Sprint Evo 4G hands on

We've seen and heard everybody debating whether the rumored HTC Supersonic -- now officially the Sprint Evo 4G -- would render moot the announcement that the Google Nexus One is coming to the carrier, too.

Indeed, it may well have.

We sat down with HTC at CTIA in Las Vegas for some quality time with the Evo 4G. Video and more initial thoughts after the break.

Sheer domination. There's really no other way to describe it. When the Windows Mobile-powered HD2 came about, it bludgeoned its way to the smartphone heap with its sheer size and power. The Evo 4G goes even further.

First and foremost, the thing is a beast. A 4.3-inch LED touchscreen -- same as the HD2 -- and the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor. A gigabyte of ROM and 512 of RAM round out what's under the hood.

Like taking pictures? There's an 8-megapixel camera and dual flashes -- for sheer candle power -- to take care of that. Wanna record moving pictures in 720p? No sweat. Plus, there's a basic 1.3MP camera on the front of the phone -- pretty much a first for a U.S. carrier-sanctioned device. Now you just have to have apps that support it.

Of course, if you record in HD, you might as well have HD playback, right? And for that, there's a micro-HDMI port, so you can go straight from the Evo 4G to an HD television. There's a cute little kickstand, too, which makes the Evo 4G great for watching movies.

Where the HTC Desire and Legend returned to physical buttons, the Evo 4G sports four capacitive buttons, which don't suffer from the accuracy issues we see on the Nexus One.

We just saw Sprint announce more cities that are getting WiMax data, and the Evo 4G can make good use of it. You can suck down all the data you want, and turn the phone into a mobile hotspot for as many as eight other device. That's just sick. (And in case you were wondering, it does normal 3G data just fine, too.)

Android 2.1 and HTC's new Sense are on board. Sprint TV and the usual carrier apps are there, too, but they don't take over the feel of the phone.

There's still a pretty big question mark hanging over battery life. We just don't know what WiMax is going to do to it. But speaking of the battery -- and more precisely under the battery cover. It's red. (Yeah, it looks a little orange in the photos, but trust us.) And we don't have one here, but the battery's going to be red, too. So if you don't like red, well ...

Otherwise: Is there any reason you shouldn't get this phone if you're in the market for a touchscreen Android device? We can't think of any after our brief time with it. Pricing is still up in the air, as is how Sprint will price WiMax data. But if you're anything like us, you'll be more than willing to shell out some jing to be the first kid on your block with a 4G phone.

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G

Sprint Evo 4GSprint Evo 4G


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Full hands-on with Sprint Evo 4G, now at the top of the Android mountain


My gf looked at me, looked at the screen, looked at the phone, and asked... when does it come out?
I think we found a phone to pull her away from the Pre... hers is currently broken anyway. She's going to try to keep it alive until release.

I hope it comes out in July. It doesn't really matter to me though because I have to wait til the end of the year for my upgrade. By that time all the bugs and complaints will be worked out so I'll be happy. Hopefully it will be around the same price as the HD2 which is $200 on a two year contract. I would pay $300 at the most though.

That being said, this phone is freaking awesome. I played with the HD2 which has the exact same form factor and it was an orgasm in my hand. Seriously!!

I can just imagine how the EVO is going to be with Android being its OS. Oh yeah, I don't know why there are Sprint haters. I am very satisfied with Sprint's coverage, CS, and plan prices. I've been with them for 6 years now and to be honest, the first two years were a little rocky but these last four years have been nothing but pleasure.

Sprint rocks!!!!!!!!!!

The funny thing about all of this, is that the HTC Incredible for VZW is rumored to have an 8MP camera as well as all the red that's on the interior that you see there. I wonder how similar those two devices actually are...

A few questions:
What is the resolution on the amazing screen?
Is there a micro sd card or some other memory expansion? To be a useful HD Camera/video recorder/ movie player you need more then 1 GB of space to store media.

Otherwise this looks AWSOME. I may consider jumping ship from VZW for this.

The screen is 480x800 TFT if I recall correctly. Also, it supports up to a 32GB SD card. When I showed my wife, she basically just rolled her eyes and asked when it comes out. I think she's realized I won't be waiting till August for the 2yr upgrade...I'll be buying it the day it's released.

i wonder if vzw will realse phones with LTE before the LTE roll out, wouldnt it be easier that way so once LTE comes out people already have the phones?

