AT&T Galaxy Note

Update only available through Samsung's Kies desktop software

It's been a long time coming, but the original Galaxy Note for AT&T is finally receiving an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Starting today, willing users can grab the update although it will only be available via Samsung's Kies software and not OTA (Over The Air). But we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth, as Jelly Bean will bring some serious improvements to the device. Above and beyond the improvements in terms of overall UI, you'll also be getting changes like Project Butter, a better camera interface and Google Now. AT&T also says that the update will improve both the keyboard and call quality.

Still holding onto the original AT&T Note? Head to the source link below for some detailed information on how to get Kies working on your computer and apply the update. Once you have the update loaded onto your device be sure to let other members in the forums know how the process went for you.

Source: AT&T; More: AT&T Galaxy Note Forums


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Galaxy Note on AT&T receiving Jelly Bean starting today


I just bought an OG note after seeing this update hit xda a couple days ago. Ready for that big ass screen.

multi window is there u have to turn it on in the notification bar, i have a uk note but im in utah aand mine updated this morning

Multi-Window is NOT available on AT&T OG Note. Just got off the phone with both AT&T Samsung after installing 4.1.2 over the weekend and not find the feature and they confirmed this. As noted, "Driving Mode" appears between "Power Saving" and "Sync" among the options in the notification bar. Sucks, but that's AT&T for you.

Barfcity -- also mine eats battery like it is NY cheesecake -- went from 74% to 64% in last 20 minutes, just sitting with screen off, wifi and bluetooth on.

Quote from the article: "Still holding onto the original AT&T Note?"

I thought the original Galaxy Note was released by AT&T only 14 months ago.
Do most people upgrade to different phones faster than that?

Meh. Did a full factory reset from CM10.1 Nightlies last night, installed it. Kinda laggy, turned the transitions down to .5 seconds seem to help. No multiwindow that I can find, but I would never use that feature anyways. TW is relatively unchanged. Tons of bloat, but you can "freeze" it in JB. Battery life is okay, I got abgout 10 hours with 3 hours screen on time, hoping that improves as the OS breaks in. Overall, I say this is a marginal upgrade. If nothing else, it gave devs something more to go on. I DID notice better reception in my bunker of an office though with the new modem.

"Still Holding On To The Original Note?" Please...................

A Yeah..... Over 11 Million People are still holding on to it.

What a ___________________

@Andrew Martonik

Thanks for the good news.

like the words you wrote above "as Jelly Bean will bring some serious improvements to the device"

hope Note owner will enjoy the JB

Thanks in Advance

Oh look, another phone that was released around the same time as the HTC Vivid that got Jelly Bean. But alas, HTC still refuses to released JB for it.

Thanks, HTC!

This is weird. My girlfriend received the update about three weeks via OTG. I am surprised to read about this today.

The title of the article says the AT&T version of the original Note. AT&T tends to be the last carrier in the world to release updates, though there are times when other carriers just abandon older handsets and NEVER release updates it seems.

When you first get it on your phone you will see it lag ..battery goes pretty quick.but after a week using tends to speed up and you notice the difference.even though I still think gingerbread was the fastest for this phone..anyway give it time it becomes okay

Sounds like the JB update on Telus Note is beginning to hit phones today...

[edit]: yep, via kies! updating as we speak

Kies not working. Made two attempts to download to my Note. Software downloads, Kies finds my Note connected but nothing happens. I MEAN 'NOTHING HAPPENS'. I sat there and stared at my laptop for almost 20 mins and NOTHING HAPPENED. TWICE. Thanks AT&T for nothing after months of waiting.

I am not sure if other people are experiencing any issues, but the GPS on my note isn't working at all ever since the update. I am trying to fix it. Please help!