Forever Drive

Forever Drive, one of my favorite racing games on iOS, made the jump to Android this weekend. From a top-down perspective, players tilt or tap their way through an endless series of user-created courses for as long as they can before time runs out. Players earn experience points, level up, and get access to new cars and license plates. The real selling point are the smooth, stark, pseudo-Tron graphics that set a truly unique atmosphere. Here's a quick feature run-down.

  • In-Game Track Editor: extremely easy-to-use editor to make beautiful, winding city tracks with just a few touches!
  • Weekly challenge mode: race against the world and competitors’ ghost cars on specially created tracks
  • Regional Leaderboards: see how you stack up against other players around you and compete against them
  • 4 different control types: arcade, tilt, digital pro, analog pro
  • Unlock new cars, paintwork, buildings and license plates!
  • Race against the clock to accumulate XP for LEVELING UP, and access to brand new content.
  • Custom 3D engine rendering

The game is free with optional in-app purchases, which I found were generally done in a classy way. Give it a shot and lets us know about any device compatibility issues. 

Download: Forever Drive (Free, IAPs)


Reader comments

Forever Drive brings unending user-generated racing tracks to Android


Pretty sure Simon's neck of the woods is getting ready to punch out about now.
This looks interesting - I would have like some "drifting" mechanic, but I think I'll have to give a go.

Nah, I'm on EST - I get to post about this stuff all day long. :) Actually, I think there is a bit of drifting. I still haven't got the hang of it, but I think you just steer hard to one side. 

FYI: I've seen reviews in the Play Store about a black screen in some devices. I did noticed that in both of my tablets (running ICS) Forever Drive takes its sweet time to display the first Red Robot logo -- 15 seconds or so of black screen before the game begins to load. On my phone, running Gingerbread :( the game loads immediately without time wasted on a black screen.

I've just been playing this for a bit on my Transformer TF300. Really nice and pretty addictive game - and also strangely hypnotic and relaxing. At least until the speed starts ramping up and you crash into every other car on the road :).

I had some problems with test driving in the track creator (which is otherwise extremely simple to use) being buggy, but it seemed to fix itself after waking the tablet up from sleep.

My only issue with the game right now is that you'll have to buy credits or play/grind for an eternity to buy new cars, buildings to add to user created tracks, and even the ability to create and have more than one track active. I'm level 3 now and have earned 200 credits (plus the 1000 you're given from the start). New cars appear to cost 5,000-8,000+. A single building for custom tracks cost 1000 (might be some that cost more) and unlocking a second custom created track cost 10,000.

I don't mind paying a few bucks for a game I like, but it seems to me like this could become a somewhat costly - or incredibly lengthy - affair if you want to buy most or all things.

A couple of hours in the first day is too premature to call the achievements as unattainable. I plan on playing the game as-is for about a week and see how good I get / how much I still suck before I head to the in-app store to buy coins.

I was wrong about the prices on track scenery for the editor, each item is only in the ~90-300 credit range. I also started getting some slightly higher credit rewards for leveling up - plus a small bonus just now for driving 25 tracks - but some of the cars still look very expensive. Let's see, for now it's definitely a really enjoyable game, and with no initial cost and free of nagging ads.