While the stock Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor ROM has had a custom kernel capable of overclocking the 800MHz processor for over a week now, only now has SD-card-run Nookie Froyo gotten in on the action.  Quickie "Screamer" 0.1 for Froyo cranks the CPU up to 950MHz.

In our tests, performance was noticeably improved, and was reflected in our Quadrant benchmarking tests--which blew away any other Quadrant score we've seen on NOOKcolor's Froyo.

The kernel is easily installed, by simply replacing Nookie Froyo's uImage boot file (backup first!) with this file of the same name.  In Windows, you can simply drag and drop it onto your Nook's mounted SD drive, and reboot.  Voila: you now have a faster Nook.

The custom kernel is Divine_Madcat's port of the original "Quickie" for B&N's ROM (which was developed by Geniusdog254).

The development community just keeps racking them up for NOOKcolor owners! [XDA Developers]


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Froyo ROM on Nook Color overclocked to 950MHz


I've been running this kernel with 2.1 for a week or so, and it's a nice little boost in speed. I've been going back and forth from 2.1 to 2.2, trying to decide which I like better on my NC.

Couldn't get your download link to work ... had to go directly to that dropbox link ... can't wait to try it!

Just picked up a Nook a few days back . I haven't done 2.2 yet but I have rooted and installed LauncherPro. I couldn't be happier with the Nook as a tablet. Seems like a lot of sites are showing them as backordered now.