Colorado SunriseToday's Free Android Wallpaper comes from requent contributor dcreed, who shot this sunrise near Sterlin, Color., on a Pentax K20D with a 90mm lens.

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Thermalx says:

Being from Colorado myself, I'm guessing this was shot near Sterling, not Sterlin (missing the "g").

TreoDru says:

Most might already be aware but "Astronomy Picture of the Day", Has great pictures that make great wallpapers.

SteveIowa says:

I want to say, I think this whole 'wallpaper' idea here at Android Central is a good one. I work, play, and travel all over out here in the middle. I'm with nintenDRU at least once a week. And now with the recent Aurora borealis, and several coronal mass ejection's taking place. My device's are sporting, out of this world wallpaper! Which changes weekly.

joebob2000 says:

Don't type Colorado, or CO for an abbreviation, go with "Color."! I think I read that in the fake AP Style Book's guide to the worst abbreviations ever, right next to using "Carp." to shorten Carphone.

icee_man says:

This is pretty cool. I live in Sterling and this is an awesome picture.

dcreed says:

For the record, my description was

Sunrise shot near Sterling, Colorado.
Pentax K20D, ISO 200, f/11, 1/200 second, 90mm (focal length)

I was up there a while back for my daughter's gymnastics meet, staying at a hotel out by the highway. Woke up early and saw this, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and did a number of shots. I tried a 5-stop HDR composite, but it never looked right to me. This original worked better.

I like things with lines in them like this for wallpapers as they give an interesting sense of movement when moving from screen to screen.