Droid X screen

Blur gets a lot of undeserved hate.  Sure it may not be as pretty out-of-the-box as Sense, or as sleek and lean as stock Android, but PhilBlur can look great if you take the time.  Check out some of the great looks members have going on in the Droid X forums! [Android Central forums] Pic courtesy of terpitude71!


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From the Forums -- Show off your Droid X screens


Meh...I don't care how 'pretty' it looks (well, I do, but), what matters to me more is it's utility, and for what I do, it simply doesn't match ADW.

Its an awesome app. Its one widget that can open your calendar, weather, and your alarm clock. Or any app you want. Well worth the 2 bucks.

Requires root. :/

Something I think Google needs to add... not with an app, but with long press something.

Moe-its an app in the market called hd rare black wallpapers.

Doublespaded-i'm rooted using a screenshot app called drocap2. Theres only one other way that i've never done using your computer called sdk

What battery widget is that? I have been looking for one that shows my batter in 1% increments instead of 10%.