T-Mobile UK G2

 T-Mobile UK's G2, which U.S. users might know as the HTC Hero, will be getting an over-the-air update to Android 2.1 ("Eclair") in the coming weeks. The G2 will join the Hero, which received 2.1 back in May.

For any G2 users who want to know what new hotness they will be receiving, our video walkthrough of Sense on the Evo 4G should be pretty close to what you will be getting. Highlights include : an updated Market, live wallpapers (might we suggest zombies?), and Google Maps Navigation. [T-Mobile UK via CoolSmartphone]


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G2s on UK's T-Mobile are getting an OTA Android 2.1 update


"The G2 will join its North American counterparts, who have already received 2.1."

Did I miss something? Did the MyTouch 3G already get 2.1?

D'oh! Thanks ilongboard and wodge, bit mix up on my part! The post has been updated though. The MyTouch 3G should be getting 2.1 "this summer" last I heard. These OS updates are hard to keep track of sometimes! @_@

I actually believe this is called the G3. The codename G2 was assigned to the Rogers HTC Magic, aka T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, you're correct in that sense.

The phone you have up there is the GSM HTC Hero, which is different from the Sprint variant, which has already received the 2.1 update.

I'm using an unlocked GSM Hero in the US. Any chance I'll see the same OTA update to Eclair? If not, any advice as to where I can find a download, short of rooting and loading a custom ROM?

Why must they rename the phones to carrier-specific names? It's so stupid. An HTC Hero is an HTC Hero and that's that. Guh.

Anyway, nice to see more phones getting Eclair! I'm eagerly awaiting FroYo on my Desire...