Wow!!! This will be my next phone. My Moment will go to my son while I get the baddest Android phone yet.

As a longtime time loyalist I say hell yeah, but keep it real for CDMA, Verizon looks like they get a headliner with the incredible too, which I suspect would integrate some of this. Tough break ATT. GL with you iPhony.

As a longtime time loyalist I say hell yeah, but keep it real for CDMA, Verizon looks like they get a headliner with the incredible too, which I suspect would integrate some of this. Tough break ATT. GL with you iPhony.

TAs a longtime time loyalist I say hell yeah, but keep it real for CDMA, Verizon looks like they get a headliner with the incredible too, which I suspect would integrate some of this. Tough break ATT. GL with you iPhony.

I am foaming at the mouth waiting for my Sprint and Clearwire stock to jump cause jump ship is exactly what people are going to do from AT&T and Verizon now.

I don't see too many people jumping ship from Verizon Wireless for this device. The Incredible drops on the 29th and from some first hand experience, its a great device. Essentially there is only one major difference, and that is the 4G factor. Verizon Wireless is rolling out 4G LTE in June and it is faster with greater bandwidth for more users and takes advantage of the massive network investment that Verizon Wireless has in backhaul. LTE is also rolling out in more markets than Sprint has for WiMAX. I will not take anything away from this device, its outstanding, and I definitely would rate Sprint stock as a buy right now with that device rolling out, but they also have to take control of their post-paid churn and overall network inferiority.

As for AT&T, well... I hope it works out with Dell, otherwise, ouch. Just ouch.

Like everyone else, I'm drooling all over this. My only dilemma is that I need a CDMA phone (for strong US coverage) with an unlocked SIM-slot for use overseas (something like a BB Tour). Then again, I may just resolve myself to buying an unlocked GSM Blackberry for when I travel...

As for Verizon releasing LTE-phones... I wonder if this phone is just a software update away from being VZW-compatible. Clearwire has previously stated that the main difference between Wimax and LTE is just software. Granted, I think they were talking about their existing infrastructure rather than phones... but it would be interesting if 4G finally united our four disparate US carriers.

Damn nice hardware to bad it's on the crappiest Cell Company known to man. It's funny how HTC is making Android device today that will be the WP7 devices of tomorrow.

Hey shaolinfinest? I don't think these people realize how good Sprint is now. Sprint is the best carrier right now. People don't realize it though because they're either iphone fanboys or the Big Red fanboys. That's ok though because Sprint has really been trying to better their image by going the extra mile and if people like these above have their preset views, then Sprint will continue to keep striving for that excellent image. Think about it, first national carrier with 4G, best family plans, excellent coverage, much improved CS, etc. They are constantly improving.

Improved doesn't have to mean profitable. Sprint really is the best carrier. In the last 5 years I've been with every carrier, and Sprint is the first and only one that I can truly say has rocked. Their CS is great, always checking up to make sure I'm making the most of my plans and whatnot. The coverage is awesome here in Nashville, and beyond. I recently made a few trips around the country for work, and while my friends had issues with VZW and AT&T trying to call their wives, I had service problems at all.

And now...they have a great, rounded out lineup of awesome smartphones. Hell...even their dumphones are good. Sprint is no longer the red-headed stepchild in the industry. Yes, AT&T/Apple and VZW are ahead in sales, but that's because VZW has the largest network, and AT&T has the iPhone. What else would you expect?

I will have to disagree with sprint being the best. I have also been with 3 of the 4 major carriers being only tmobile that I have not been on but my wife has. I started with AT&T what a mistake that was left them and went to sprint. Dropped calls all the time horrible service. I then went to Verizon and have had maybe 1 dropped call every 6 months it almost never happens I have been at the top of a mountain and had service whereas no one else has it.

Sprint only has a network that comes close to Verizon cause they pay them a boatload to use their towers. Verizon Customers still get the best value out of those towers then sprint customers get to use them but don't fool yourself Verizon customers to get better overall coverage first.

Anyways there can be 1000 stories either direction based on where you are at. But for me nothing beats Verizon and I will gladly pay $20 extra a month to have no issues like I have enjoyed now for a few years.

Very well put @jjensen. I for one spent four very frustrating years on Sprint. I had a Palm Pre in the first week, I even developed for the Palm Pre. Sprint is a terrible company bottom line.

If that makes me a fanboy fine.

