Gingerbread for the Samsung Galaxy S

Ruh-roh. Here's some bad news for European Galaxy S owners following the triumphant roll-out of the handset's Gingerbread update last weekend. According to Vodafone UK, the update has been "temporarily suspended" by Google due to "an issue".

Vodafone doesn't say exactly what the problem is, but claims that its Galaxy S variant isn't affected by it, and that it's working with Samsung to have the update reinstated. Based on Vodafone's comments, it's looks like all Gingerbread updates for all European Galaxy S phones should be subject to this suspension, though we haven't been able to confirm this yet.

In the meantime, Vodafone has apologized to its customers and says it's "working hard to address the matter with Samsung." [Vodafone UK forum via Engadget]

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joshua.worth says:

Hmm.... Interesting.

C'mon, how many people are actually surprised?

I am!
I's weird it's halted by Google and not by Samsung. Do you think it has anything to do with "Apple sueing Samsung" case?

sookster54 says:

And Apple suing Samsung meaning they won't get parts supplies from them. I think Apple is doing more harm to themselves.

IceDree says:

Apple was looking for different supplier for a while now

supercurio says:!/supercurio/status/58957950433243136

The update was not supposed to be released so early in the first place as told by an internal Samsung source last Wednesday.
Now carriers not following manufacturer recommendations and pushing the "update" button anyway, then telling it's Google decision, oh boy ^^ no comment.

I would suggest to add this elements to the the article's facts.

icebike says:

Why would a tweet from some unknown guy be given the status of "Facts" that should be added to the article?

xgunther says:

Because he's like the top developer for the Galaxy-S community and has good sources within Samsung.

Luckily there's always ROM Kitchen

TheANARCHY says:

I'm starting to think the Galaxy S line in it's entirety is cursed. Almost nothing has gone right with these phones since their release around the globe. Blame it on Samsung or the carriers or Google... or maybe just maybe... A CURSE!

IceDree says:

Have any one noticed that every time Samsung releases an update it get suspended ?
Its kinda weird ! right
It happened with the Captivate , the Vibrant & now the I9000 !!!
Even the Omnia 7

xgunther says:

I just don't understand what Google has to do with this....any speculation?

ScubaNitrox says:

Maybe they wised up to Samsung's garbage.