We know a lot of folks out there want a flexible "skin" case for their Galaxy Nexus. We also know that with so many available, it's often hard to figure out which one is the best. Luckily, you've got AC and Raul to help make the decision easier. Raul dives in and compares the Cruzerlite Androidified TPU case against the CaseMate Droid Creature case -- two very popular choices. 

Check out the video and see Raul's comparison. We don't want to spoil the ending, but you can buy the winner right here. Thanks, Raul!

Source and more discussion: Android Central forums 


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Galaxy Nexus case showdown - TPU vs. Silicone


If you're all grown up and you would use either of these brightly-colored cases with cartoon characters on them, you should be ashamed of yourself.

If you really think there's a problem with an adult rightfully expressing themselves as they see fit, through of all things, their colored phone cases, maybe you aren't really as grown up as you believe.

Bareback baby. Why cover them up? Just to protect them from scratches even though you never see them?

I really want a tpu case with a card holder like the ones the have for the iphones. Anyone know if they exsist?

No doubt! That seems to be a no brainer to me. C'mon Raul, grab a Nexus and throw each case on it.

I am a big fan of TPU cases. I have one from Amzer on my Droid Incredible. Silicone cases probably have a little more shock protection, but I am careful with my phones & TPU cases offer just enough protection from scrapes & bumps but still slide easily in & out of a pocket where silicone cases don't as easily.

TPU cases are also less bulky in my experience & it doesn't hurt that they generally never cost more than $10 either.

i got the amzer tpu case for my nexus s and loved it at first but i realized it kinda made the phone bulky. plus it hugged the phone so well that when i unlocked it, it hit the volume and power keys at the same time which triggered a bug report generator on the phone which caused the phone to lag up for a minute while it generated the report.

Not a fan of silicone. I keep my phones in my front pocket. Silicone cases are too sticky, making them difficult to take out of your pocket. On the other hand, they stick on tables better than TPU cases, making them less likely to slide off a slippery surface table.

However, I'm a TPU fan, a snugger fit and the case won't roll off the phone.

With the TPU case, will it cause problems with a InvisibleShield? I've seen some tight fitting cases cause the edges to peel.

Phones don't slide off tables. TPU for me. Although, I am disappointed my TPU case put a lot of very fine scratches on the polished edges of my MoPho. Hey wait, that might be derogatory. :-0

ladies and gents,

This is a showdown between both cases look wise and material . In the channel you can see each review independent where you can see the fitment and pros and cons from each case .. unfortunately if i went any deeper on fitment in this video , i would ve ended up with a 12 minute video or so.

Best regards

Silicone should only be used in combination with a hard PC case. TPU beats it every time if they are compared alone.

TPU is also a better material to absorb drops.