Fruit Ninja for Android

You Fruit Ninja addicts need to mosey on over to the Android Market and wrangle yerself an update, as the long-awaited Arcade Mode has finally been added. One-minute rounds to do some serious damage (we got 209 on the first go if that's of any consequence). Anyhoo, if you need us today, you know what we'll be doing. Download link's after the break, too. Thanks, Chris!


Reader comments

Fruit Ninja for Android gains Arcade mode


I just don't get this game. tap to slash fruit as it flies across the screen? Over and over? Meh. I'll stick to other pointless games like Angry Birds, Chess, and x Construct.

Yeah, games for Android SUCK ASS. I completed original Angry Birds with all 3 stars and 16 starred out of 17 golden eggs and it got old and boring to me. Also, I can't get a star on one of the golden eggs, 'cause there's a bug that just doesn't let me do it and developers don't patch it. It's been like this since the original release. Can't wait for Tegra 2 and Heroes of Might & Magic like games on it. I loved first 2 parts. <3

Fruit Ninja is an awesome way to keep my four year old busy while we are out and about. He's pretty good and has actually wanted to try kiwi because he saw it on the game.

Loving the new arcade mode. They should have had a little primer before the game, as I though the bombs removed 10 seconds (as opposed to 10 points). I didn't do too great on my first game (around 205), since then I've managed to get up to 208.

One thing to mention, it's a lot tougher to get the underachiever achievement (score less than 20) than you would think.

I was actually impressed but also disappointed with the update. First of all, I'm glad that we finally have arcade mode (we waited for SOOO LONG!!) which is great. Also multi touch works fine. However, even after the update, it is still no match with iphone/ipod version of fruit ninja (touch sensitivity, sound bugs, no multiplayer, etc). I don't understand why it is so hard for them to port the game to android with same quality. Rovio Mobile did it perfectly with angry bird (in fact I think android version is better!).

I have samsung galaxy s fascinate from telus but my ipod touch 2nd gen runs fruit ninja better :(

I just hope halfbrick has more updates and not ditch android versions. I mean, we pay the same price right? :)