Android CentralIf you head to the Google Play Store this morning, you'll see a brand new update for Adobe Flash Player for Android. While no major new versions of Flash are being deployed on Android, Adobe continues to push out security fixes, and that's exactly what this latest update contains. According to the latest Adobe security advisory, the update to Flash fixes a vulnerability which could cause applications to crash, or malicious code to be executed. Which sounds like something you'd want to avoid.

Head to the "My Apps" list to grab the update, or use the link after the break if you're still Flashless.


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Flash Player for Android gets security update


I've noticed that updates on android/linux/windows are concurrent, so that whenever I see my phone telling me to update flash, I do the same on my computers.

... and its still buggy as hell. every browser i use with flash either crashes, freezes the browser, or reboots my phone.