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The past seven days has seen a flurry of information on HTC's upcoming flagship device, expected to be unveiled in just over a week at Mobile World Congress. It's already been reported that the HTC Endeavor -- aka the HTC One X -- will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0, with a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

Today Paul O'Brien of veteran phone blog MoDaCo has revealed further information, including the news that it'll have Galaxy Nexus-style on-screen buttons, among other developments. Rather than paraphrase Paul, we'll give you the tl;dr version --

  • 1.5 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • HTC Sense 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.7-inch 720p SuperLCD with on-screen buttons
  • Amber/green notification LED
  • Contacts for a Beats speaker dock (already rumored to be announced at MWC)
  • 32GB of storage, but no microSD card
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • HSDPA/HSUPA speeds of 21Mbps down, 5.76Mbps up
  • Support for microSIM cards only
  • 8MP BSI rear camera, 1.3MP front-facing camera.

You can find more technical details in Paul's full report over at the source link. We'll have full coverage from MWC at the end of the month, where we're expecting this thing to be unveiled.

Source: MoDaCo


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Further HTC 'Endeavor' details leak - buttons, speaker dock connector, microSIM


I'm getting ready to jump ship on Sprint. They don't have 4G or LTE here and I really wanted the Note. I currently have three phones and two contracts are completed with one to go. I may go with AT&T but don't like their data throttling so am more likely to go with someone like T-Moble because they do have the higher speeds in my area of Ohio. Can anyone give me a good reason to stay with Sprint or ideas on where to go.

To be honest, there's always going to be something you won't like about any carrier that you're on. You just have to way your options & decide what you can & can't deal with.

Sprint (what I have) = truly unlimited, pretty good service, not always the top phones

Verizon = great service & ridiculous pricing plus they always end up replacing their flagship phone with what it should have been within a few months

AT&T = mediocre service, GSM, & ridiculous pricing

T-mobile = horrible service, super low family plans & data throttled unlimited

decisions, decisions!!!

BTW I'm in NE Ohio so your experience may be a little different!!

If T-Mobile has good service in your area, why not go with T-Mobile? The freedom to choose the Nexus line with high speeds internet = awesome. for a lower price.

LTE is now officially the 4G standard, so by mid-2012 or maybe 3rd quarter, they will have real LTE4G lit up in a couple cities and will get decent LTE phones. I've been happy with Sprint and will wait until at least the end of this year to decide on a move - but still, it'll be to anywhere except AT&T. =)

I jumped Sprint a few months ago for Verizon when they had double data. Love it! They're doing that promo again right now! Take a look!

What you should REALLY be worried about is whether this phone will last more than 2 hours under heavy use.....

1800mAh battery? The Evo 3D has a 1750mAh battery, smaller screen and only dual-core, and THAT phone lasts me like 2.5 hours when using it avidly (if that)....

This has a bigger screen, quad-core and a more graphically intense UI.

I wouldn't expect the battery life to be anything close to "stellar"

more cores != less battery life believe it or not

also tegra 3 has a 5th core that runs at 500 mhz when nothing demanding is going on, and the rest of the cores completely shut off

go read some Asus transformer prime reviews and see what they say about battery life

Thank you...

IF...IF....the battery life claims hold up...I will gladly chase quad core phones when it comes available.

Also by the same logic as the post you responded to..a dual core phone shouldnt last half as long as a single core one.

I agree more core doesnt necessarily mean less battery life. Even higher clocks dont necessarily mean less battery life. Look at the battery life results of the Rezound in the RAZR Maxx review on Anandtech...may surprise you.

Even the RAZR running at 1.2Ghz isnt that much worse than a Bionic running at 1Ghz.

Well my Rezound gets much better battery life than that! 4G on the whole time and all! HTC made drastic improvements with the Rezound.

I guess this is the European version, and it's going to take awhile for the US to get one because there's no mention of 4G LTE which is Flagship for Verizon and ATT now, no mention of CDMA for Sprint and it's Quadband so no T-Mobile.

