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We've averaged at least one Galaxy S3 rumor or leak per day over the past week, and it's a trend that shows no sign of stopping. Today UK blogs PhoneArena and KnowYourMobile both received a new photo purporting to show the Samsung Galaxy S3, and from what we can tell of the (admittedly grainy) image, it's a very close match to what we've seen in earlier leaks. The rounded edges closely resemble the outline in a teaser image by Samsung Denmark, and the device chassis itself is a dead ringer for a purported manual sketch that cropped up yesterday.

The inclusion of physical buttons is the most interesting thing we can glean from this latest image -- if this is indeed the final Galaxy S3 design, then it seems earlier plans to go buttonless were abandoned. And it's also worth noting the extremely thin bezel between the screen and the edge of the device -- Samsung seems to have shaved a few millimeters off this space compared to the Galaxy Nexus.

With the clock ticking down to the May 3 announcement event in London, it's possible we'll see even more leaks and speculation in the days ahead. Keep it locked to AC for all the latest.

Source: PhoneArena, KnowYourMobile

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Looks different.. AWESOME!!!!!!!

DWR_31 says:

No task button.
Just menu, home, and back.
Guess that means full screen real estate .

unglued94ta says:

Looks alot like the galaxy nexus would have if it had physical buttons.

clambert#AC says:

But I'm guessing it'll have a better display and camera. Hopefully it has a better external speaker too.

JonJJon says:

I'm liking the physical buttons, never have liked the software buttons of ICS so this could well go down a treat with me :D wooo for physical buttons!

lichti says:

Nice combo Galaxy Nexus <--> Glalaxy S2

blweldon2 says:

Looks a little like my old Samsung Solstice....

EeZeEpEe says:


Rectangular with round edges are the only similarities I see.

Mooem says:

Given that I like the look of my GNex, I approve! However, it's still quite strange that they aren't going the buttonless route unless this isn't the final model. I'd be disappointed if manufacturers don't ever go the soft key route.

Also, will there ever be a leak that isn't so damn grainy? :-p

gujupmp88 says:

if it's gonna have a 4.7 inch screen with physical buttons, it might turn a lot of people off by being too large. I know I'm not gonna get it because of that.

Tha GNex is different because while the screen is 4.65 inches, that includes the buttons, making the phone the same size as a 4.3 inch device.

While the Note was sort of popular, i can guarantee you it would have sold more if it were smaller.

EeZeEpEe says:

The Nexus is definitely NOT the size of a 4.3 inch device at the longest point. It's even taller than the Epic 4G Touch. It is almost as narrow as the EVO 4G because it's 16:9 ratio.

And this should be plenty smaller than the Note being that it's a smaller screen and 16:9 ratio.

Channan says:

Like EeZeEpEe said, the Galaxy Nexus isn't the same size as other 4.3" devices. The on-screen buttons are pretty much pointless because Samsung didn't use them to make the phone any smaller. If this is the GS3 and the screen is the same size as the Galaxy Nexus, then this phone is almost the same exact size as the Galaxy Nexus, if not exactly.

jdot104 says:

In virtually every HTC One X review, they've held it up to a Galaxy Nexus and the phones are almost exactly the same size. The One X has a 4.7" screen with buttons and I do think it turns some people off, but look at how popular the Galaxy Note is.

kinster02 says:

If it was smaller it would defeat the purpose of it being the note and just be another big screen phone.

butters619 says:

Flawed logic. The bottom bezel of the G-Nex is the same size as other 4.7 inch screened phones, aka the phone is the same size.

webbie2 says:

is this phone going to have physical buttons and capacitive buttons?

mintvilla says:

remember this is the international version in which they have all had physical and capacitive buttons.

Suntan says:

Man... ...It sure would be nice of Samsung to clear up these questions and rumors...

I don't know, maybe they could hold a press conference or something... Maybe sometime in the next week or something... ...I bet if they did something like that people wouldn't have to keep asking questions like this...


moosc says:

Hmm looks like well a phone. Move along nothing to b giddy about

BlackAndroid says:

I wish it had on-screen buttons like the Nexus.

jcastag says:

The most important thing to me is to see if Samsung from finally stepped up the materials used on their phones.

It's time to step it up from the Fisher Price plastic Samsung.

