Galaxy Tab 10.1 case

Let's talk Galaxy Tab 10.1 cases. We're still not sure exactly what's going to be available at launch in a couple weeks, but Samsung's Gavin Kim gave us a sneak peek at a flip case he's using (on that very cool metallic gray Galaxy Tab no less).

It's a simple yet elegant case. Made of thin plastic, it snaps to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, completely protecting the Honeycomb tablet. It closes like a folio, snapping into place. And then you can turn the case back around on itself, turning it into a stand for the tablet for easier typing. Not exactly a new concept, but it looks simple enough. We've got a few more pics and video after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 caseSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 caseSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 caseSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 case


Reader comments

Flip case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


I love the concept of this case, but it seems to me that I'm gonna have to cut out some holes to put the case on in such a way that the screen power and volume switches don't end up "upside down" at the bottom right. I'd much prefer to have them remain at the top left when using the tab, or to have the charging cable come up out of the "top" of the device. I'm puzzled by how they think this was a good design.

samsung likes getting sued huh? Also, couldn't you apply it to the tab while the tab is upside down, so when you prop it up, its right side up?

looks a lot like that smart cover thing from the ipad 2. I think apple would probably find a way to sue samsung for this as well.

Apple wasn't the first to create anything they sell, yet they manage to sue everyone. I just wouldn't be surprised if they manage to find something about this cover to sue Samsung over, I hope they don't, but with Apple you never know.

This looks nothing like the smart cover from Apple. For starters this is a full body cover not a screen cover like the smart cover. Also this doesn't unfold to over lay on top of the tablet like the smart cover. I think you are reaching and if Apple tries to sue they reaching too.

Who's suing samsung for this? Sure, it looks like a lot of cases, but this is a good case design. I have a third party one on my (soon to be ex I hope) iPad. Works great.

Also, the cutouts might not line up if you flip it.

Edit: Wow, I was late to the party on this one. Guess I should have refreshed before commenting.

And the fact that it has the perfect, official case for my needs, I am officially sold on getting a Tab 10.1

This case is pretty sweet, looks like I will have to get this and that bluetooth keyboard case which also looks awesome.

i never did understand the smart cover think, really stupid and looks lame.
can't wait for the GTab 8.9, especially if they come with the cool hard cover we just saw.

I wish there was a nice case like this for my transformer. The lack of accessories for it has me concerned.

Does anyone know when this case will actually come out? Even though the tablet has come out I have yet to find a decent case for it

I have this case, and I like it a lot.
It's very thin. I can barely tell I have a case on it at times.

anyone have a working link...I need this. I have the Belkin case from Best works...but this seems to have a better profile. Doesnt hide the beauty of the Tab....