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Some of you might remember our last look at the revamped Galaxy Tab 10.1, but our first impressions were a bit limited, as Sammy kept their biggest tablet behind bars (well, a box, actually).

Times have changed, though, and Samsung has loosened up a bit, allowing the Tab 10.1 to get a full hands-on as well as a side-by-side comparison with the iPad 2.

Everything is in Vietnamese (except for Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" in the background), but if you listen closely, you can pick out a choice word here and there. At any rate, check out the video and enjoy! Thanks, Kevin! [via the Android Central Forums]

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PensHockey says:


original00 says:

I know this is probably coming with full touchwiz(still not sure how deep it goes into HC) but this is my 1st choice for a HC tablet. Call me a sucker for "thin and light".

EggoEspada says:

Yea, I can't wait till June for this to hit stateside. This might be the tablet I get. From what I've seen, theres TouchWiz, but it actually adds some usefulness. The UI is more or less the same with a few tweaks to make it more elegant than futuristic. Also, some apps & widgets that seem pretty useful. It's more or less the same as stock HC, just cleaner.

jpprice says:

They might be lacking in the software department, but Samsung makes some fantastic hardware.

eahinrichsen says:

Really, I think they're just slow in the software department. I actually like the Touchwiz implementation in their phones. If they'd just get their updates out faster, I'd love Samsung.

dchawk81 says:

If I ever get a tablet, it'll look something like that.

Is the bezel on this bigger than the xoom's? Xooms is .5in maybe this is .75 like the Ipads? Not that it matters....

runnershi says:

Big bezel = Easy to hold. It's a matter of choice

If that screen looks as good in person as it does in that video, I'll be selling my Xoom and buying this. Really getting tired of the washed out screen on my Xoom.

And without the Honeycomb source code I bet Samsung cannot touchwiz it, either.

hopefully this will bring down the prices a bit. With more options in the market for HC tablets i hope it makes for more competition.

ChaosZero112 says:

Love how Honeycomb actually makes use of the real estate the bigger screen gives. 4x4 icons is way too lose. Always hated the iPad for doing it.

this guy mumbles. all i understood was "micro usb" at 0:48 :)

darrylmendo says:

He's also speaking Vietnamese.

andro1d says:

These things are getting insanely big. Who wants to carry a luggage-sized peice of hardware with them to the grocery store to check their list? Hmmm.

frozencloud says:

Lol I understood the whole thing. He said that it's comfortable holding it and it's very light. However I think he mention the back can be push in a bit. I guess they didn't cushion the back cover.

Linkzo says:

I wonder if their tablets feel as cheap as their phones when holding in hands.

NickA says:

Seriously? My Fascinate is one of the most solid phones I've ever had. I've dropped this phone many times and there's not a scratch on it. Not even a rattle, well, unless you count the volume rocker.

kinster02 says:

Couldn't stand listening, had to mute..the 8.9 will be mine.

cea1203 says:

if this came loaded with 3.0 or even the promis that it is coming to this , I would buy it right now !!

Cubfan says:


Overall, he said he likes the built of Samsung GT 10.1, its thin, light weight and solid compare to iPad. The screen is more beautiful and vivid. He also prefers Android HC over iOS, iOS is too boring and always looks the same. He likes how Android let you customize the ways you like with widgets rather than just apps. He went over the hardware in the beginning