Android 2.2. Froyo USB Mass Storage MountAndroid 2.2. Froyo USB Mass Storage Mount

Connecting your Android phone to your computer to use it as a mass storage device isn't new, and we've detailed how and why you'd want to do it. But in Froyo, it gets a little more friendly. Gone is the bland pop-up announcement that you're connecting your phone. Actually, it's still there, but first you get the friendly little robot you see above, explaining in plain English what you're about to do. Mount the phone, and he turns orange. Unmount, and it's back to green. A nice touch, and it makes it easy to see at a glance if you're connected.

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Froyo feature: USB Mass Storage tweaks


Man... a friend of mine is telling me to switch to T-Mo just so I can swap phones with a SIM card and add a bunch of people on BBM... getting a N1 would be one hell of a plus. Damn you Sprint, why oh why did you decide against it!?!?

Awesome phone, cant deny it, but how long until HTC updates it to 2.2 and then Sprint playing with it until its released to the masses?

That's my predicament. The N1 is IMO the greatest phone, but T-Mobile is pretty bad where I live. I go into a building, can't use data on my phone. So much for using those cool shopping apps at Target.

Got my wife an EVO though so maybe I'll just "borrow" it and use the router features. :-)

LOL.. Thanks! good point. I know I overlooked that (minor) detail, but as someone who is soon to be migrating over from the Pre, I thought (hoped) that Android would of had an advanced capability like that. Maybe soon... :-)

There's a free file manager app called ASTRO that will allow you to connect with a network via wi-fi and transfer files. I've connected with my work's server and transferred music to my work computer with it on my N1. :)