Flipboard has now released the latest update to their Android app. Sitting at v1.9.7, this release brings audio into the fold for those of you out there who like to listen while reading. The content itself is broken into sections that offers news, sports, books and more.

Plus, if music is your thing, there is integration with Sound Cloud added that allows you to discover, like and share music from your friends. In addition that, Flipboard has also addressed some unnoted various bugs in the app and worked on various performance enhancements.

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LoSes says:

Just wish they'd change the font from Droid Serif when viewing articles in it.

JkdJedi says:


ratatattata says:

Not really news. At least on the Galaxy S3 it's been like that for months.

homunuculus says:

I hope it improves the performance, Because its been crashing a lot on my s3