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While much of the custom ROM community is focused on getting the latest and greatest Ice Cream Sandwich-based goodies onto their devices, the CyanogenMod team continues work on the Gingerbread-based CM7. The current iteration, CyanogenMod 7.2, is being developed alongside the upcoming CyanogenMod 9, and a final release is coming "soon" according to the latest status update.

There's also good news for owners of devices that won't make it up to CM9 -- development on version 7 will continue beyond 7.2, so hopefully no-one should be left in the lurch. Finally, the CM team announced that five new devices have been added to the nightly list for CM7.2 -- the HTC Status (aka ChaCha), HTC Wildfire S, LG Optimus ChicMotorola Photon and Samsung Galaxy 5.

There're more details to be found in the full CM status update, over at the source link.

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Future of CyanogenMod 7 detailed, new device support on the way


Can anybody explain to me why we need CM7 now that CM9 is becoming more available? Isn't ICS superior, or am I misunderestimating?

"good news for owners of devices that won't make it up to Cm9"

Not all devices will be able to run ics smooth enough remember devs don't want togive the public a bit room that won't work good especially cm team, they won't release a ROM if there's no hope of it running smoothly

CyanogenMod is awesome. I'm using 7.2 RC1 on my DInc and it runs fast and smooth. I have tried some other ICS ROMS and they ran poorly so I think some devices still need GB.

If you use any of their ROMS, show a little love and drop them a paypal donation to ensure their work continues. I dropped $10. Small price for a great ROM that keeps getting updates long after the carrier forgot about it.

Cyanogen 7.2 will make me hold.out till later this year to get a new phone. I read that carriers are to blame for some phones not being able to get cm9. Manet someone can explain better.

I know someone is working on a CM9 port for the Acer A100 tablet (and probably the Ax00s), but I'd love to see official support. And an Otterbox, but that's a whole other story.