If you want to use those materials on your entry level handsets that's fine, but everything else needs to start getting better materials.

Use of higher quality plastics and lightweight metals are a must at this price point.

kinster02 says:

Did they include a notification light?

Linebarrel86 says:

In the US it could go button less.

Especially considering that US carriers never take the single button approach from Samsung.

Here's hoping they kill those buttons. Theyre ugly as sin.

Also, this could have very well been photoshopped when you look closely. All the buttons that are physical are too shiny.

icu says:

Agreed. I see no reason why Samsung won't be putting out multiple versions of this phone to the carrier's specs as before. Seems to be working well for them.
While it seems a bit odd they'd go for buttons again it may just be that they expect European S1 & S2 users to find it more familiar.

I dunno the hype and leaks (real or not) have got me excited for the 3rd.


Clearly this is a fake.... Why are the capacitive buttons lit when the screen is off? On all Galaxy phones when the screen is off the buttons disappear. Can anyone explains this?

Mooem says:

Probably a bug. I've seen custom ROMs where the capacitive buttons remain lit when the screen is off. It's really not that much of a stretch.

EeZeEpEe says:

I agree. It's very different from the previous leaked pics and video which show on screen buttons.


Yes thats what I've thoughts..

Yep! Also, why has nobody pointed out that the menu button is still present...that is NOT an ICS button layout! Multitask, Home, and Back are the ICS buttons. This is bogus!

android010 says:

I am not buying it

This is not a phone this is a tablet


*roll eyes*.....yawn...

Asterisk says:

That's exactly the reason I'm buying it. Sick of trying to pinpoint sh!t on my Nexus One screen.

goliath602 says:

This phone is far from a tablet. I am typing this on my Xoom and I also have a galaxy s2 and there is a very huge difference. Phone's with bigger screens are meant for normal to bigger size hands. Not for little tiny princess hands lol. Have you ever even held a actual 10.1" tablet?

tanson1011 says:

Looks like every other Samsung plastic hardware. ( not dising have had s2 and currently have nexus.) Would of liked to see something different.

Nit3m4re says:

Looks like its incorporating metal into its design from what I can see. To me, that is a good move. I would rather have a bit more weight in exchange for a solid phone.

I will go against the crowd and say that I hope the physical button makes it on the final products, including the U.S. version. If the button can be used to turn the screen on, then it makes it that much easier for my thumb to go from that button to slide across the screen to unlock it.

xemtra says:

Is that a menu button on the left instead of a multitasking button????

nyc_rock says:

I hope so. A dedicated button from the app switcher is overkill IMHO.

goliath602 says:

I'd have to disagree, I think that it is really good and intuitive. Especially once all of the apps are ICS ready and have the three dot menu icon on them. Its gonna make things much easier. says:

After coming off the news that the USA LTE phones will have a dual core chip there is really no reason to wait for this. I honestly see myself getting the EVOLTE over this, i think the only think that would make me wait on this is the ability to turn touchwiz off completely. I personally dont think that is going to happen but i guess we ill see next week. Its going to be pretty hard to beat all the features on the EVOLTE.

nyc_rock says:

Touchwiz is an apex download away from being invisible.

nbell978 says:

If you think the S4 is an inferior processor just because it is "dual core", you need to do some freaking research.

Channan says:

That wasn't his point at all. He's saying if it comes with the S4, it's not going to be any better than the One X/Evo, so there's no point in waiting for this.

But yeah, the S4 is probably inferior to the Samsung's new processor.

d2globalinc says:

Not that hard - just have a removable battery, and I know a lot of people who will pick it over EVO LTE ;)

nyc_rock says:

Always different strokes for different folks. I for one am a big fan of my international GS2's button lay out. I much prefered it over the ATT version with all capacitive. Being able to wake the phone from a phyiscal home button makes it worth it.

jpd5150 says:

Looks like the picture was taken through a glass overlay to help make it grainy on purpose. You can see the photogs shadow on the phone and off to the left. Gotta love rumors!

Gearu says:

This one looks quite credible, I think this may be the real deal for once.

