The topic of video calling these days is a rather hot one for many. What was once noted as a thing of the future, video calling this year has sort of been placed at the front of the line when it comes to device manufacturers and application developers. The other element here is the carriers, rather the networks they provide and their ability to provide enough bandwidth to make video calling happen. Fring, well aware of the fact that carrier networks are often times constrained have adapted their video calling applications to make use of Dynamic Video Quality as they refer to it.

DVQ technology (Dynamic Video Quality) automatically, and continuously, adjusts your video call quality to match your internet bandwidth at all times, giving you the best video and audio quality possible for your connectivity.

In short, that all breaks down to this. Whenever you have what may be considered spotty coverage, Fring will adjust your video calls a quality level, which the network can provide dynamically without user interaction. The goal here is to not limit your ability to make video calls but rather to give you the best audio and video the network can provide. Hopefully, a lot more developers will adopt similar technology as well. It really is a basic philosophy of networking. Fring is available now in the Android Market. [Fring]

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samid says:

Huge difference. Works great

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briankurtz79 says:

I updated then did a test call to my buddy's ip4. It locked up my evo and forced me to pull the battery for the first time.

pceasar says:

Dell Streak only uses back camera no front for fring

marshandbags says:

Report legitimate content

I think its funny as hell that she's driving as she supposed to be video chatting.

dougeetx says:

Good going fring. I know drexting is driving & texting. What is video chatting & driving?