Galaxy Nexus

We're at Samsung's World Tour event in London, and word just got passed that the Galaxy Nexus will be available on Nov. 17, and acrosst the globe shortly thereafter. It's unclear if that means the U.S. as well, with Verizon's "exclusive" and all. Stay tuned.

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belogical says:

Terrible as Charles Barkley would say...


ulnek says:

as cleaveland would say?

edwinc8811 says:

wow europe gets it first?? shortly thereafter better mean the 18th...

Vanilla Ice says:

Europe wont get it first. They just announced the release date for them. Verizon 11/10. Europe 11/17 (a week later) Another MAP was released by Verizon still showing 11/10 for the G Nexus

angryGTS says:

Hey Phil, there is no more "exclusively from Verizon" banner on their website anymore, did someone at Verizon jump the gun again?

aldenpotamus says:

Just checked myself... the "exclusively from" is definitely MIA on VZW's site.

bmderuosi says:

weird little story, I was in a verizon store a few weeks back helping my girlfriend upgrade to a new device. I heard some reps talking about being the exclusive retailer or the Nexus, and how they were going to be the exclusive and then something changed now they aren't. Of course this was all just being over heard and I don't know how well informed the rep was.

froyotlbw88 says:

What happened to those pictures of inventory reports that said November 10th?

If I were a betting man.... I'd say that's the Pre-Order date.

rbess1965 says:

Just daring people to jump on the new Razr aren't they?


I am!:-D

To be quite Frank...YES. They want you to get the phone they are going to be putting the marketing money behind... "DROID"

butchyon says:

Yeah, but what really t's me off about it is that every other Moto Droid to date has came with a replaceable battery. Now that they have finally released their most powerful Moto Droid to date, and with ICS coming to it "soon", they now choose to follow Apple's lead and make their phone with a battery which can't be replaced by the owner. That's just plan, dirt stupid, and a deal-breaker for me. SUCKS!

Crispy says:

Just release the damn phone already. Enough with all these announcements and press events. Samsung/Google/Verizon are trying to milk this for all its worth, keep delaying for another month and people will start waiting for the Galaxy 3 instead.

Well they've had 1 launch event, and 1 mention at a Samsung event for multiple Samsung devices.

So... what exactly are you referring to? It'll come out when its ready.

Man dang. I took off the 10th. It has to be then lol

Pre-Order, ship to your house much?

Globe Trotters Aiy? "We're at Samsung's World Tour event in London"

TSS74#AC says:

Somebody, anybody, please explain Samsungs release strategy. Exclusives? What is the gain to that? It seems that they are not trying to be successful.

El Jefe says:

Yeah, I mean, no phones that are exclusive to certain carriers EVER sell well, right?

*cough* iPhone *cough*

TSS74#AC says:

You could probably go forever and a day trying to duplicate the iPhone's success. The sum of influences may never be duplicated.

El Jefe says:

I agree with you, but saying that Samsung "isn't trying to be successful" because there may or may not be an exclusivity agreement is a stretch.

rbess1965 says:

Just hope this phone is worth all this! Anyone ever get tired of trying to get the best of the best? Just offer me a device that is reliable enough to handle my work without shutting down all the time. Too much to ask?

triangle8 says:

Ugh, they're trying to sell RAZRs first before they sell the Nexus. Blame Verizon.

holy christmas... I'm so close to going to the dark side...

jharo says:

I'm right there with you brother. I keep looking at all the really cool accessories/cases for the fruit phone, and the possibility of a fruit TV with a cute personal assistant to replace the remote. Hurry up and give me my GNex before I start cheating with a personal assistant.

In the same boat here, always hated that fruit company but might have to make the switch. I'm sitting on an upgrade waiting patiently. My fiance just upgraded to that new fruit phone, trying to convince me to switch teams but I'm holding out for the GN, unless it never comes to sprint or takes too long.

Killbot25 says:

Seriously? It seems the longer I wait, the more I find out I have to wait longer. It's killing me. Hopefully "shortly thereafter" really is short.

Googlett says:

As soon as I gathered that my dear old Nexus One will be denied ICS; and, insult upon injury, is now officially being regarded as a 'relic' of yesteryears, I have wasted no time at all in ordering for the new Nexus from Clove Technology UK!
I hope I am one of the first owners!

rbess1965 says:

On a side note, has anyone tried Speaktoit Assistant? I just loaded it yesterday and it seems to work pretty well on my Charge.