Sprints customer service has WAY improved.. They just replaced my hero after 3 months.. for the 'end' button paint wearing off(chronic issue, read about it) Of course.. the first one they sent me.. had a great end button, but scratches on the screen, dust behind the screen, and scuffs on every corner.. but, they immediately replaced (AGAIN) with a brand new one.. that will be going on ebay immediately.

Nothing will ever touch the apps that utilize the zero latency 5 finger multitouch of the iphone.. and still this thing only has 512mb of app space (ram) BUT.. with 2 cameras, uber flash, 720p recording.. 8mp.. now we're talking about some GENUINE 'iphone don't/can't' features..

Looks like the n1 just got kicked squarely in the nuts by this thing.. can't wait! Sprint has the best overall plans for smartphones, and best coverage in my area. With the camera apps picking up quite a bit in android.. there's no reason why every iphone user in a sprint area couldn't switch to an ipod and get one of these--get the best of both worlds.

Its made by HTC. Zero faith in this being good.

They can't get hardware OR software right. Plus 4G will be available in like 7 markets. Useless specs/hardware in 2010. Maybe in 2011.

hhhm im really looking forward to seeing the spec sheet of the htc incredible now, as after seeing these im gonna assume there closer to this phone then the nexus one...the incredible will probly b somewhere inbetween this and the n1 being worse then this but better then the n1

choose carriers first, phone second.

sprint in my view is the second best carrier, but i didnt leave verizon during the 3 straight years of iphone domination, and now that i have a droid i wont leave for anything.

At this point, carriers are commodities. Very little difference between them really, so go with the best deal or the phone that you like best. I am tired of hearing the Verizon koolaid drinkers talking about how they will never leave their carrier. I suppose Verizon's high pricing (and getting higher for less service) is a stupid tax, just like the lottery!

You know, I'm skeptical about HTC but I have to admit, that 4.3 inch screen is just pure sex, no other way to put it. I hope Moto is cooking up something for Verizon to compete.

I don't like the direction smartphones are heading. Since when did it become "the bigger the screen - the better!"? I am not interested in a device this massive. It's barely smaller than my netbook!

Yes, the specs are impressive. Very much so. But I absolutely HATE th size.

I agree this phone is just WAY TO BIG , very thick and large !!! Would hate to put that in my pocket , what were they thinking ? NO THANKS

I have had sprint for the past 3 years, and I must say I love it. I've never had an issue with their customer service, in fact back when I had the HTC Mogul, they upgraded me to the HTC Touch Pro for free. As far as service goes, out of Chicago, it is amazing, I think over the past 3 years I've been out of service maybe 10 times. None the less, this phone is godly, and the HDMI recording and playback puts it on top, not to mention a front facing camera, hello skype. The size is just right, it will fit fine in your pocket. For you nay sayers, OPEN YOUR EYES, this is the next generation.

I'm kinda upset i left sprint now. My hands are kinda big for most onscreen keyboards but with a 4.3 incher... damn. Must be unlocked for VZW!!!

I know the feeling about big hands. I want the dell streak (mini 5) word on the street is you can buy it unlocked for Verizon. If it ever launches. I hope new info comes out soon.

Unfortunately it doesn't matter if it's locked/unlocked (I'm not sure that really means the same with CDMA phones but thats another argument for another day) because Verizon won't allow non-Verizon phones on their network. Plus the 4G wouldn't work since the technologies are different.

Too big? Lol, it's .3oz heavier than the Moment, gimme a break.

And did someone spit some nonsense about wimax only being in 7 cities this year?? I mean, at list bring some serious trashtalk...

What a sweet phone. Where is the info for the dell streak? Does anyone have any new info on the mini 5?

Ehhhh ill keep my N1. This just has a bigger screen and a crappy sense UI layed over the top. I'll take stock android 2.1 over sense any day of the week.

Hmm lets see, compared to the N1: bigger screen, sense ui(personal preference), 2x rom memory, 8MP camera vs 5MP N1, additional front camera, FM Radio, 4g, mobile 4g hotspot, kickstand, 2x more standard SD memory, 2x more flashes and HDMI out. It's not just 2 differences, and I'm probably forgetting something. lol

Ya i already pointed out the fact that it had a bigger screen and Sense (which i believe the majority here does not prefer). 8mp camera means nothing if the lens was not improved. And i mean come on, do you really need an 8mp camera on your phone?? Additional front camera....nah. I'll give you the fm radio and 4g (although this wont really matter for a couple years). Also what in gods name are you going to be using hdmi out on your phone for?? Believe me i love android and google, i just dont think this phone is as godly as some of you are making it out to be. Plus i dont understand the hatred towards the N1. It is an absolute beast of a phone, plus hack into it and root it and you have a fire breathing dragon on your hands. Like i said before i will stick with my N1, but this phone does look nice.

