Seidio Innocell 3200mAh Super Extended Battery for HTC Thunderbolt 

The mother of all extended batteries for the HTC ThunderBolt just dropped into the Android Central store -- and being the benevolent bloggers that we be, we're going to give one away right here, right now. This massive 3200mAh extended battery from Seidio has more than double the juice of the stock battery, and it comes with an extended battery cover with soft-touch coating. And, best of all, it fits the new extended battery cases as well.

So. Wanna win one? Just leave a comment on this post, and we'll pick a winner at 5 p.m. EST. You'll need to be in the United States, and have a ThunderBolt, of course. Good luck!

Update: And the winner (chosen at random) is ... LethalDonkey!


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Friday freebie: HTC ThunderBolt Seidio 3200mAh extended battery


i would LOVE to have this, i have only gotten my accessories from seidio, and had the extended batteries for my tour and evo, now i need it for my tbolt!!!



I have THREE (COUNT EM! 3!) STANDARD BATTERIES because I didn't want to go big, but I can't take it anymore swapping batteries all the damn time. Size matters! Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme

This would be the Bees Knees! I would love to win this! Come on and give me some lovin! And who says size doesn't matter!?

I have never won a thing in my life... maybe today will be my lucky day... and I am tired of carrying my charger around all day long!!! I love my Tbolt though :)

This would definitely make my day (and my commute home in the evening praying that my charge will last). Thanks!

Awesome! Went to an LTE area yesterday (Pensacola) and realized the importance of the extended battery (my stock battery drained terribly fast). Would love to have this. Thanks for all the free stuff you guys give away!

With 4g and a 4.3" screen my normal battery gets murdered. Winning this battery would really help

haha been trying to post a comment for like 5 minutes... ofc after i report the bug commenting becomes available! ah well. GL all.

I've been dealing with the stock battery because I can't afford a extended right. This would be awesome. Thanks AC. Good luck everybody.

MORE POWER! This is awesome! I would like one of these seeing where I work my phone is constantly looking for a signal...

Wow! With this much battery power I can finally use friendstream without worry and use the AndroidCentral widget allday long!

I would love an extended TB battery - then I could make it through the day without hauling around multiple chargers!

Hi all Only 1? One can never have enough spare batteries fro the Thunderbolt! So what's the regular cost of this?

I was in the market for an extended battery, this would be awesome!! Now I know why I use the Android Central forums for my new ThunderBolt! Winning!

Maybe a larger battery would make me talk more instead of geeking out on my T-bolt.....

Omg this would be an amazing accessory to have!!! and to get it for free would make it that much better!!!

I have been dreaming of owning an extended battery for my Thunderbolt my whole life. Please make my dreams come true.

My thunderbolt always seems to die on me during the day. I could really use one of these. Definitely want it.

I need an extended battery for my Thunderbolt! I used to win things over on but haven't won anything since moving to Android...

My Thunderbolt could use some extra 'jolt' for when I'm surfing Android Central on the go. Thanks!

I am posting a comment to win this battery. I would help get some extra life out of my Thunderbolt.

I was trying to leave a comment on here with my thunderbolt and the battery died. I need this battery lol.
Thanks guys

I got no love for posting the angry birds video first yesterday morning , show some love with a battery lol

Yay! I could really use one of these. Love the phone but the battery life sure sucks.

I just ordered my new TB despite the bad battery reviews and should have it tomorrow. I was just about to buy an extended battery so if you pick me you will save me A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure that I've ever won anything in my life lol. Now is a great time to start! Thank you androidcentral for the chance!

I would love one please. I'll even give it a fair review ;) full battery tests.

This is a must have for the Thunderbolt. Keep the contests coming guys, you are doing us right.

That's a lot of mah packed in some LiON goodness!!! My Thunderbolt has an unquenchable taste of 4G goodness. Nom nom nom!!

I could REALLY use some extra juice for my TBolt! Please hook me up with an extended battery!

Wow...I would "love" to have this battery. It would make the phone perfect! Thank you Android Central and Seidio!!

Yes please; if I don't win one, I'll buy one (soon). Definitely lovin Seidio's accessories :)

This would pair nicely with the new Seido charge dock that i'm about to order. I could even add the extended battery active case!!!

