Developer Joaquim Verges — you might remember him as the man behind the popular Twitter app Falcon Pro — has just released a new Android applications — Flyne. It's an offline reader that allows you to take your favorite articles with you, on the go, without worrying about a data connection.

The app itself is free, and you can pull in sources a curated list, but you'll need to pony up 99 cents for Feedly or Twitter access. The app itself is stylish in the manner you'd expect from the force behind Falcon, so this one's well worth a look. There's a dark theme available as well. (We're fans of that, for sure.) 

The article content takes center stage here, with other elements floating on top and not much chrome to distract from what's important. Give 'er a go, we say.



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Flyne, a news reader from the developer behind Falcon Pro, goes live


Bought Feedly option, I want to read's new items feed offline.

However, no images are displayed in browsing mode, browsing is a pain (can't see a lot of items at once), I have to browse one item at a time, text is distorted and, again, there is no image inside details.

Original Feedly performs much better than this app. Worst spent $0.99.

Twitter access is $1.99, not $0.99 as you mentioned.

Oh, and if you don't pay it's pretty useless.

Actually, I haven't bought the twitter access and I find the app useful. It's still another reader app. I've been using it since it was in beta.

I love Falcon Pro. By far my favorite Twitter app. I have not been happy at all about the seeming abandonment of the app by this developer.

To asnwer common responses to my opinion on the FP Beta group:

Yes, I know about the tokens issue. No, I don't expect him to necessarily continue to develop the FP app now that he can't get paid for it. My complaint is about not *communicating* that Falcon Pro is done. Or that it's not.

Just because some folks apparently don't have issues with the most recent version of FP, doesn't mean that there aren't issues. Enough people have posted about similar problems on the beta group to make it clear there are legit issues. Again, if he does not intend to fix them, fine. Communicate that.

All I expect, having paid my money and volunteered to participate in the FP beta process, is communication. That's it. That the developer has essentially disappeared from there makes me very unwilling to ever give him a red cent again.

Frankly, it is in his best interest to keep reasonably happy those of us who have supported his great work previously. That's not happening.

Your mileage may vary, but I thought this experience is something folks should know about before they support a new app.

Fiasco? Certainly wasn't his fault, and he worked hard to make it work for as many as wanted it. The guy is great, and I'll get everything he develops.

See my post above for more detail, but some of the complaints about him are his fault.

The tokens issue and the effect on Falcon aren't his fault. Bailing on the beta group with no communication is his fault.

All this app did once it downloaded was load...nothing else after that.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to work on the HTC One or my Nexus 7. Just a red bar and nothing else.