Don't get me wrong the N1 is a great phone and I almost sold my unborn child for one, but the EVO specs are equal or better than the N1 in almost every aspect except size/screen, which comes down to personal preference. As far as the 4g, it def makes a difference for me since they're installing it in my area this yr and I'm in Vegas almost once a month..The HDMI makes a differnce for me because I work in the entertainment industry and I can hook my phone directly to big screens to show demo videos. "Additional front camera...nah?" Guess you wouldn't want to do video conferencing? I'd say the EVO is more of a multimedia/entertainment device than the N1, and if that isn't what you'd want, then the N1 will do more than enough. The only reason I didn't get the N1 is because T-Mobile blows in my area and I hate Google's lack of customer service.


Great looking phone, been a loyal sprint user for 6 years. But the problem is that due to Sense UI, updates will take FOREVER to get pushed out by sprint, because lets face it, why would they care?

Whereas the nexus one gets updates pushed out by Google ASAP because their reputation hangs on it.

also, no horizontal mode aside from movies???, what's the point of including a kick-stand if you never get to use it?

My contract expires in June and i will definitely be getting a nexus one.

Are you serious? No horizontal mode aside from movies? That would change things for me. BIG TIME change things!

Oh my God... this is awesome! I've got to start saving up money. By the time this phone comes out with GSM support I might just have enough, and one of my local carriers might have started offering 4G. I envy you US people! :)

I don't see the big deal. I don't like Sense UI for one and maybe i am in the minority but i don't need a hd video camera or 8mp camera. If i record anything now it's something funny a friend does drunk or someone doing something stupid, no need for hd there.

The screen size is nice, and hardware specs are cool but at the end of the day I don't feel HTC can pull it off right. There is hardly any 4g coverage to use so that is kinda a moot point and anywhere i would use a 4g hotspot i already use wifi. I don't see this as a game changer a lot of people do, I think once the initial OMG's wear off by the time it comes it, this phone will make a very small dent in the smartphone market, I am almost positive it wont sell as well as the droid even.

What?? There is 4G all over Chicagoland. Millions of people in just this one city that almost never leave 4G coverage.

Same goes for many other markets as well.

4G is a killer feature on this phone and will really set it apart. That said, even if you are only in a 3G area Sprint's 3G is crazy fast for a phone. I can stream 720P youtube without any problems on Sprint's 3G.

I got clarification on that from HTC. You can't actually turn it off. You can, however, turn off the HTC home screen, and all of the other HTC customizations -- messaging and the like -- remain there.

So I guess to get to " The top of the Android Mountain " all you have to do now is build a phone with the largest screen? What a joke! Lets see just how great this phone is, so far from what I have read it leaves a lot to be desired in the feature catagory,

100% behind you on the screen size issue. I don't want my phone to be mistaken for a netbook- and this device is slowly bridging the size difference between phones and netbooks.

I guess this will just about wrap it up for Palm. I don't see many people singing up for a Pre with this in the line up.

And, there are going to be many thousands of Pre users who jump ship on June 1st for this phone...it had just better be out by June 1st :)

June 1st? They said it would be out sometime in the summer!! Summer doesn't start til June 21st and ends in August. We might have to wait til August before this phone comes out. I really hope we don't but it could happen. It doesn't really matter to me though because I have to wait til the end of the year for my upgrade. By that time all the bugs and complaints will be worked out so I'll be happy. Hopefully it will be around the same price as the HD2 which is $200 on a two year contract. I would pay at the most though $300.

That being said, this phone is freaking awesome. I played with the HD2 which has the exact same form factor and it was an orgasm in my hand. Seriously!! I can just imagine how the EVO is going to be with Android being its OS. Oh yeah, I don't know why there are Sprint haters. I am very satisfied with Sprint's coverage, CS, and plan prices. I've been with them for 6 years now and to be honest, the first two years were a little rocky but these last four years have been nothing but pleasure.