Hopefully it will be like the G-Nexus and 2 versions will be shown.

When I saw no MicroSD card, I thought it would also mean no mass storage mode like the Galaxy Nexus. That would blow it for me because I use the mass storage mode a lot, and not just to transfer media but also like a thumb drive to save, edit and carry around all kinds of files and software.

However the source article says it will support mass storage mode. It also says mass storage mode is not offered in stock ICS, but I don't think that's true. My understanding is stock ICS can have mass storage mode, but leaves it up to the OEM do decide whether to have: a) SD card with mass storage mode, b) internal storage partition with mass storage mode (maybe this HTC has it?), or c) contiguous shared storage for system and user data. The latter is the Galaxy Nexus and the reason for it is to eliminate the limited app/data space that annoys so many users. However, with that setup you don't get mass storage mode, you gotta transfer content using Windows MTP. I'm sure that's OK for a lot of people, just not for me.

Now if it's true the new HTC will support mass storage, and something like it ends up at Sprint, I might be tempted to upgrade from my OG Evo. But with CM7, that old thing is about perfect. The newer superphones, while more powerful, have few, if any, actual new uses. And in the case of the Galaxy Nexus, with no mass storage, one less use for me.

Source article says no MicroSD card but goes on to say "intriguingly does support mass storage mode, which isn't offered in stock ICS". I can live with no SD card if it has 32 GB and allows mass storage mode.

802.11n is fast enough. I just find I never cable up any more.

Maybe they support MTP instead. Lots of devices are going that way.

It is quite possible that NO Android 4.0 device will have mass storage mode, which really SUCKS. F'ing "MTM" is an abomination.

No sd card,no cap buttons.....these are things that set android above the iPhone.What's next a non-removable battery.Maybe they will put all the bad elements of the nexus and the razor into one device.

No cap buttons means more space on screen viewing images and video.

If what they say is true and mass storage is available, 32GB sounds more than fine to me.

Quite the opposite my friend. No capacitive buttons will mean buttons on the screen instead, thus less space for viewing everything perhaps except video. Take the Nexus for example, the screen is listed as 4.7 but is much closer to 4.3-4.5 because of the buttons in the OS. Give me my capacitive buttons and ALL of my screen and keep the onscreen buttons.

Mass storage is a mode- "USB Mass Storage Mode", and it is probably NOT going to be available on ANY ICS device, unfortunately.

I was hoping the battery would be bigger too. Lets face it HTC phones have horrible battery life. My EVO 4G was really bad. Ad in LTE and this thing will be drained quick. Say what you want about the Razr and Razer Maxx atleast the Maxx has kick ass battery life. Why won't HTC do that??

Lmao 1800mah. Does HTC purposely put out crappy batteries? This company will never learn. What a joke. LOL!!!!

Sounds so sweet... Please Sprint, get this. This looks like it could replace my EVO. 32 gb of storage? Coming from the 512 MB thats on board this EVO now... I think it'll be more than enough. I dont need my whole music collection on my phone, just be able to have more than 30 apps at once without getting low on storage is nice. My SD card now is only 16 gb and it's still got 12 left and that's with moving everything possible to the card. I'm not concerned with the no SD Card part. What can I say,, I love Sense and the excellent hardware of HTC, when I like something I stick with it. Samsung burned me with the Instinct, they abandon the phones and are the LAST to get upgrades! My son JUST got Gingerbread on his Epic 4g , thats crazy. Can't wait for this phone! As far as the battery goes, I plan on getting the extended battery. I have one on my EVO & love it!

I'm willing to to be frugal for a while longer.

I like my Sprint plan, and I don't download so much data on my HTC EVO 4G that I'm crippled by not having LTE now, or even several months from now. I talk, text, get e-mails, have GPS, etc... all at decent speed. Usually I'm withing range of WiFi, so market updates, etc... are usually done fairly quick as well.

