The Foursquare app has been improved quite a bit in the last few months, moving to a new, cleaner UI that got rid of some of the confusion. Today it is receiving another small update to improve one aspect of the app, the check-in screen. The update gives the check-in area a cleaner UI, with a simple set of toggles next to the text box to manage sharing (now how about Google+ sharing?) and a single button to mention any Foursquare friends that you're with.

If there's one area of the Foursquare app to get right, this is it. You can grab the Foursquare app from the Google Play Store link above.


Reader comments

Foursquare app updated with new check-in UI


The Foursquare UI actually has a pretty bland light brown background to it. Doesn't help that it is at low brightness on the Galaxy Nexus.

I've really enjoyed all of Foursquare's design updates until now.
This looks daft, a huge big text box and a bunch of uncomfortably small buttons, I don't see how this is an improvement on the UI it had yesterday.

The one thing they still haven't corrected is posting addresses on the main search screen! If I search for Starbucks or Wow Bao (for examples), it'll bring up a bunch of nice looking pictures with descriptions, but I have to drill into each of them individually to find which address is specified. Why can't they put the address in the first screen info, instead of making me hunt for it?