I know I'm not switching. A real keyboard and webos is worth not having 4g or a huge screen. When the first 4g palm device is released you will come back.

Does anyone know if this phone will have the "voice to text" feature that the Nexxus One has? That is the slickest feature in sometime.

How big is this thing? The big screens look cool, but daggone, looks like they'll be meeting the pad computers in the middle size-wise very quickly. I'm not a man purse kinda guy!

I was thinking the same thing. The device looks great, but it's pretty big. I would much rather see a device that looks more the size of a phone and less like a netbook held up to my face. Put the extra money into internal components versus making the screen too big to be practical.

I would love to play with this device though- not something I would purchase, but I certainly would enjoy spending some time toying with it.

Agreed. With Android 2.1 on this, iPhone has officially lost any dominance.

And just like everything else in the electronic world, once one does it, everyone else will too. So I expect to see similar devices by other manufacturers.

Wow.... seems like Nexus-One came out 10 years ago with the release of this :-)

Am I crazy or do they have the ports labeled backwards? It sure looks to me like the USB symbol is over the mini-hdmi port and the HDMI label is over the mini-usb port.

I work at sprint and yesterday morning when I looked at ISC and it was reveled, I was in shock, not only because I already knew yea ok supersonic first 4g phone is coming out. When they kept going with the specs I was like WELP looks like im getting one of those bad boys right there. Yes I cant wait till HTC eVo(supersonic)/First 4G phone to come out I gaurentee it will be 400$ out the door with a $100 MIR and touch pro 2 will drop to $199. It prob will be relased between end June/Mid July.

No LANDSCAPE mode except for movies is a deal killer. When this changes and a complete physical keyboard is included (I need to use the whole screen in landscape with accurate cusor input for some applications) I will reconsider. 1.3 Mp camera for video phone applications would seem to have greater potential than other phones. Is this an auto-focus camera?

I'm currently a 16 year old Pre user but as you can tell by my username this phone has convinced me to switch wen it is released. I love my pre but the hardware doesn't compare to that of the EVO. Although where I live doesn't support Wimax or 4G and that personally I think WebOS it a bajillion times better than Android, the size, Snapdragon processor and the 8 MP camera have pulled me away from my beloved Pre and its WebOS. Wait! I just started reading the comments. So there's no landscape keyboard for the Web or youtube??? WTF?!?!?! Sigh... it's still the sickest phone yet. And even if I have to get a job to buy it b/c of the $400 price tag, I'm GOING to buy it. lol

This looks like a GREAT phone but it's just too wide/big for my taste. Otherwise, I'd be all over it. It makes me think of that BK commercial with cheeseburgers: "I got these little hands"

have any of you seen the comparisons of this phone with the N1 and iPhone? It is marginally bigger than an iPhone, barely.

i do not want this phone. it looks -very- easy to break. there is no keyboard. its good to see the palm pre / webos is less than a year old, and has already surpassed android's software ability. save your money for next seasons palm smartphone..or spend it on a dell slate, looks the same size at the evo.

Im looking forward to this 4G HTC Evo. Im currently a Sprint customer, have been for 6 Yrs...never ever had any customer service problems. If Sprint refused to do anything for me, all I do is threaten to switch carriers...and BINGO, I got what I wanted...lol !! Works every time in this competetive market ! Overall, they have been really good.....good Data Pack pricing, fast connections, good coverage areas, and that CDMA Pre worked great overseas when calling in China, or to USA ! Im a Palm Pre user...its a great phone, but Palm seems so so so SLOW at keeping the cutting edge stuff developing and evolving as fast as others...thats going to hurt them come this Summer, unless they unveil a WebOS 4G Phone !! If not, I may jump to this Evo !!

why would the landscape on only movies be a deal breaker??! that's pretty simple to fix with software updates. It's not like that can't be changed or revamped! This is just the beginning stage of this phone. Remember when the first iphone 2g launched??! and where the iphone is now? That all can be changed. Those little features that some of you compain about to be a deal breaker are simple issues that can be resolved. IM PROUD TO WORK FOR SPRINT. WE ARE GETTING TRAINED ON THE DEVICE SOON, WHICH MEANS THE PHONE WILL BE RELEASED IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS.!! :)

I think you are misunderstanding the video. There's no landscape for the HOME SCREEN. The Hero is the same way. Everything else, txt messaging, browser, etc should work in landscape. I think the N1 works this way as well.

