Energizer wireless inductive charging pad

Since we're talking about keeping your phones charged today, let's give away a pretty cool charging pad. Energizer's wireless inductive charging pad (read our full review here) lets you charge your phone without actually plugging in the phone. OK, you still have to plug in the charging pad, but you gotta get the juice from somewhere, right?

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this post. Need to keep this one to the U.S. only (sorry!), and your phone will need to have an inductive charging cover to get it to work. Lots of rules, we know. But leave a comment, and we'll close up shop at 6 p.m. EST. Good luck!


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Friday Freebie: Win a free Energizer inductive charging pad



Pretty cool! I miss this on my old pre! I had a touchstone by my bed, in my car, and at work, but now they are just paperweights. I do have the touchpad and am considering picking a touchpad touchstone up if they start firesaling like the touchpad did

could totally use this for work!! everyone here is always borrowing my usb charger, now i could save this for moi ;)

This would make my desk at work so much more organized. No more need for extension cords and the world's tiniest charging cable courtesy of Motorola Mobility!

This would make my desk at work so much more organized. No more need for extension cords and the world's shortest charging cable courtesy of Motorola Mobility!

I'd love one. I had a similar device for my Playstation 3 controllers, but it was very cheaply made. Hopefully this one will prove otherwise if I win it.

love to win this and use it on my d3, charge and dx2. Pick me please. Yeah I know it only charges two at at a time. Still Winning!

i had to switch from my pre...and this sure would help ease the transition...i guess being a dihard palm fan dosent help my chances....or it gives brownie points....who knows?

Appropriate phone to use as an example in the pic. It would only look better if it was my Thunderbolt!

Phil!!! This would go GREAT sitting on our fire station's table for the guys. Drop the phone on the pad, catch a run, just grab and go. Hook us up! = )

I've always been very curious about inductive charging ever since I saw a special about inductive charging being integrated into everyday appliances through a special countertop.

This thing looks freakin sweet. My Thunderbolt sitting there would look just as sexy as the pic.

This would be another awesome accessory to go along with all the nice stuff Costco is going to throw in when I buy my new Droid Bionic!!!

I would love this for my Thunderbolt because Irene is about to come and wreak havoc on me and the rest of New Jersey!

GoodLuck to everyone. This will help with my rocky transition from webOS to Android.

This would be AWESOME to charge my HTC EVO 4G, Nexus S 4G, Dell Streak 7, Viewsonic GTablet, HP Touchpad and Coby Kryos! Not to mention all of my cameras (if they work with it of course)!! I wouldn't need all of those darn chargers and wires anymore!

Oh the serenity that my household would achieve with this technology. I can picture the neatness and organization now...

This would definitely cut down on the used sockets in my house between all the cellphone users. Nice contest. Good luck folks.

like a couple other people have mentioned, I switched from a Pre to my Evo 3D 2 months ago and while this phone is far superior to my Pre, I do miss my touchstone. This could help me forget

Miss my Touchstone charger since switching from the Palm Pre. This would be awesome...

Thought I'd comment, doubt if I win the pad, never win anything off A.C. anyways here goes nothing!

Exactly what everyone needs! It can take some of the milage off the micro usb port on my Evo 3D which now doesn't have an hdmi port. Also cool little furniture for the crib!

I actually really need this, my sister lost her charger and doesn't want to make the drive to buy a new one so she uses mine. It'd be great to have both our smartphones charge at once.

I could not see using this at home, my phone just goes in the dock, but at work this would actually work VERY well.

i would like one because i could really use this when im trying to keep up with android central tweets on my mobile phone then it dies. this could really help me out please and thank you

We have 4 Android phones in our house and this would be a nice thing to have around instead of leaving chargers in various rooms.

I wouldn't mind having one of these to try out, hopefully I win. Thanks Android Central.

this would be awesome for my thunderbolt. thanks for the opportunity. good luck to everybody.

