before and after dpi hack

Here's one for you hackery types -- changing the resolution of your Android phone's screen through software, just like you can on a desktop monitor.

You have to be rooted, so take that to mean there's a chance for things to go boom if you don't follow the directions to the letter, and insert the standard disclaimer --  this is at your own risk, and nobody is responsible for things that may or may not go wrong.

If that bit of dirty business didn't scare you off, have a look up there and see the before and after pictures on a very messy and cluttered Evo 4G screen (for maximum effect, maximum widgets must be used!).  You'll need to decide if the benefit of having more info on large screens outweighs the effect this can have on widgets and other oddities. 

Want to try it for yourself?  Of course you do -- look here in the forums for a well written and thorough set of instructions.  While this was written with the Droid X in mind, the hack works on most Android handsets.  Android 2.2 required! [Android Central Forums] Big thanks to DaRkL3AD3R for this one!



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Given the resulting color banding, and the fact that changing the pixel density doesn't actually allow you to put any more items on your home screen... the mod isn't exactly like changing the resolution on your PC monitor.

Cool option to have though if you prefer it.

Just wanted to let you know Jerry, the mod works on 2.1 as well :) I have it setup on my 2.1u1 rooted X right now.

And Uansari1, the mod doesn't go too well with the home-screen, but the real beauty is in apps that you scroll through and have a lot of text. See the screenshots in the thread of the Settings panel and the Market. You can see a good amount more in both listed items and the text accompanied with them.

Color banding sadly is a side effect, as well as it not playing too nicely with certain graphics heavy things like widgets. Other than that its a fun and fairly safe tweak that you can play around with just to see if you like it or not.

You cannot increase the resolution of a screen beyond the "native" value; this is only a software hack (as stated in the article).

This hack does not "increase" your resolution - it just lowers the DPI of objects and text. Considering the above comment saying it doesn't allow you any more icon room, I don't see the point, it's just going to end up ruining your eyes. Unless you typically use your phone with a magnifying glass, of course.

Not to mention I'm sure you look pretty hilarious holding your phone 4 inches from your face whenever you need to actually read something now.

Why does the After picture have an earlier time then the before pic?

i mean even if they used two different phones, the time should be closer then 5 min apart

I know this is a dumb question (Android newb) but are there any widgets that "look" like those GPS/BT/WIFI/Airplane widgets on the home screen that I could get for my DX?

Yeah beautiful Widgets will do that for you and its only like 2 bucks. You get a lot more than just those Widgets though so well worth the chump change.

Beautiful widgets sucks, there aren't updates anymore and the widgets are terrible. You need 2 seperate widgets to toggle inbetween vibrate and silent and normal, the GPS widget is just a shortcut to the settings page, and the brightness widget just goes between full brightness and lowest brightness.

Spend half as much on SwitchPro and you'll actually be happy.

There is also an app on the market that is (similar/exactly?) like this hack. It's called LCD Density Changer and it's been out for a few days. Edit: Forgot that it was a paid app, but only around .99 USD.

Also, @RDR0b11 - while I agree with your points about making it harder to read/see stuff on the screen, there are launchers available that would allow you to utilize the extra space.

ADW.Launcher is one, it allows for a 6x6 icon grid

real easy to do. just did it on my 2.1 rooted vibrant, don't need adb at all.
using root explorer find build.prop in /system
make a backup copy
long press build.prop, open in text editor
change the lcd_density from 240 to 200
save changes

What's the purpose for this? If you want more storage space on your homescreens, use LauncherPro and turn on the 5 vertical row option.