Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition at the annual Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam. This fancy version will come with a leather case and Bluetooth headset. It will be sold for  €749 between Dec. 15 and Jan. 31, 2011. 

So what do you get the Android fan who has everything? (And money to burn?) This looks like a good bet. [Samsung Hub]


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Galaxy Tab Luxury Edition announced at Millionaire Fair


What's so fancy about it. If it were $35000 and had a gold and diamond exterior then that's a millionaires item

It's actually usable unlike those diamond encrusted iphones that are basically for show. It's a more elegant version of he original.

Big whoop. How about making it 10" and with standard USB ports instead?? Perhaps that would be worth an extra $1400???

We'll all laugh and talk about how ridiculous it is that things like this happen (this 'Luxury Edition' Galaxy Tab and the Armani Galaxy S), but I think it's cool Samsung does stuff like this.

Sure, most of us have good sense, but not everyone does; there are people out there who will buy something simply because it has a 'designer' name attached to it, or because it's the most expensive thing out. (Think, for example of the useless $1000 'I Am Rich' iPhone App that was removed from the App Store only *after* eight people had already bought it.) These people would probably usually tend towards an Apple device, but now, they can spend more money and rock an overpriced Android device instead.

Samsung is expanding Android within the reach of an important demographic; people who like to waste money!

Samsung should use this extra money to fix all of our GD Captivates!! Or, issue us one of the Nexus S as soon as it is available on AT&T!

As if this piece of crap wasnt already expensive enough now they come out with this garbage that they have the balls to charge even more for LOL give me a break