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Games retailer, GameStop, has pulled  the trigger and announced the availability of Android tablets at more than 1600 of its stores nationwide. This follows the initial offering of a selection of tablets back in November of last year. 

The tablets -- which include the Acer Iconia A100, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Asus Transformer -- are being marketed as gaming devices. Each will come with some selected games pre-installed free of charge, which include so far Sonic CD and the pretty awesome Riptide GP. 

As with other products sold by GameStop, a new tablet can be bought with a trade-in of an old game, or perhaps even one of those iDevices that has been sat gathering dust in your bedroom. 

 via Pocket Gamer


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GameStop to sell Android tablets in over 1600 stores


This matters how? These are all things we can do on our own without the added expense. Why pay a company to do it for you? We are all power users and or hackers and can root, rom and install software with no problems. Is this something noobs would be interested in??? Don't see this going over well with the caliber of Android users on A/C.

Great idea. Get people to realize that a tablet can be used for games. Lots of people think they are nothing but color ereaders that can do video and facebook.