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For all you HTC EVO owners who have anxiously been awaiting the ability to put your HDMI port to its full use, the wait is over. Android Central forums member oorebmas has created FullHDMI, an application which just entered a public beta, that allows EVO users to mirror their devices screen on their favorite HDTV. At this time, root access is required on the device, and it does also need to be running a Sense based ROM, but that is a small price to pay to be able to utilize this amazing application. For more information on the application, the exact requirements, and more information about the app, be sure to check out this thread, and be sure to give it a shot! Thanks to igotsanevo4g for the image! [Android Central Forums]

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ch3chopr says:

Thanks Orrebmas!!!!

wess580 says:

When I first read this it said if u donwload the beta that when it comes out in the market it would b free for u bt its not :(

goblueboy says:

i guess this is like Real HDMI for the droid x

mfeigley says:

It's actually better than real HDMI for the Droid X because you can leave the app and see the same thing on your phone and tv at the same time. Real HDMI only shows the current state on the TV and you have to poke around blindly on the touch screen.

goblueboy says:

ah i see. hopefully the developer of this can make a port to the droid x. i hate trying to poke around.

maybe it's on a sense rom because thats the only thing able to work for HDMI. for the droid x you have to be on a blur rom to get HDMI to work

man people are fast to thumbs you down for saying something inaccurate.

ZDriver says:

waiting for AOSP support full HDMI would be nice but CM7 is nicer!

afazel says:

Shouldn't be too long before Team Win (the developers of AOSP WiMax support) get that cranked out. From reading Shinzul's Twitter feed, they seem close. Right now I think we're just waiting for Shinzul to get over his Xoom love :P

newboyx says:

One day (in June when I am due an upgrade) I will own a phone badass enough to do something cool. Great job by the dev on this.

igotsanevo4g says:

Gosh, my TV looks sweet and my photography skills are amazing... :)

MowDownJoe says:


Ep3n3wp says:

Angry birds on 58 inch plasma... Its like pterodactyls flying across my screen... Need for speed shift if fun also

dacp283 says:

Grrrrrr I want hdmi mirroring on my X :(

tompro53 says:

Sucks for it has to be rooted.


storino03 says:

Hopefully its released for those not wanting to root their evo

akts says:

Sweet for you rooted users. I hope they make it usable for those like me not rooted ...

Awesome development.

Jeryl31 says:

ahhh, too bad I've got rid of my Evo and now with the Atrix

I upgraded my software of HTC evo to gingerbread, now, my FULLHDMI does not work. It says it does not work for gingerbread software yet, when is it actually going to be fixed. Does anyone know any other method??? I tried the one from Team Win but it says, cable not detected even when there is already an icon on the top of the screen that says HDMI. Any thoughts???