Droid 2 epic ROM

The Motorola Droid 2 now has a custom ROM available.  Epic Unleashed 1.1 (don't be confused by the name, this ROM is only for the Droid 2) brings more to the table than many thought would be possible because of the locking down that Big Red and Moto attempted on the phone -- being deodexed, with some of the carrier extras removed, helpful shell scripts added, and a customized build.prop.  That's developer speak for faster with nice features, and we all can understand that.

You can check it out in the developers threads right here in our forums.  And if you're sporting a rooted Droid 2, you gotta check it out! [Android Central forums] Thanks, Matt!


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From the Forums: First custom Droid 2 ROM now available


Nice to see the hacking community make some headway on the droid 2 with that pesky locked bootloader. Shame on you Motorola.

FlyX and Tranquility are the two ROMs currently available on the droid x.

i'm pretty sure there's links in these forums for them, if not, they are on xda for sure.