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While we wait for Google's promised Galaxy Nexus volume bug patch to arrive over-the-air, Paul O'Brien from MoDaCo already has an unofficial (or at least semi-official) fix ready to download today. The MoDaCo volume bug fix takes the form of a new boot image file (apparently sourced from a test version of the official fix) which you can flash across, assuming you've unlocked your bootloader. If you don't know what any of that means, you're probably better off waiting for the official update to arrive over-the-air -- it shouldn't be too much longer now.

But if you're a reasonably technical individual who's also been frustrated by the infamous glitch, then head over to the source link and enjoy your newfound ability to use data and calls over 2G without any nasty side effects.

Source: MoDaCo


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Galaxy Nexus volume bug gets unofficial fix


You've commented on literally every post today talking about quad core phones like they are going to be titans among the phone world. STFU!
You've never even used one, I bet the support for these phones are gonna be like the Tegra 2 phones, start off with a big bang then die off. Not only that but new tech means a host of new problems to come along with it.

Please, stop commenting about quad-cores.

Dude I'm also waiting for Kal-El but STFU already. I'm tired of seeing your stupid comments about Kal-El and how charged your stupid droid is.

How much is NVidia paying you to troll these boards.

Dude I'm also waiting for Kal-El but STFU already. I'm tired of seeing your stupid comments about Kal-El and how charged your stupid droid is.

How much is NVidia paying you to troll these boards.

They can't test for every bug under the sun when a new phone comes out, if they did we wouldn't get a phone for years after it was announced. That's why they release them, the consumers find them, and they fix them.

Or wait til January when the 32GB USA GSM version comes out, buy it subsidized then buy an unlock code if you want it unlocked. They are like what $30? Simple, patience is a virtue.

This story came out almost 12 hours ago, and the actual fix for the bug was out even longer than that. AC is getting really pathetic with the stories they are reporting on! Phil I have always loved you guys, however your "need" to have everything completely right and no chance of a rumor is getting stupid. If you feel something is a rumor, do what droid life does and tell people to take it with a grain of salt, tell everyone it's a rumor. AC is so old and reports news that all other blogs have reported already. I am trying to be a loyal reader but all I feel like lately, is another stat for you to report to your advertising subscribers. Get real news or get out of the business! Oh and Jerry... keep doing what your doing, at least you give us the real deal, low down (in your own words)reporting on all your phone reviews, your the only thing saving this site from complete failure!

While I do agree that Jerry is a fine writer, I must disagree about him being the keystone. It is us as readers that keep this site from complete failure. I too wish stories would be published timelier, but Phil isn't the only person that can post things for AC, so why are you jumping down his throat when there are like 9 other writers?


Thanks for posting an intelligent reply and not jumping down my throat with obscene name calling lol. I am on Phil because he does label himself the "Chief Editor" at the footer of every AC page. This timely issue that AC has been suffering from has been a problem for quite a while now. As the Chief Editor i would expect more from the person, when news is extremely low, AC will not try to dig up any dirt or rumors (rumors do sometimes come true), instead they will just put up a new case for sale or some 12 hour old news story. I am on him because he is the boss! I hope you see where I am coming from and hopefully this puts pressure on the site to report things in a timely manner, i want to go back to AC being my one stop shop for Android news; i want to go back to AC being the "central" of all things Android. Come on guys.....get with it!

If you already have the information from another post, why does it matter so much then? It's great that you read every Android blog site on the face of the planet but there is no reason that you should jump down the throats of one that maybe posts things cautiously so they are just posting every random thing known to Android. I think Phil, Jerry and the rest of the editors and writers do a fantastic job doing what they do.

Hi, jlang. I'd like to invite you to work with us for a couple weeks. E-mail me at phil at androidcentral dot com. When can you start?

HAHA, Phil nice one, You got me on that! I appreciate the offer but as much as I'd love to work for AC I think we both know i'm not much of a writer just a coder here! Just wanted express my opinion and maybe keep you guys some what honest...isn't that what these comment sections are all about? I must say, I do like how you get back to folks on these comments, does let us readers know you guys are listening....Thanks Phil!

I'll take you up on this, and I won't complain about "late" stories.

I know lots of words, love Android, and I doesn't afraid of anything.

@jlang, I hear ya. But I really think you should also be grateful that this site doesnt completely shutdown on the weekend, much like phandroid and droid-life. This site is not perfect but, honestly, they know how to write, they know how to report, dont appear to have hidden agendas and they dont get caught up in all the hoopla of the latest rumors. For me, the quality reads I get from this site outweigh the occasional lateness for the freshest news.