Of course Samsung will now be headhunting a tester who owns a pink phone for leaking the image.

willgfc says:

While I've warmed to the idea of on screen buttons and would like to see a few more phones released that use them, i love the physical home button on my note. Didn't like the idea of that either before i got it but as a few have mentioned, it's so handy being able to unlock the screen from the bottom, and it's also really easy to find without moving my eyes from the screen when i want to use it, or my menu and back buttons.

hmmm says:

With too thin of a side bezel it might be easy to accidentally touch the screen just by holding it. I'd want to try it out. I'm also not digging what looks like a chrome boarder. That look was over played a few years ago and looks dated to me.

I really like capacitive buttons though. Samsung uses amoled screens and they are prone to burn in. Having capacitive buttons means you won't have to see faint shadows of the navigation bar when you are on a gray or lighter colored background in apps or landscape.

dalvik says:

I think both are fakes, until Samsung's official announcement, I don't believe in any "leaked" photos.

cjones says:

This is ugly as hell. I was all excited for this phone to hit Sprint six months after everyone else in the world gets it but with physical buttons? YUCK! I thought the GS3 would be a little bigger than the G-Nex and have better specs and a better camera but basically look very similar to the G-Nex.

Here's hoping that the ugly home button is sent packing on the USA version when it is released nine months later. LOL

wayee1 says:


ciscostud says:

Those are NOT physical buttons!
I've enhanced the image and they are all on-screen!!!
Yes the glowing Home button is on-screen, use your eyes

EeZeEpEe says:

Are you looking at the same picture? The bottom of the screen is clearly ABOVE the buttons.

oh shut up.

linkz016 says:

Wouldn't the screen be on as well?

qwick says:

If you look at the home button it is below where the bezel ends and where the radius of the phone is, so there is no way the home button is part of the screen. I think you need to check your eyes.

evansgw says:


I hope this isnt the GS3.


Meh.. I don't think this is the final design.. Rather I hope it isn't. Otherwise the hype doesn't seem justified.

cjbrigol says:

Look to the left of the reflection of the hand on the phone. There's reflection on the carpet! I was not the first to notice this, I saw a comment on tmonews, and felt dumb for believing this fake so quickly

acehomey says:


schrack3000 says:

More likely the phone is behind a piece of glass and that's what the hand is reflecting off of.

acehomey says:

Hmm, good point too.

supa_dupa says:


15israellai says:

Not a fan of physical buttons.
BTW this looks a bit fake with the menu button. It'd be a hell of a regression! Just go the HTC way. Or the GN way.

elee31 says:

reminds me of the Bold 9900

acehomey says:

Agree with cjbrigol. T-Mo news retweeted this, to correct a previous tweet regarding this.


ace, I am with you.. thanks for link.. *thumb up*

mr nruz says:

Kinda looks like my tmo s2 with the chrome trim around it

x2kjosh says:

Good to read some positive stories on Android when the rest of the country seems to think Android is walking the plank to it's death. I hope the S3 and the HTC One series can steal the apple thunder and make the haters eat crow...

Playboy E says:

Gs111 looks horrible my Galaxy nexus looks way better idc if the internal s are better g.n is a better all around phone...and DO I SEE WHAT I THINK I SEE ? Its 2012 why are manufacturers still making phones without ON SCREEN buttons smh the phone is too big and the buttonsat the bottom are a joke ... Everyone to stick with their galaxy nexus... This phone is a joke

Dave4321 says:

When will carriers realize that a lot of users do not want a phone that big and want to be able to reach all of the screen with one hand. Where is my 4" top of the line phone?

hmmm says:

HTC One S would be what I go for if I thought the One X or GS3 was too big. Not sure you can get much higher end than that since it is basically the One X but with a different screen. 4.3" is still pretty big though.

Dave4321 says:

Not thrilled with a 540 amoled pentile matrix screen. If there was a 720p LCD or samoled+ version on Verizon, I would probably get it although I still want 4" not 4.3".

kinster02 says:

There's a LG Viper for you.

bsannes says:

Are you sure that is in fact a physical home button? If you really look at it, it seams to almost glow. Maybe it is a custom digital home button.

kinster02 says:

I thinking that the next GS3 would finally get me to purchase my first Samsung phone but if this is it, I will just stick with my Evo's.

Match_stick says:

Is it me or does the home button look like it's illuminated in the photo ?

If it does have an LED (and the picture is genuine of course) could it be that Samsung will FINALLY be putting alert LED on their phone so we won't need to hack BLN into the kernel for notifications ?

hmmm says:

Galaxy Nexus has a light.