Please help I bought the song normal seidio from the ac store but I need more juice

I want one! thanks AC for putting this on, i remember my crackberry days and all the giveaways there. Hope i win!

Woohoo! I'm not fortunate enough to have a Thunderbolt (I'm rocking a dInc), but I'd love to get this for my girlfriend's Tbolt!

PLEASE hook me up! My stock battery only made it 3hr 55min at work today before it hit 10% and killed all data.

I was actually looking to order one in a few days! getting one from you guys would be awesome! Its even more useful now that they make a desktop dock that I can use it in!

Oh how this would complete my dominance of the Verizon Airways!

With the new 4G LTE lighting up here in Sacramento, California, this would provide hours of enlightenment!

Thank you for providing the great 24/7 coverage....truly spoiled!

I can has battery life?! Would be sweet to make it through a day and not have to hunt down a wall socket on-the-go.

please please PLEASE PLEASE please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let me have one. I will love you forever and ever and ever!!! I was just looking today to buy one. If you give me this battery, I will promise to order the Igrip Perfect Fit car mount for the HTC Thunderboalt!!! PLEASE PLEASE!!! :) :) :) :)

Please, please, please! I'll be traveling all summer with teenagers and can definitely use the extended battery life!

Would love to win - have the regular extended now and with a lot of trips coming up this mega battery would be great!

This would make my month to win this! It would be nice to get through an entire day without having to recharge.

I have the worst luck in the world and my battery dies so fast. This would make my life so much easier and I would be extremely happy!! Thank you!

If I had this new battery, I would have enough juice to be on the forums ALL DAY LONG on my t-bolt!!! With this and the new reboot fix, it would be heavenly!!

Thank you!!!!!

Lightning really does strike the same place twice—or at least twice as powerful. I would be able to prove this with my ThunderBolt powered by a double battery.

I could use one of these. I want to remember what its like to make it through the day on a single charge.

Of course I have a thunderbolt. I do have to carry my charging cable any where I go though. I have only a stock battery and would love to win this battery and right away buy a new case and tell all my friends!

This would be great to have for travel. I'm constantly looking to charge or swapping batteries. Please choose me!

My battery is so small. Please help me compensate so that my larger endowed peers will stop making fun of me.

I'd love to win this, and then buy a case for it from Android Central *hint hint* :)

AAAAAHHHHHH if i had that it would make life so much easier, wouldnt have to worry about battery life as much.

I would looooove to have one of these. My battery would actually be able to last me the whole day if I got one.

I hope I can win. Thunderbolt standard battery just does not survive on a day to day base.

I could really use this going back and forth between 3 and 4 g every day and flashing roms all day to try new ones out because I'm a rom whore :-)

I already have Lloyd tattooed to my chest, but if you pick me I'll buy a Lloyd t-shirt so I can advertise Android Central on chilly days!

I'd love to win I just hope that I can get my entry in before loosing 4G or my battery dies bc.....

++++_++++ Carrier Lost

I really hope I win this. I need an extended battery for my trip to NYC next month.

Wow this will be great to have one. I just bought one and I am waiting for fed-ex to deliver. Should be here in a few min. It says it's on the truck for delivery. Yahoo!

These should have came with the thunderbolt when I bought it. I have 4 chargers that I keep one at home, at work, in my bag, in my car. If I had one of these I wouldn't have bought all of these chargers.

Thanks Android-Central!!! Awesome of you guys to do these contests.. Would def LOOOVE to win this one. I'll even be happy to do a video review of the product for the site... :)

Does what is typed here really make a difference in whether I win or not? Cause if so then I might be screwed.

Would love to have this for my poor old thirsty TBolt. I'll even run some comparative tests and post the results to the forum! :)

I need this badly!! My phone dies everytime I post here just before I can finish typing what I have to s......

I can't get through a few hours a day because of the poor battery life and the reboots. Please pick my mobile device for your amazing giveaway!

This would save me from having to buy one for my girlfriend. I'm not saying she's not worth the money. But come on, we're in a recession. =)

Why would you want an extended battery?? Just recharge the one you have. Derrrr. Whatever, i guess I'll take one, no biggz.

