Available today from Samsung, $15 for pack of five tags

Samsung has announced the availability of its second-generation TecTiles tags, tiny writable NFC stickers that can be used to trigger various actions on a smartphone. For example, used with the TecTiles app, they can be programmed to check in on social networks, or toggle various settings on the device when it's within range.

TecTiles 2 are compatible with all NFC-enabled Samsung phones, and the company says they may work on other Android-based phones with NFC too, though it's making no promises. Unlike first-gen TecTiles, TecTiles 2 are fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S4. (Go figure.)

The tags are available today from Samsung's online store, priced at $15 for a pack of five, and they'll be starting to appear in brick-and-mortar stores from June. Hit the Google Play link above to grab the TecTiles app, or the source link below to buy the tags themselves.

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Galaxy S4-compatible Samsung TecTiles 2 NFC tags now on sale


Useful as they may be, man, I'd just have a hard time spending $3 each for these. As if the profiteering on the phones themselves isn't enough, they have to charge what must be a markup of north of 6,000% (making the generous assumption that these cost a nickle to make).

I dunno, I'm just really getting tired of exorbitant profits being made on products with pathetically little support. Is there anything other product we'd spend $600+ on, only to have support for it all but abandoned within 6 to 8 months?

Try checking out NFC Task Launcher. You get 2 free tags just from tweeting and they are a lot cheaper to buy in app.

Maybe they will have a promotion to send us a pack if we register our S4's with Samsung like they did with the S3 and Note 2?

I just killed a v.1 TecTile trying to use it on a Nexus 4 wireless charger (to trigger a "docked" action). Wonder if these newer tags are any more robust...?

I don't have the TecTiles, but I have some other NFC Tags that I bought off Amazon. Tags Droid... droid tags... I dunno, something like that... Either way these little honeys work like a charm. Grabbed a random NFC controller/programmer app, programmed the tag quite easily and then poof.

It's fun too. I have a bunch of them, and to be honest, I'm not sure I have more to program them for!

The other fun thing is I use my Note 2 to set things up, and then my wife can access and use them just the same with her Galaxy S III. It doesn't matter what phone you are using, it is pretty simple. Loads of fun too.

I don't see how NFC tags can have compatibility issues. Regardless, you should definitely check out NFC Task Launcher instead. I've been using it on my ION and I look forward to seeing what else I can do when I potentially switch to an S3.

Wait ... my old TecTiles aren't compatible with GS4? In what way? I don't have a GS4 (Galaxy Nexus), and this issue wouldn't keep me from buying one, but I should know beforehand what I'm in for. How did they manage to screw this up?

I'm afraid you have it the other way around my friend.

I did a little digging around, and it appears that TecTiles 1 is based on the MIFARE Classic standard, which uses a proprietary security protocol owned by NXP Semiconductors (who makes the NFC controllers present in many of today's NFC enabled phones).

TecTiles 2 is based on NFC Forum based standard tags. The NFC controller in the Galaxy S4 is a Broadcom device that works with the open standard but doesn't work with the MIFARE Classic tags.

^^this. Also I think we are missing the bigger picture here: as with the first run of TecTiles, Samsung has made NFC Tags more available to the regular masses. Yeah they're more pricey, but there if need be. All I hear lately is Samsung does bad at this, Samsung shouldn't have done that. I came here for team Android. It's like a mini civil war between this OS these days :(

I found TecTiles in Dick Smith today for $4:89 I reckon for a pack. I have no idea what they are so bought my SView Flip case and left!