Next time you pick up a Droid or Moment, try to make the home screen go into landscape without opening the keyboard - doesn't work.

Someone misunderstood the video. Simple as that

I've been using the Samsung instinct for two years.

I can't wait til this comes out.

When the iphone came out, Sprint lost customers in droves to ATT.
ATT's anemic network sucks. Now that there's no one left on Sprint, it's better than ever.

Sprint's customer service was once rated the worst in the history of customer service... but ever since the unlimited plan came out, no more issues. $99 unlimited ! Sweet ! Verizon charges $149 for the droid and att 139 for the iphone (and att sucks).

If you click on the link above and play a couple of the YouTube videos, if you watch closely, you can see the phone switch from portrait to landscape mode while the phone is being turned. It is doing this without being in movie mode. So whoever said that landscape mode on this phone only works when watching movies appears to be mistaken/incorrect.

Thank god, because giving this phone all of these features without giving it both portrait and landscape modes would have made no sense at all.

Nope, Android Central decided to show off a phone not running Android. Here's your sign.

On a side note, this phone looks AMAZING! Go HTC!

While the wait is almost painful, it may be a good thing. There are rumblings that 15 Android phones are being released in 2010 from various sites. I'll probably just wait for Incredible (I'd love Galaxy S) but It seems we won't have to wait long (3Q)for something to blow these devices we're drooling over out of the water.

In this age, everything is obsolete almost instantly. Sigh......

EVO is the first phone to make me think about leaving Palm. I love my Pre but, EVO is a beast and looks good too. Unlike that ugly Droid thing. Palm better hurry up and anounce a 4G device or im jumping ship.

As far as Sprint goes, they are great if you get service. I pay $33 dollars a month for my Pre. Unlimited everything. No one can touch that. But if you dont get their signal, then Verizon is probably second best. Too Verizon's credit, they have been lowering their prices on service to be more in line with Sprint and T-Mobile.

Nice phone but I am not all that impressed , sure the 4g is great but beyond that its just more of the same from HTC , forget screen size just looking at it , it can be any Android phone, same features , different package , HTC comes out with a lot of phones but they are really not bringing anything new and earth shattering to market . Even the upcoming so called Incredible , again more of the same , better camera but thats about it and I doubt pictures will look all that much better , and I know battery issues will be a big concern with the Incredible as it has less mah than the N1 . more typical HTC and there issues, when will they ever come out with something ground breaking, such as the upcoming iPhone 4g and its reported 80gb of storage !! You already know the next iPhone will be a game changer, and I am no fan of apple and I know this

You seem to be neglecting the specs of both of these devices (the Incredible and the EVO). These devices have the fastest processor powering them to date. Micro HDMI, which will change the face of business presentations and multimedia applications alike, the ease of transitioning to the latest and greatest Google has to offer, the 7 home screens with the pinch home-screen select that has now been added. I believe they both now have dual microphones for noise cancellation. And lets not forget that the abilities of these phones are endless with the now 38000+ apps on the Android market. With the ability for ANYONE to create an app and the creative vision of some developers, the possibilities are endless. Apple makes a great device, but the closed nature of the platform is going to be its greatest downfall. The customer base has changed. The iPhone is riding its familiarity with the customer base right now. As the public becomes more educated with what the Android platform allows, the most tech savvy will make an obvious decision to adopt Android devices. The selection of devices is unparalleled, and the ease of use for even the most novice user is remarkable. Instead of releasing 1 model with variable colors and storage capacity per year, this entire platform is releasing dozens just this year with different screen sizes, colors, styles, processors, manufacturers, and carriers, it is really changing the game in the wireless industry. Let us not also forget that Android devices can be serviced in the retail stores of your carrier rather than being shipped to Apple and going without a phone. I don't mean to bash the iPhone because it revolutionized the wireless industry and for years was unmatched, but unless Steve Jobs and company really deliver something that we haven't seen (or maybe even imagined), they will fall behind farther than they can imagine. A more polished version of the current device with more file storage and a flash (finally) will not be enough. Let us not forget the deep rift between Apple and Adobe. With Flash 10.1 mobile being delivered to Android before 2H 2010, and the further possibilities for websites like HULU on a mobile platform, the boys at Apple have their work cut out for them. Flash is a game changer. Google is a game changer. We are seeing development for the first time across companies to produce new and innovative applications, features, and hardware. I'm not sure Apple has the man-power or the resources to not allow open development or more accessible hardware.