Sorry, the dark side comment made me think of Siri.

rbess1965 says:

Seriously. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (16GB)
What is that in dollars, and do I see that listed correctly as 16GB? What happened to 32GB?
Update: $608.47. Man your are committed:) but I look forward to your review of it:)

that's in pounds and includes VAT taxes.

FWIW most tech products that come out in the UK at a specific price can be found launched in the US for the same price in USD.

You can't just put a currency conversion on it and assume that'll be the USD price.

Warpoet says:

Indeed. We always pay a lot more for our electronics. For me 550 is way too much. If it hits the 400-430 mark I'll consider it. I'm thinking of getting Galaxy SII simply because it is dirt cheap these days and is a very good alternative to the Nexus.

rbess1965 says:

Yep. My droid charge just forced restart on me. Come on Nexus.

jim1eye says:

I finally decide to give up on my Palm Pre and here I am waiting again. *sigh*

Hand_O_Death says:

Hey, I had decided to "Wait" for CES last year, and then Wait for the Bionic after it was shown at CES2011. Than waited more when it was delayed, then waited more with rumors of tiered pricing, then waited even more when it was cancelled, and revamped.

Then the "End of Waiting" for me was when they then started talking about the Nexus Prime.

A day or so more of waiting is now nothing for me.

Bird77 says:

I really hate the Apple fanboys. However, Apple does know how to launch a product. You have max excitement at launch date, so it's important to let people know when the product will actually be available. Yet, they launch the Galaxy Nexus with nothing more than "later this year" - a two and a half month window.

Looking at the Razr, if it's Verizon's intent to push the Razr, why wouldn't they have given some pre-release models to reviewers so that when they launched the pre-order people would have a solid "I've been using this phone for the last 2 weeks and it rocks" reviews? I was excited about the Razr, and I'd be tempted to get it, but I want to know how the battery works first, and just a good solid review. Moreover, I'll probably wait until I know the Galaxy Nexus will be available within the 2 week return period of the Razr.

Bong Bubble says:

ahh.. Don't sweat it, u can get a Nokia N9 now, no worries, no problems, Hurrah!!!

Masheen says:

So those leaked MAP prices/dates are not true?

I will wait no problem. The Galaxy Nexus will rule android.

dapercy says:

The Galaxy Nexus will rule android.,

Agree, I think the marketing line for this phone should be, "One phone to rule them all."

cdf3 says:

Hope it's in stores by the 17th. Hope it doesn't come out a week later during the week of Thanksgiving. I definitely wouldn't want to be in a Verizon store on Black Friday with long lines and wait times.

El Jefe says:

Me: What is..."Buy online & have it shipped to your house by Fed-Ex for free."

Alex Trebek: That's correct!

Mooem says:

Keep in mind NTT DoCoMo in Japan have tweeted they would be one of the first carriers to get the Nexus in November. I'm not exactly sure what/who/where "elsewhere thereafter" applies to in this instance.

Also technically the UK reaches 17th before the US, so a Verizon release on the 17th could happen and the statement made today would still be accurate... :-P

Splitting hairs I guess.

lilnate says:

i wish it would launch sooner but now i get two more paychecks before it launches since ill be buying it out-right

Hand_O_Death says:

OK well Europe will get it the same day as the US, but FIRST because of time zones... ...Get it?

Well that is my reasoning at least.

throwbot says:

Holy Sheesh! Yeah its getting a little rediculous, I seriously think that they've either waited to long to release it, or weren't ready in time and started hyping it up a littttttle too soon. Or maybe we all hyped it up a little too soon. Either way, I am noticing a steady trend of a decreasing statistic (what was the number when they asked who was getting a nexus? Only like 16% said absolutely not). The numbers of people hanging in there for the phone are dwindling. I mean, I guess its not Verizon's fault that they're getting three super beasts at the same time, but still--who is that good for? Obviously not for the companies, so now that its so close they are kind of spreading them out, but sales are really gonna be affected by one another.

And the *phone is kind of in its own category. Yeah, the 4s had record sales but its a lot different for their company because they only have ONE phone out at a time. I mean, other companies do as well, I guess, but its always the same thing with the fruity fanboys-they want whatever newest fruitfone is out, and they'll keep that until the next one comes. They don't have to sit there and ask themselves, "do I want this fruitfone, do I want that fruitfone?" That's why they're launches are always so hyped up. But yeah, God I am remaining amongst the crazy lunatics who are hanging in there no matter what for this samsung. ICS? Vanilla Andriod? Gooooooooood I can't wait for it...