for you on the 9th of may that phone had a speaker at the bottom out of alignment so I got it exchanged a week later I noticed the trimming along the side coming away from the phone so I took it back and got another exchange a few hours later when I get home I looked over the phone and noticed a massive gap in the lower left of the phone so I phoned phones4u and explained that this is my 3rd one now with a fault and they said I could go down to a store anyone and pick which Sony z2 I want out of the available ones in store and I do not lie every one of the phones had miss aligned screens and/or trimming around the edge of the phone coming away, I looked at 3 white z2 and 3 black z2 that makes a total of 9 faulty phones in a row.
I wasn't happy with this so I didn't want a replacement again and upon asking to cancel my contract I get told that I don't have a choice basically I can either have a faulty Sony z2 or a phone to the same value but pay an extra £60 which I do not want, as I would of picked a different one instead of the z2 in the first place, with not much choice I try to decipher the phone with the least amount.of gapping and trimming coming loose, I shouldn't have to be doing that on a 550 pound handset. With no luck from the retailer I tried to get hold of Sony and they basically told me that they are not aware of this and they can not help with the problem I can send my device in for a repair if they deem it under warranty if not I will have a handling charge and have to pay repair costs If I want it repaired, but after hours of discussing with them I gave up and they in a nut shell told me that my best luck is with the retailer who will only supply me with another faulty z2.
I can send the phone in but I am under no understand if they will accept that to be under warranty and not be funny about it
I'm pretty stuck tbh with what to do all I can say is please avoid this phone.