Android Central T-Shirts

It's Friday, and we're feeling generous. So let's give away a few T-shirts, shall we? That's right, T-Shirts. Android Central T-Shirts. With Lloyd on them. For wearing, and such.

Couple things to note:

  1. The shirts run a little small, so consider going up a size.
  2. We ship shirts all over the globe, so this one's open to everyone.
  3. How to win: Just leave a comment in this post. We'll pick winners at 5 p.m. EST today.

Good luck!

Update: Congrats to postbus31, danuff, JackiesGirl, Roni1188 and mason2674. E-mails have been sent!


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Friday freebie: Win one of five Android Central T-shirts!



I want a XXL I would wear it to the Apple Store and take a picture while at the store with my awesome Samsung Fascinate next to the doo doo iphone

Greetings from Eugene Oregon. Send me an XXL shirt so I can spread the Android Central. love in the Northwest.

Just switched from Blackberry to Android (HTC Sensation) today.....would be dope to win a XL Tee to go with it!!!

Would love one! Maybe this time I'll win something...I never win anything else! Black, XXL, Basic Lloyd design please...thanks!

Can't wait for the Bionic to come out, since the SGII won't be coming to Verizon in the foreseeable future. Hope I win a shirt!

I would love to Rock out an Android Central T-Shirt. People I know already call me a cell geek and a cell phone addict. Wearing an Android Central shirt and posting a picture of it will just prove them right. Lol

I would love one of these so I can educate more people here in Idaho about Android Central! A site I find very informative and love! :-)
(By the way. My birthday is this month.*Hint, Hint.* LOL)

I like you, Lloyd. I always liked you. You were always the best of them. Best g**d***** bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. Or Portland, Oregon, for that matter.

I'm really jonesing for the droid bionic. Maybe winning this would tide me over till I can get one.

I'll throw my name in the hat for this one. It's always fun to try, especially when it doesn't really take any effort.

XL shirt. I would gladly sport this and wear it an at apple store and take a picture.

This would go great with my Android Central Thong. Oh crap looks like I will have to wash it now. Andy has turned a little brown........
If you complete my outfit I would need a XL. Thanks!

webOS refugee here.
Just put a deposit on a Galaxy S II. Winning a shirt would be a good omen.

I'm such a slob... wondering if wearing this t-shirt might improve my image too much???

Large, I guess???

I would love to wear this shirt to my mobile application design class. Would be fitting since we are building android apps. XL would do.

I'm jumping into the android bandwagon anytime now, and I definitely could use this shirt to celebrate =)

All of my friends are i***** addicts. I would love love love to wear this shirt around them every chance I could get. I guess a large would be awesome if I am lucky enough to get one. THANK YOU!!!

Me wearing an Android Central XXL T-shirt with Lloyd on it when I buy my new phone later this month. I can see it now!!

Android Central is the only place for quality Android news and reviews! XL please!

phil, ive have androidcentral, all over my droid,i even have lloyd in my bedroom!!!

It's not really swag if only five people get it... it's SOFG.

I'd like to be one of those five.

I have clairvoyant paranoia. I knew this was going to happen now I'm just worried people are following me.

Hey guys from Android Central I survived Hurricane Irene, worked 4 days straight to make sure everyone has their power on so they can all log onto Android Central to find the latest news of all things android... I would LOVE a T-Shirt from you guys.. And I promise to wear it with pride.. Also next storm i work whether it's a hurricane or a blizzard I will take some sick pictures for u all.. Please pick me.. Thanks all... Paul aka ElectricLineman

Finally a competition I can enter, being a Dutchie.
Size L please
Keep up the good work guys.

Oh, Oh, OH!!! I just my my HTC Evo like an hour ago. I would love a shirt to show off the fact that I just joined the Android world

Wouldn't mind a Lloyd t-shirt for a college graduation present :p.

That black one is awesome, XXL please!

I'd like an AC Shirt!! My life would be incomplete without this site!

Just think, I could be advertising for Android Central in my local bar by this time next week! Get me a Loyd shirt and I will be! Loyd drinks, right?

may i have a shirt, medium please. I want to see how Lloyd looks in 3D when i take a photo of me in the shirt in 3d mode :)

I'm a little late, but I'm at university so I was away from my computer!! I still have a few minutes, so let's hope I can get a shit! :D ありがとうございます!

i know im kind of late but i would love to have a shirt i love this website more then i do my wife is the best source for android. the other sites dont hold a candle to this site. PLEASE PLEASE let me get a shirt i would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks :)

While this will not go over very well at the nudist camp I call home, I will wear it every time I venture out to get groceries.

I love Android. Just to let you know in advance I would like an XL. I love everything big!

I LOVE talking to others about my EPIC 4G! You can't go wrong with an ANDROID....go "GREEN"! Wearing an AC t~shirt would be just yet another way for me to represent my passion for ANDROID mobile phones, down here in ATX!!! ;-)
S or Med

What better way to add to my android collection than with a lloyd t-shirt!! Also seeing as how I never won anything it would be the best for me. Ill take an XL if I win

Closet android tech geek, help me come out and be a proud member of the community with a large free t shirt

Yes! A T-Shirt worthy of being worn everywhere I go! Not just any T-Shirt, but an Android Central T-Shirt! Shameless promotion! If I win one just send me 2XL please. Thanks for the contest!

wow this nicely design Android T from AC would be the only thing in my mind in this weekend, Nice work (I'm Medium by the way) :)

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