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Casen writes in our Rumored Devices Forum,

I'm deploying in a month. What will be out when I return? When I get back around beginning 2013, what is your speculation of the phone I will be to get.

I'm feeling I will be able to get a phone with a 4.8 inch 720p screen, quad core, 1.5GB ram. It will have 64GB internal memory (because as nice as the cloud is, it does NOT work in all the places the military works.) It will have a SDcard slot, 3000 mAh minimum battery, and will feature actual stereo speakers (on the back in landscape mode) I honestly do not care about the thinness, but hopefully around the same thickness as a Droid Charge.

A small Bezel on top and bottom, (for holding) and a minimal Bezel on the sides. The camera won't have more than 10MP, but will be better engineered to not suck ass. The front-facing camera will be 5MP. Soft keys only on the screen, and there WILL be an actual camera button with 2 stages. Bootloader will be un encrypted (because that's the problem). Also, will be a Verizon device.

What are your hopes for an actual early 2013 device?

Hey, Casen! First off, thanks for doing what you do. As for the phone, a lot of what you're expecting is likely in the natural progression of smartphones. I'd certainly love to see 64GB of on-board storage (and for it to be economical to have), as well as the larger battery. But I'm also pretty well convinced that the major shift in 2012 going into 2013 is going to be interoperability among devices. Wifi Direct's likely to play a pretty big role in Android's plans for taking over living rooms as well as running what's in your pocket. And we're talking about beyond Google TV. And don't forget that we've still got Intel-based Android devices to look forward to later this year. 

Hardware is hardware. It'll always get better. It's where we imagine the software's at in 2013 that really has us excited.

Stay safe out there.

What do you expect to see in 2013? Leave a reply in Casen's thread here.


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From the Forums: Deploying in a month, what will be waiting for me when I get back?


Casen`s,it`s nice thoughts and a big dreams to have, which all we like to have.. To me what we having now it`s good enough, all what we should ask for is, all the phones maker to give us better software and a hardware,and the carriers improve their network, and let us have better monthly fees.
As Casen`s like to have the big phone on VZW, in all the feature he wished for, he better have $599.99 for the phone with two years agreement, if is not more. That`s what VZW price it`ll be.

I think in 2013 we will probably see the first phones that come with 32 gb of internal storage as the prices of flash ram have dropped sufficiently in that size range to warrant a move up in space.

Yes your GNEx has 32 GB, but as of right now the standard storage amount in most google phones seems to be 16 GB.

When 32 GB becomes then norm is what I am talking about.

Apple will have the iphone 7. If you want to see what it looks like... Just go to their website. There is a picture of it right now... Yes I know... It looks the same... Thank you for doing what you do....

You're right, the next iPhone will be out. While it won't be called the iPhone 5 like everyone else is calling it (this would be an admission that the 4S doesn't really count in terms of numbering), it won't be the iPhone 7, either. It will be one of three names:
-"the new iPhone" -- see the 3rd gen iPad ("the new iPad"),
-the "iPhone 6" -- it's the 6th iPhone, or
-the "iPhone 4G" -- assuming Apple have their heads screwed on the right way.

Casen, you're about right, but I think 64 GB will come from 32 gigs onboard flash and up to 32 gigs microSD. Actually, expect the phone to be multi-carrier like the SGS2 and HTC One series are. Oh, and depending on when exactly you're coming back and when exactly Google releases Jelly Bean, the phone may or may not be running the next Android version.

Personally I don't give a s--t what phone you come home to. What's important to me is you COME HOME. Stay safe!

Been over here since JAN. If you are coming over here with your Android device hoping to have 3G connectivity (I have a Photon) or wifi, prepare to be frustrated unless you are lucky enough to get around RC-Cap or BAF. Roshan sucks at best and wifi is extremely overpriced and slower than dial up. I clocked a whopping 20kbs once. I can live without the alcohol, but not being connected has me breaking out in cold sweats.

Train hard, stay sharp, and trust your PPE. It's getting frothy over here now since Spring hit. We lost people in less than two months of being here. There is no "safe" location, only "safer".