Froyo bluetooth voice dialing

One of the biggest thorns in Android's side so far has been lack of Bluetooth voice dialing.  (These are phones, after all.)  For those of you on-the-go who need to safely use the phone features without touching it you now have the option in Android 2.2.

Once your device is paired and connected, a press of the action key brings up what you see above.  You're greeted by a female robotic voice who also repeats your instructions.  Seems fairly accurate (as accurate as my Blackberry or Pre), and worked well with both a Motorola MOTOROKR S305 set and a Jawbone Icon in my testing.  Shout out Froyo-ers -- does your headset work, and how's your Bluetooth experience on 2.2?


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Froyo Feature: Bluetooth voice dialing


My pre works well with voice dialing in my car. Do I need to re-activate it and test with a headset? (Please someone chime in with an answer lol)

Nevermind. Just verified that the Pre can only voice dial over BT if the contacts are on the BT device itself. Can ya tell I don't use BT much? lol

Phil - -quick edit pls? lol

wanted to edit this -- rest assured that all testing of this feature on Froyo was done from the comfort of my easy chair, with headsets - not in my car :)

Sweet, can't wait to get my voice dialing back. This was the only thing I Really missed. So SWEET to see Google has finally fixed this issue.

I can't wait. If I had any disappointment with my Incredible was that I could not dial using my phonebook when synchronized to my car, I had to voice dial using the number. Hopefully everything will play nice now!

Does it do what Voice Dialer HF does and do additional voice prompting for work/home numbers, for example? Or does it do onscreen prompts like speakerphone voice dial in 2.1?

And can you set it to work with a wired headset button as well?

Is this dependent on certain Bluetooth headsets. I have a Jabra BT5020 and nothing is happening when I press the action button.

Don't think the Jawbone Prime supports Stereo BT/ad2p. That's the protocol needed to stream music to bt.

Confirming that Bluetooth on 2.2 finally works with my Nissan Sentra 2008's built in Bluetooth car kit. Before I wouldn't get any audio if it actually connected.

Does not work with the jabra halo. There is only one button and it does not activate it. Is there a way to get to the bluetooth prompt with some shortcut?

I'm using a Motorola H710 and it works fine with the phone... The part that doesn't work so well is the voice dialing feature itself. It's hit-or-miss as to whether it gets the right contact, and I'm afraid to keep testing it as it does not wait for me to say "yes" or "no" to the contact it says, it just pauses for about a second and then dials the first one it comes up with automatically.

I completely agree with Taegost. I love the fact that I can use BT voice dial, but I'm terrified to use to for fear of calling an ex girlfriend or former boss.

Compared with the Blackberry's voicedial, there's alot of work that needs to go into this. On BB, it repeats your command, and asks for confirmation.

I wonder if any 3rd party developers are working on this?

Using the "unofficial" 2.2 release for EVO, my Plantronics Voyager 510 works, but I don't think my Jabra BT530 does.

Working with my Plantronics Discovery 640.

It's been sooooo long though that I had forgotten how to use it - so a tip to the folks trying to get their Plantronics bt headsets to work - at least this is how it works for mine:

Press and hold the button on the headset for a second or two
It'll make a longer "boop" sound, then let go of the button
Then it will make a boop-boop-beep sound (lol sorry) - and THEN the lady comes on asking for you to "Say A Command".

But wow, as posted earlier, I had forgotten how dangerous this thing is!!! I tried to call my wife at work and instead it started dialing an old girlie from the school days (FB contact) - Yikes!! lol

Not working with Jabra Extreme on Moto Droid. Anybody know of a list of ad2p headsets that will work with this new feature?

--Correction. Voice dialing does work now that I unpaired and re-paired the device. Only challenge now is that I'd rather use Vlingo than built in dialer.

Voice dialing works with a Moto HT820 headset on a Moto Droid. Dialing by contact name has been usually wrong, nowhere near as accurate as my former WinMo 6.1 Blackjack II, which was nearly flawless.

Motorola Droid not working with my Motorola T505. Nothing happens when pressing the action button. Have Android 2.2 installed.

Just got the update today for moto Droid and am not hearing voice confirmation in my jawbone headset. Button does activate but feature will be useless with phone pocketed.

Froyo on DROID with Blueant Q1 will shut down the headset after dialing before the called party can answewr

Blueant Q1 with Droid on 2.2. Voice dialing works after initiating "phone commands" on Blueant but the voice recognition on Droid very poor. Could not understand my requests and kept dialing wrong contact. Does not wait for confirmation after command and before dialing to avoid dialing wrong number.

Just updated my Motorola Droid to Froyo. Tried voice dialing with my Plantronics Voyager Pro. Although it didn't recognize what I was saying the first couple of times I tried, it worked perfectly with many different contacts after I adjusted the mike location and worked at my enunciation.

Sony DR_BT20NX and venturi mini with HTC desire updated to froyo on 3 and not a peep out of either of them. Disappointed to say the least.

Incredible with OTA Froyo 2.2 and Jawbone 2. Voice activated BT works fine so far. Will test with Moto Stereo headset later and report here.

I have the Plantronics Voyager 510 / HTC incredible. The “Bluetooth” voice dial still does not work, however, after the 2.2 upgrade at least now I can activate the voice dial on the hand set by pressing the Plantronics button. I still have to use the HTC onboard mic/speaker. The phone has to be right there with you, you can’t roam around the house or office and voice dial from the earpiece. WTF?

Update on voice dial over bluetooth:

I just spoke with both AT&T and Samsung tech support about Froyo 2.2 on the Captivate (SGH-i897) not incorporating voice dial over bluetooth with the 2.2 upgrade. AT&T 'doesn't know why not' and Samsung says that it was not included as part of the AT&T upgrade even though other Galaxy S phones with other carriers have the feature in 2.2. Samsung can't - or won't - state when the feature will be available.

Mine goes in the trash due to the safety and legal issues resulting from the lack of the voice dial over bluetooth feature.

EVO Shift paired with Jawbone ICON. Voice dialer volume is so low, I can't hear the commands. Is there a way to increase the volume of the voice dialer commands?

I'm using the HTC Desire, and was very disappointed at not having the full hands-free functionality with my phone (I was using a Jawbone ear-bud, which was supposed to be a very good piece of equpiment). In fact, I was considering another phone, because everything I could find on-line, and in the stores indicated the problem was the phone, not the ear-bud.

However, an intelligent sales lady let me try the BlueAnt T1 Rugged headset with my Desire, and voila, I now have the full hands-free functionality that I've been missing since I purchased my Desire. Great sound quality, easy pairing and set-up, and so far at least, it seems to do all the things I want it to do. Now I'm happy with my Desire :).

I have an HTC Incredible 2 and the voice dialer has been very inconsistent. I have it paired with a Samsung BT earpiece (not sure of the model). It worked fine on my old windows 6.5 phone. Any way of training the voice dialer like you can voice search?