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HTC's investment in Beats Audio has been one of the more debated moves in the past year or so. To some, it's a marketing maneuver. To others, it truly has made phone audio better. For our part, we certainly notice a difference, and that Beats is available to any application on a Sense 4 phone is a big plus.

Varsityhacker in our forums brings the following:

Beats Audio can best be summoned up as a EQ setting that you can enable when listening to music on the One X. Toggling back and forth listening to music you can tell the difference. Without Beats enabled sound was generic in sound and lower all most muffled. When Beats is enabled the sound became louder and clearer with a heavier emphasis on the low and high ends. Yes you can tell the difference between settings and earbuds on the One X. You won't be listening to music on the One X with beats off unless you like monotone sound. But, how does the IPad compare in sound quality against the One X and Beats?

Very well, the IPad has a more consistent sound across the board with nothing really out doing the other (low end vs. high end). You get the felling that the EQ is set to be equal across the board on the IPad. Where the One X would look different with the EQ cranked on the high and low ends. Personally I liked listening to music on both, but like the One X better overall. The One X felt like I was in a concert and the IPad like I was sitting on my porch with a Scotch in hand playing my tunes. 

His full conclusion? Hit this link to find out.


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I don't think it is unreasonable to think that HTC artificially lowers the quality of sound produced when not using the Beats settings. The fact that it is merely an EQ setting and not a higher quality DAC is pretty disappointing but not surprising.

what I don't get, is why not just make the default setting the Beats setting, if it sucks so bad. Your theory isn't that far fetched imo.

Beats to me is a joke. I don't view it as an attraction. It's just a marketing gimmick.

Honestly, I could believe that. I have some conspiracy-friendly people that I hang out with, and while I am really really reluctant to speculate on ANYTHING, I almost get the feeling that Verizon hates me. Not because I am a pain on the customer service line, but because I have been grandfathered in on my unlimited data plan from when the Droid X was brand spankin' new. I read that the X used waaaaay more data than it realistically should, and when the big red V switched to their tiered-only plans, I felt a little weird swapping the settings on my Droid 4 so that I would never cut back on the data I was using. I AM paying for it, so why not use it, right? Verizon has basically snared me as a customer as long as they still let me be grandfathered in, and nobody else can offer enough of a comparable experience. But the weird part is that my first data-sipper phone, the Droid 4 has had to be replaced on warranty like three times now.
I almost feel like when ICS got sent out, Verizon rolled a virus in there somewhere to crash my phone and thus keep me from using so much data. I mean, if I had someone pulling a loophole like that, and I couldn't close it without looking terrible I would, as a giant soul-sucking corporation would wreck their phone. Its only one customer, if we chase them away, we don't have him using so much data.

So this most recent warranty, like-new replacement is gonna be sold, and a new phone (Galaxy Note 2, yaaaay) is gonna be purchased, any ideas on how to optimize settings for unlimited data plans?

I personally don't get it.

With Sammy products and Voodoo sound, I could really notice a difference in quality and volume.

Now that I am on HTC, I really don't see how beats changes the sound all that much. I am sure it is me, but still......

Turn Beats off, and you will see immediately.

Note that there are a dozen other equalizer settins built into the One X other than beats, and also notice that Beats has multiple settings as well.

Hey! Those earbuds don't have the special red cords which make the sound go better!

I am interested in how effective this "beats" tech really is, but not enough to read up on it since I'm not getting a "beats"-capable device unless VZW puts the Rezound on sale for $25 or w/e again.

I also have a Galaxy S with Voodoo sound enabled and it is noticeably better. One of the reasons I'll probably keep it around once I upgrade to serve as a PMP.

EQ can make a huge difference and I am actually quite dissapointed that Google Music (Play Music?) has no EQ options. Not even presets. Seems to me to be an essential portion of a music player.

Google Play Music does have equalisers. You'll find them under Menu-> Sound Effects> Equaliser On/Off. At least that's how things are on the Galaxy Nexus.

Play Music has EQ on Ice Cream Sandwich and it honestly sounds pretty good. You do need to have better earbuds as most earbuds don't give you a consistent sound reproduction due to poor sound insulation/isolation. (Not a spell check, I mean both)

Please provide the complete path to this equalizer settings in Google Play Music on ICS, because I'm not seeing it in either of my ICS devices.

I suspect you are mistaking the system equalizer for something that came with Google Play Music.

So your answer as to whether or not there is an equalizer built into ICS is to Install one?

Gee Thanks.

people should learn to make sure everything in the pic is clean before posting it. those earbuds are covered with earwax....gross!!!

Irk I haven't been able to play with the beats too much as I dontvhave a fat wallet and 200+ for head phones?? Wtf somevhead phones are more expensive then my truck butvim rootedon an inspire running the latest cm7 RC I simply use the prep manager and compress. My music its a major difference with 20 dollar head phones from radio shack. And for my style of music compression is perfect metal rock death metal alternitive expletive I switched from pantera to white chappel to linking park nowvto all that remains super clean Brits and lows amazing YAY FOR DSP AND IM USING PLAY MUSIC ;)

I'm sorry but I the price is out ragous flat out navy people with better jobs I would need a second job to play with all this crap I know quality is all important and the good stuff is expensive but come on man whose got that kind of money seriously I'm not going to go without food or gas or skip a payment on a bill just for some damn head phones I'm rite under 1 k a month got high insurrance and a truck note so I'm screwed who else is well poor like me and just silently drules in anguish???

Finally someone who is unbiased. So many sites say that all beats does is boost bass. That however, is not entirely true. I'm by no means an audio engineer, but I can definitely say that there is a little more to it then just bass. I've noticed that music sounds a little bit more compressed to maybe draw out the high's a little more, to make up for beats' horrible highs. The music does indeed become louder, and bass is definitely more prevalent. So, while beats may offer a little more than 'just bass;' The difference is not worth 30 million dollars, or whatever HTC payed Monster.

If it makes 8-bit NES games or audio books sound better I'd use it. Otherwise I will not. I'm rare in that I don't listen to music.

with proper gear you won't need an EQ. I personally like my sound "natural"

I get by with what I can on my mobile usage (Voodoo and Galaxy S2) but this whole Beats thing is gimmicky.

Unfortunately, 99% of the world hasn't heard what actual good sound is.

beat audio on/off nothing works. i also have htc one v. After a update all beat presets removed by htc which u will not get back. now beat is nothing.