Android Central T-Shirts

It's Friday, and we're feeling generous. So let's give away a few T-shirts, shall we? That's right, T-Shirts. Android Central T-Shirts. With Lloyd on them. For wearing, and such.

Couple things to note:

  1. The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.
  2. This little freebie's only available in the U.S. Sorry, friends elsewhere.
  3. How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick winners at 5 p.m. EST today.

Good luck!


Reader comments

Friday freebie: Win one of five Android Central T-shirts!



I would love one!!!! Too cool if I won!!
It would make a great Birthday present,
since my Birthday is tomorrow!!!!

I tell people that i know that if i a question or problems with my android powered device I turn to android central. They have all the answer for anything android. It would be nice to wear a nice shirt and show it off at work.

Thanks in advance

I'll take one, please!
I made you laugh on the podcast with my line "ur face is a gimmick".
That alone is worth a t-shirt!!

I gave some cellular customer the shirt off of my back so he could pay his bill, so now I need a new shirt.

If I won I would walk into the Apple store in Allentown, PA and with me being video taped ask the person for an android device.

Hey Android Central! I know a few Lloyds that when they ask who's on my shirt, I can say Lloyd!

you know. If i win i will go to the local Apple store and wear that shirt and post pictures here. I PROMISE I will.

New member to the site, really like it. Really like the shirts also! What could be better? Size Medium. Yeah!

I would totally rock this shirt @ my office, which is 90% icrap. That is all, thanks. XL kind madame or sir.

This will go really well with my New HTC Sensation when i go to visit my friends who all love their iCraps, (Lg)

Oh yeah...I'd proudly wear this, especially in front of my Iphone Fanatic friends I'm trying to win over. XL for me!

I have friends who love Apple and I would love to get one of these shirts to show my Android love finally.

Used to be a berryholic, Now a BIG AndroidHead.

Need the shirt to prove it.

Also Big (XXL) in other ways.

thanks to this blog for all my allegiance to android and converting me from palm. you guys are great. and a free T would be pretty nice too.



OOOOooh! Shirt! I could use this and provoke multiple arguments with Apple fanboys when I walk down the street!

I would LOVE to wear this shirt everywhere I travel; pick me to spread the Android Central Love!

I would love a Android Central shirt!! Being a father of two. I have not gone cloths shopping for myself in 5 years. So a new shirt would look great on me.

I definitely need to be wearing this shirt going into an Apple store!

I'll take a Large please!

I would love one in 3x would wear it all the time cause im a 46 year old techno geek and proud of it.

I never win nothing. I think these contests are all scams just to get people to sign up....XL if I do win

If you have a Android, then YOU don't have an iphoney. Anyone who has the iphoney, doesn't realize what a mistake they made. If you have the iphoney, then you don't have great and easy customization. If you have the iphoney, then you don't have flash. If you don't have a droid, you aren't that smart. So I'd enjoy a free shirt. XXL would be nice. Thanx. Peace and 420 Frees the Mind!!

I will achieve epic and mind-boggling awesomeness if I get to wear one of those shirts!

A t-shirt from the website I'm addicted to after just picking up my brand new EVO 3d? Awesome! (L)

BTW, I'm a large. Just telling you so you know what size to not send me, because I won't win.

I'm pretty sure winning one of these would surpass getting married as the greatest day of my life. Okay just don't tell.the wife!

Android Central is the only place I get my android news and the product reviews are right on and very informative. Thank you for all you do! And it would be awesome to win a tshirt!

Android central, you guys are the best! your freebies are great, the android news couldn't be better(unless you told me exactly my Tmobile g2 update was coming out), and you guys are just awesome. Thanks 4 all

Posting this from work on my Rooted nexus one running cm7...don't tell my boss kohe's an apple fanboy

I convinced IT at my job to add Android phones to the list of supported devices using information I learned here. I just got laid off from the same job today and am on this site because I'm finally free to browse the web during daylight.

Hook me up! I'm not gonna kiss your ass, just gimme one for loving this site, you guys are tight! ;-)

Man, I never win these contests. I am an employee at UNC Hospitals in North Carolina. I was blown away to see someone there to have and android central tee on. Wow, small world. I gotta have one!!!

Sounds cool M please.. By the way how do I send in corraborating info on various posts without posting them in comments?

Man this website just gets better and better. I am new to this website. I have been following daily for awhile but never signed up. When I saw the free shirt deal, I know that I had to sign up!. I never won anything off the internet, hope this is my first.

Sweeeeeeet! What better way to tell the world how much of a geek I really am. I would love to walk into sprint to check out the Evo 3D with my Lloyd shirt on!

I've been dying to buy one of these to wear on days when my Angry Birds shirt is in the wash! Sweet designs, XL please thank you :)

This dude needs to rock that shirt!!! Help a dude that has a wife locking all the $$$$ away for a new house. Give me the satisfaction of watching her go nuts at the bank account thinking I bought it and she missed it on the budget!!!!
and in XL port favor!

I can't shut up about all things android @ work, this would make my day to wear a shirta

I love wearing Android shirts to show off my loyalty. And I love Android Central, so what could be better? And I'm XL btw

I want one! It would go great with my new EVO 3D, I'll post pics I promise! 2XL please!!! @androidcentral is the business!

loving me some android central ... I spend all my time on your app and never miss your podcast .... your review of the Nexus S convinced my husband to switch from iPhone ... although I told him all along android was better ;)

Let me show my Apple buddy that I am an android diehard fan via this beautiful tshirt. Large please Thank you.

I love android and i love t-shirts. Now your combining this with my love for free stuff! This sounds like a hell of a win to me. :)


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