I really can't see spending a couple hundred dollars on a new phone when the one I have is perfectly fine, and something new & better is always right around the corner. I'll get more bang for my buck by spending a little extra on date night! :-)

Android And Me says there will be NFC.... And this is for MWC, nothing will be announced for the US there... so there won't be US frequencies in these current versions... until they make announcements for US carriers

I could see from this moment what's going to be the mistake in this device:.........battery life!!! (As always in any HTC phone).
Why is so difficult to put a decent battery?. Like 2,500mah.

1800mah seriously...... The DROID razr maxx has 3300mah what is so frigging hard to releaize that there needs to be larger batteries... idiots running companies. The razr maxx is sold out everywhere and it's because of the battery. I would be more then happy to fork over 700$ if the battery was bigger.

It's not removable and that would be the next thing you'll would whine about. HTC take some clues from Motorola on building phones with excellent battery life.

Haters gonna hate! This phone has almost everything! A blazing fast CPU, enough internal storage ( even without an SD slot. Anyway internal storage is much faster ), more than enough RAM, a great screen and a metallic construction! The only drawback is the battery but with what i've seen with ics ( with sense ) on my sensation ( i get a full day+ with heavy usage. I used to get 13 hours on GB ) and in combination with tegra 3 which is supposed to give better battery life ( due to the 5th core ), i hope it's good enough! This phone reminds me of the good old HTC!

Nice phone but until I see full specs from HTC I'll reserve my cheering/outrage. I can live without NFC myself , but it'd be 'nice' to have, but I also must have a removable SD card of some sort. I use mine a lot on my device , especially when I'm testing new ROMs. As someone above mentioned, my Original EVO has more 'features' than this does, though it's of course slower on many fronts. (CPU, Memory, etc..).

Also why's no one yelling about the lack of a kickstand anymore?? :)

If it weren't for my 23% discount I'd probably be tempted to leave Sprint for whatever provider gets the first Quad Sense phone... 1800 mah could be a downer but I wanna see battery life on tegra 3 first. I don't understand why people mind keeping an extra battery in their car or wherever just in case. That being said, I agree it would be nice to have a 3300mah battery :/

What the Hell is up with Android phones being screwed with no storage lately? I won't be buying any if these. Are they are trying to get everyone to use cloud storage or something..... they have 64 GB cards now that I have waiting yrs to finally have progressed that far and are usable with these phones and now you wanna go ahead and what......... Shall I say start to limit people kinda like apple.

Yeah, I read that. Google is wrong. So very very wrong. AC should do a poll to see how many people would prefer having SD on their phone. What do you think the results would be?

The whole appeal of Android is that they are not bossy like Apple is. But they are drifting in Apple's direction, and that is disturbing.

I agree about removable storage (SDcard). If a phone doesn't have it, I'm not interested. I'm also getting the same feeling about drift. :(

A Beats dock but no removable storage? Love your priorities, HTC.

Removable storage is a big deal. Broken phone? Back up, move the SD card to a new phone, and restore. Your data is safe even if the phone is unresponsive, or submerged, or whatever. 64GB cards suddenly get cheap? Buy a new card, not a new phone. Not to mention that flash memory wears out after heavy use.

First Samsung, and now HTC. I'm tired of getting excited about new phone specs and then finding I'll never buy any of them because of hardwired storage.

"no microSD card & 1800 mAh battery"

There is no reason to change my Galaxy Nexus...
I would if battery was above 2200mA and SD card pressent in this device.

It seems to me that Android is going in the wrong direction when it comes to sdcards. One of the major things that set any android phone from iPhones. The ability to change my storage size when needed is one of the strongest points I found in Android devices.

One could argue that the use of the "cloud" covers that issue, but I argue that you are not always in a location with signal. This may just be my issue with T-Mobile, since 90% of the time I have to step outside of any building to get signal. Perhaps I wont have that issue with say verizon or ATT.

I don't know, I guess I could get used to not having and an SDcard, but I certainly need the ability to use Mass Storage.

If HTC comes out with a Verizon version of this phone, I'm all over it. Or else i might just end up using my upgrade on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. if nothing better comes to Verizon.