I need this! I've only been unplugged for a few hours and my Thunderbolt battery is almost dea..

I could definitely use it! I don't even get half of a day use out of my phone with this weak stock battery. Really HTC? 1300mAh battery...... Should have been at least 1700mAh. Please pick me cause I never have won anything ever. :(

man would I love to have that little bad boy.. xoom wifi with 4g by tbolt with extended battery = AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I would love to have this battery as well. I can't seem to keep my phone charged, too many awesome things on it.

I've been using Seidio products to protect my phones for years now. I won't have a need for that car charger with this! I would end up buying the new extended battery case with this to use with my holster!

I would love to have this battery as well. I can't seem to keep my phone charged, too many awesome things on it.

I adore my Bolt. I sleep with it. I would live to not have to carry two spare batteries for it. I spend my professional and personal life attached tp this phone. Tons of travel, 3200 would ROCK! Thanks for consideration!

This would be great. No more worrying about find a spot to charge mid-way through the day or worrying about going light on my usage. Thanks!

I've seen vampires that suck less juice than this phone. Who doesn't want an extended battery for streaming video on long road trips?

Would love this battery cause Seidio makes great accessories. Thanks for the giveaway AC and GL to everyone.

With all these reboots and poor battery life i would love to be able to love my phone again. The extended battery would at least give me the ability to play angry birds and listen to music without having to be plugged in all the time. PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!!

Oh my, my TT-Bolt could last a full day then. That would be better'n ta-tas and beer !!

oooooh this looks yummy, my Thunderbolt says "it looks like all you can eat buffet and got to have one of this". Android Central thanks for this promotion.M

That would help a lot. I do a lot of traveling and it'd help to be able to do a youtube video on it, as a review.

Pick me, pick me....I love this site. I'm constantly refreshing for the latest and greatest!!

Hey I think I could use this! It would definitely come in handy since I'm not indoors during.g summer!

You owe me for that one time and that one place. Lol. Doesn't suck too much battery life with 4G off but the extended battery would help out for those long weekend nights. I might even gift it to my brother who could use the longer life because he's actually in an area with 4G (which I hate him for)

I would really love to have this, I have had so many troubles with this phone. I could really use a pick me upper. I've never won anything in my life. Make me happy today.

ok so here goes lol,dont wanna write a book but i love my thunderbolt ,im on my 2nd one now, problems with my first phone well when i got my second one i blew through my batt. then payed 75 bucks at my local verizon store for the 2750,,buttttt i still need more batt life ,,if i could win anything ,id be happy,my luck seems bad ,,but any how please consider me ,i have spent so much money ,great site guys,,thank you,,,:))))))))))))))))

I would LOVE this hoss of a battery! Days after I had my tbolt, I ordered a Seidio 1600mAh, a Surface case, and a holster hoping I could keep my profile lean. Now I realize a thicker battery is the only way to play, not only do I need battery and case, but a new holster as well... please hook me up, to soften the blow!

this would be awesome! i wouldnt have to worry about my battery life. so i could happily enjoy some movies, and still have a phone to use for the rest of the day. once again i wouldnt mind getting my hands on this.

wow, double the juice of the stock battery means that this will last more than five hours! i'll take it.

i wish to procure this extended battery and cover good sir or madam. it will allow me to view your site on the go and share information with my cohorts at a much more rigorous pace.

I like my thunderbolt like I like my women, thick and full of more juice then I know what to do with. Juuust kidding, sign me up!

Oh please I need this, every day by 8 I have to start turning things down on my Bolt so I can still make calls if I have to.
Or I need to stop playing games on the phone everyday...

After an hour and half commute it would be nice not to have to charge as soon as I get to work.

Could really use that battery... Really don't have the money to put out and changing batteries at school takes a toll on my fingers trying to pry it off. This would help a lot.

Got my TBolt Day one ... I woke up to 4G LTE this morning on my TBolt for the first time....I'd love to wake up tomorrow with a new Seidio Battery !

This would be great for me. I do alot of traveling within the US for business trips and im tired of always carrying my charger with me. I could really use this. And whoever wins congradulations.. :)

That would be great - I just ordered the extended surface case and the matching holster from Android Central.

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