Sanosuke says:

@gujupmp88 hasn't the note shipped over 5 million units?

craigrn16 says:

The One X is sexier.

prediscover says:

Will this copy the One X with the overflow menu being onscreen?

Synycalwon says:

Wow, it looks like another Samsung slab! ;) As to the bezels on this leaked pic, my Thunderbolt still has less bezel on the top and bottom! :D

uofmike says:

I'm going to go with fake, the bezel on the right side looks thinner than the bezel on the left, maybe that's just my eyes playing tricks on me though. Screen doesn't look centered on the phone

dswatson83 says:

Looks like the same ratio as the Nexus but without the buttons. I certainly hope this is not true. Frankly 16x9 sucks for everything except watching movies. Photos, internet, and overall navigation are better suited for a 4x3 format. The Nexus was a great compromise and I well prefer it to a straight 16x9 or Apples 4x3. If you are going to go 16x9, include the buttons since we only need 16x9 for video, otherwise, go with a 16x10

MiSoFine says:

I'm trying to wait...but man I might stick with the Nexus... it look so sleak & sexy. Sprint or VZW?

nickwn88 says:

i hope this is a fake. this is hideous.


looks exactly like the blackberry bold 9900...

Nev says:

If this thing can't make me a milkshake, then I don't want it.

Raadius says:

Samsung stole the Galaxy Nexus design!!! LMFAO.

nickwn88 says:

samsung designed the galaxy nexus you tard

Raadius says:


You need new batteries for your sarcasm meter... idiot.

Its a fake part of the reflection of the hand holding the camera is reflecting off the carpet.... that doesn't happen lol fake!
Photoshop fail.

BigDinCA says:

It looks to me like this is a photo taken of a picture on another phone or computer screen. There are diagonal streaks that extend past either side of the phone, ever so slightly.

Xcution26 says:

I don't know the newly released specs of the Sony hayabusa give me a tingling sensation.

Fugaz-Star says:

I guess I'll be spending my money on the Note 10.1 instead :|

barrybilt says:

If this is what it really looks like I won't be upgrading from the Galaxy S2. I wanted a more modern look, with thin bezel on top and bottom as well... it looks too much like the old one...and i guess the only reason someone would upgrade is b/c of the new processor.
i still haven't slowed down the current gs2 and i push a phone pretty hard. i wanted something new and fresh looking, along with the specs. i can't imagine this being it...

Anyone else consider the possibility that Samsung could release an s3 line of phones, like they did with the original galaxy s, it's part of what has made these lines very successful, internals that are identical or at least nearly identical to each other but with slight hardware differentiation like button layout changes to give the consumers a few options to consider, in one way they take a page out of apples 1 device a year playbook, but at the same time they improve it by offering us some choices (that aren't simply black, white and how much storage you want)

swaze says:

There will be two versions released. One for the international flavor and the one in the US. The international version will come with the quad core exynos 4212, and the US version will be dual core S4 versions......

Even that is still unconfirmed speculation, but I'm not talking slight internal variations that might come with cdma and gsm versions I thinking more along the lines of a version with hardware and/or capactive buttons and a version with on screen buttons, or any other visual hardware changes Sammie might be able to pull out

d2globalinc says:

I'll be so disappointed if this thing has physical buttons :(

rd_nest says:


You can see a reflection of the person’s hand on the carpet.

Buttons are lit while the screen is off.

Nexus photoshopped with fake SGS2-style buttons. Why use a Menu button for multitask?

pistos says:

I can't believe people were criticizing the new EVO design. If this is the new Samsung, no thanks. Very lame in the cosmetics department!

victor3451 says:

I'm pretty sure that's a photo of a printed mockup. That looks like paper to me.

victor3451 says:

I'm pretty sure that's a photo of a printed mockup. That looks like paper to me.

Jeremy626 says:

i really hope the S3 ditches the damn menu button... like WTF???


lxAMNxl says:

Hmmm, one question. Doesn't an AMOLED screen usually look dark/black compared to an LCD screen (when off)? If the SGS3/III's screen is supposed to be SAMOLED, then why is this screen looking like an LCD?

SebastianNap says:

Could be another Galaxy. Galaxy S III will not do well if it looks like this in my opinion. They need something like clear glass or no bezel on the sides.