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Figured we'd do our best to asplode the Internet in this one picture. That's Firefox for Android running Flash. On a Kindle Fire. Yeah, yeah, Flash is dead on mobile and all that. But the fine folks at Mozilla are still baking support for it in the new version of native Firefox, and it's avaliable now as a nightly build. That's not to say it's without bugs -- nightly builds are like that, of course. But it's very cool to see Mozilla bake in support for what's still -- and what will be for some time -- a very desired feature.

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Flash support arrives in native version of Firefox for Android


Oh, I thought this article was saying that Flash was built-in to the browser natively (i.e., going to be updated and not going to die when Flash for Android dies).

Is anyone besides QNX (for BlackBerry BBX) licensing the Flash source and making their own Flash support for Android? Flash is really going to die on Android? Couldn't someone like the people who make Dolphin, BOLT, xScope, etc. license the code and build Flash support into their browsers (and sell said browsers in the Market)?

And, no, sites aren't going to redesign and create fully-mobile-capable sites for Android phones using HTML5. To think that HTML5 will fully supplant Flash and Flash-based sites will roll a special HTML5 version of their site for mobile is naive, I think. It would be awesome, but I don't see it happening, you know?

It's not naive. You're just short-sighted. Most people and companies (including Google/Youtube) have known for years that HTML5 would be the future. Well, we are just one step closer to that now.

"And, no, sites aren't going to redesign and create fully-mobile-capable sites for Android phones using HTML5."

You're right. They aren't going to redesign just for Android. They're going to redesign for everyone. If they don't already have an HTML5 version (you can thank Apple's hard-headed refusal to use Flash), then they will soon because that is what will be mainstream in a few years.

I think you are the one who is short-sighted.

Firefox wants to gain market share so they are going to make their mobile browser to work with flash plug-in. nVidia and TI want to sell more of their chips so they are going to port the flash desktop browser plug-in to their specific chipsets.

This will end up similar to how TI spent their own money writing their own netflix android app for OMAP4 CPU with all the fancy DRM stuff and certifying it. Hey, buy our OMAP4 chip and you will get that for free --- suddenly you have BOTH the kindle fire and nook tablet --- BOTH being android based and BOTH having netflix app.

Next year you are going to see nVidia trying to sell tegra 3 chipset or TI trying to sell OMAP5 chipset --- and doing it with things like throwing a flash 12 desktop browser plug-in that they ported for the android platform. That's how the world works.

I'm running the latest nightly (11.0.a1), but there is no option to enable flash, and if I go to Adobe, I can download, but not install. How do you enable it?

I figured it out!!! I didn't have Flash enabled on the default browser. Here is what I did (the whole story). First of all I'm using a Galaxy S II (not sure if that matters). I didn't have Flash enabled on the default browser, and I also had the stable version of FF, FF beta, along with the Nightly, so the first thing I did was a web search, and only one post I found in countless results directed users who have the beta version to uninstall that first. Well not wanting to spend all day trying I uninstalled the stable, beta, and nightly. Then I reinstalled nightly only. No Flash. Hmmm. I went on a hunch, and opened the stock browser not knowing if that mattered if Flash needed to be enabled, and I didn't know if I had it enabled, so I checked, and nope, it wasn't enabled. I enabled Flash, reopened FF nightly, and now all websites with video show the flash player by default. So in closing there is no option to enable Flash in Firefox. You just need it enable in the default browser first. Oh and of course you need Flash Player from the Market first, but that should be a given. I hope this saves someone time on trying to figure it out.

Oh, and just for those who would like to know, it runs very well, and very stable in nightly 11.0a1. I'm happy enough that I made Nightly my default. Enjoy.