I can say one thing for sure, I wouldn't bet against Apple, because they always manage to produce a quality product made with outstanding materials and a user interface which is recognizable anywhere in the world. We are at a very exciting point in the wireless industry and it is certainly going to be interesting to watch how it plays out. At the end of the day, we are the ones who will benefit from this new-found competition in the industry that branches beyond carriers.

Sprint is price gouging families with an interest in the EVO. Here is how:

If your like me, you want an Android phone and your spouse just wants a basic phone without data. Sprint is attempting to rip off customers like us with the EVO plans. For this scenario, Sprint is $40 more expensive than Verizon, $50 more expensive than AT&T and $65 more expensive than TMobile and on a monthly basis when you go with the cheapest family plan. Sprint is closer to the other carriers on the individual plans but still $10 more expensive (the EVO "premium data" BS).

They will tell you that you are going to use more data with the EVO and that is why they need the extra $10, but 4G is anything but widespread right now and they are not going to let you get away without paying the $10 if 4g is not available in your area. So Sprint is really just searching for ways to squeeze more money out of you. Either that, or they know they can't handle a large amount of data users.

Here are the monthly costs for individuals and families looking for the cheapest way to get a single Android phone or the EVO in Sprint's case. Because of these prices, I will wait for either the Samsung Galaxy S which has a 4" AMOLED screen among other things. Besides in the Android world, a better phone is announced every month. The EVO is a beautiful phone that should be a big hit. Unfortunately Sprint got involved and is holding all of that great hardware for a hefty ransom. If Sprint doesn't correct their family plan pricing, I'll wait a short time for the next great Android phone.

Sprint data is a compilation of 3 online chats with Sprint customer service and two in store visits. The other numbers are from shopping carts online.

$70 for 450 min voice including data
$10 for the EVO
$80 Total

$130 2 lines sharing 1500 min voice including data
$10 for the EVO
$140 Total

$40 for 450 min of voice
$30 data
$70 Total

$70 2 lines sharing 700 min voice
$30 data for 1 of those phones
$100 Total

$30 for 500 min voice
$25 for data
$55 Total

$50 2 lines sharing 750 min voice
$25 data for 1 of the phones
$75 Total

$40 for 450 min voice
$30 for data
$70 Total

$60 2 lines sharing 550 min voice
$30 data for 1 of the phones
$90 Total

Are you totally stupid, or do you just having something against Sprint? Look at what you're comparing.. You specifically singled out the family plans in your post, so here are my main arguments on those:

  • you're quoting $70 for the Verizon 700 min family plan.. this does NOT included unlimited messaging.. that plan would be $100, and that STILL doesn't included unlimited data. And, to be more realistic, if we use the 1400 minute Verizon family package with unlimited data and messaging on both lines (since this would be most comparable to the Sprint 1500 mins deal, though still 100 mins short), we'd be looking at:

    $120 - for 1400 min voice w/unlimited messaging
    $ 60 - unlimited data on two phones
    $180 total (vs Sprint @ $140) and this STILL doesn't include the free, any network mobile-to-mobile minutes that Sprint offers, or the 4G wireless

  • you're quoting $90 for the AT&T 550 min family plan.. this does NOT included unlimited messaging.. To be more realistic, if we use the 1400 minute AT&T family package with unlimited data and messaging on both lines (since this would be most comparable to the Sprint 1500 mins deal, though still 100 mins short), we'd be looking at:

    $ 90 - for 1400 min voice
    $ 60 - unlimited data and messaging on two phones
    $150 total (vs Sprint @ $140) and this STILL doesn't include the 4G wireless)

If you're going to make a comparison, at least compare packages that are similar...

I have done a lot of research and am going for the Sprint EVO on Friday.
I will be leaving a nice Blackberry Tour and hope that I can adapt to the touchscreen. I always get the latest and this phone seems to have everything and more. One thing Sprint offers is a 30-Day return if you are unhappy with the phone, In 11 years, Sprint has never let me down. The Customer Service was horrible and now it is usually tops when you reach a US Call Center (Just keep dialing 'till you get one).

I think over the past 3 years I've been out of service maybe 10 times. None the less, this phone is godly, and the HDMI recording and playback puts it on top, not to mention a front facing camera, hello skype.

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