Inductive charging is the only thing I miss from my Pre. This is exactly the kinda lightning I need for my Thunderbolt. See how I did that? That's the kinda clever that should be rewarded with some giveaway awesomeness. Just sayin.

Like others have mentioned before me, I miss and loved the Touchstone I had for my Pre. It would be fantastic to have this pad for my Thunderbolt. Thanks for the opportunity!

This charging pad would be wonderful to have! Thanks for the awesome giveaways AC! - Andrew

Very cool of you guy's! GL to everyone who enters, but I would love it for my Epic!!

Being a full-time college student who also works, this would be a tremendous help to me. Anytime I can look for ways to ease some of the stress in my day to day routine, I take advantage of it. I don't have a lot of $ to be buying things, so winning this would mean a lot to me. Btw I'm a junior at the University of Toledo...Go Rockets!!!!!!!!!!!!

This would be great to my soon to be purchased SGII (goodbye Pre touchstone).

This is a great charging pad for the daily use items like the top brand media players and cellphones. It will be great to have one.

Sitting at work waiting for the calls to come in from the Hurricane, staring at my phone sitting on my desk, not charging... How would this be better? If I won a charging pad so my phone didn't feel so left out.

I really need one of these for my phone. I have a wireless charging pad for my wii remotes and I love it, makes it so much easier. I have never won anything, I hope I win this :)

With this induction charging pad, I can keep going and going and going and going and....

I would love this charger! I need a charger for when I'm at work. And everyone would see it too when they walk by, so it would be great advertising for Energizer!

Even better if you threw an Android Central Logo on there, I would advertise for you guys all day long!
Thanks for all you do for us!!

Touchstone for TouchPad are out @ HP so I really need the pad for my new 32Gb TouchPad. Inductive charging is revolutionary! Got to have one!

I'd love to win one of these. I'd have to find a way to hook my NexusOne up to the Qi somehow, but at least I could charge my apple devices if nothing else.

Awesome!!! Pick me, I'm dying from pancreatic cancer like Steve Jobs and desire this to charge my awesome thunderbolt running das bamf!!!

i would love to have this for when i go back to school. i use the calculator on my Evo 3d a lot to check my work. Having this to charge my phone when the battery gets to low or just in between classes.

It's beautiful (and the charging pad ain't half bad either). Gotta love that Thunderbolt :-)

I'm poor. I want one of these. Please give me one for free. I have 5 kids. Give me something cool to be happy about :)

I have been interested in this charger but have not bought one yet.
I would love to win this one.

Kudos to you guys for promoting awareness with Irene out there, and what a bonus of offering up the charging pad! :)

This would be awesome to have at work for my phone. Makes charging even easier than it is.

Count me in too! I'd love this charger for my TBolt!
(The best thing about AC, is you all don't take a day off like most other sites that go away for the weekend. 7 days a week of great Android news/updates! ... I've always wanted to say that. With or without a contest entry ;)

Sure would like try one before I buy one because I could use two for my house. Thank you if I win!

Sure would like try one before I buy one because I could use two for my house. Thank you if I win!

Started commenting on my phone, but the battery ran out, so had to finish on my netbook. Please! Thanks!

My wife doesnt charge her phone at all please pick me because she can just lay it on the mat when she gets home

No gingerbread, no skype that uses the frnt cam, it looks like the only thing cool this phone does out of the box is inductive charging..come on guys give me something to look fwd too.

Along with all the great content, it's things like this contest that make Android Central my favorite site for Android news. Good luck everyone.

have been considering one of these and now that they have the Energizer bunny's endorsement, how could you possibly not love it!!!

My wife always hides chargers where I can't find them because she hates where I put them. Then when I do find one, I find her Droid 3 charging so I can't charge mine. Help, please!!!!!!!!!!

This would go greatly with my new phone and even better in a few months if the Nexus Prime comes to Big Red.

I just bought a solar charger, but this would be pretty cool too! Thanks guys.

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