Colorado SunriseToday's Free Android Wallpaper comes from requent contributor dcreed, who shot this sunrise near Sterlin, Color., on a Pentax K20D with a 90mm lens.


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Free Android Wallpaper of the day - Colorado Sunrise


I want to say, I think this whole 'wallpaper' idea here at Android Central is a good one. I work, play, and travel all over out here in the middle. I'm with nintenDRU at least once a week. And now with the recent Aurora borealis, and several coronal mass ejection's taking place. My device's are sporting, out of this world wallpaper! Which changes weekly.

Don't type Colorado, or CO for an abbreviation, go with "Color."! I think I read that in the fake AP Style Book's guide to the worst abbreviations ever, right next to using "Carp." to shorten Carphone.

For the record, my description was

Sunrise shot near Sterling, Colorado.
Pentax K20D, ISO 200, f/11, 1/200 second, 90mm (focal length)

I was up there a while back for my daughter's gymnastics meet, staying at a hotel out by the highway. Woke up early and saw this, so I grabbed my camera and tripod and did a number of shots. I tried a 5-stop HDR composite, but it never looked right to me. This original worked better.

I like things with lines in them like this for wallpapers as they give an interesting sense of movement when moving from screen to screen.