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We're here in New York where LG today invited the press to take its first look at the Intuition, the much anticipated hybrid device that arrived in Verizon Wireless stores today. The Intuition is nearly identical to the international Optimus Vu, which has made quite a name for itself as a unique competitor in the increasingly popular "phablet" market. Unlike Samsung's Note, the Intuition is sporting a 4:3 aspect ratio, which adds up to a totally different experience both in terms of use and purpose. Hit the break for my full first impressions.

The Intuition, LG says, is meant mainly for document and text viewing-- if you're in the market for a device to watch movies and take photos with, you're going to want to look elsewhere. For its intended purpose though, the Intuition shines, and is definitely worth keeping an open mind for.

And with that, read our for our initial thoughts.

The 5-inch IPS display clocks in at 1024 x 768 resolution with 600 nits of brightness-- it's not the most advanced technology you'll find on the market today, but it holds its own and looks really gorgeous. As Alex mentioned in his review of the international Vu, what it lacks in sharpness it makes up for in color accuracy. 

Underneath that beautiful display, the Intuition is packing a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor. Yes, you read that right-- S3. Not S4 like every other high-end device on the market today, but an S3, like every other high-end device on the market last year. It's also lacking a removable battery and microSD card, two stinging omissions. It's a stunning disappointment for those who have been waiting for a phablet to arrive on Verizon, and although the Intuition performs admirably well, it would be nice to have current generation internals and functionality. The same can be said for software-- Ice Cream Sandwich underneath LG's Optimus 3.0 skin looks and performs great, but not quite as great as Jelly Bean would. LG was tight lipped about its plans to upgrade the Intuition to Jelly Bean, but if we were you, we wouldn't hold our breath; neither Verizon or LG has been known to be the most efficient when it comes to upgrading software.

The Intuition ships with LG's Rubberdiem stylus, which can't hold a candle to what Samsung is doing with the S-Pen. It's not particularly precise or intuitive, and since the Intuition lacks handwriting recognition, it doesn't seem all that useful. Oh, and there's no slot in the Intuition to hold the pen, which pretty much defeats its purpose right off the bat. Think of it more as a toy than a tool.

I wouldn't write the Intuition off at first glance. It's awkward to hold, and even more awkward to hold up to your ear (so much so that LG admits it, nonchalantly hinting at Bluetooth headsets to ease your worries), but if you do a lot of reading on your phone, the Intuition is a standout. I'll make it my daily driver for the next few days to really get a taste of how to integrate the Intuition into your daily life; until I can compose my thoughts into a full review, check out some photos and a quick one-take walkthrough after the break.


Reader comments

First look at the LG Intuition


I have to say I am the one stupid person who bought this phone sight unseen from the website last week. Arrived on Friday and I could not stop laughing!! It really didn't look that big on the website, but in person the thing is huge!

Anyway I also got covers for the phone from another website and when you put the cover on the phone it looked like I was holding a book to my face. My kids and I had a good laugh over this one. Clearly the voice of reason was not with me when I made this purchase.

I really don't have anything good to say about it other than if you're legally blind this would be the phone for you because every screen is stretched so large. It is a thin phone though, however when you talk on it, my hand got cramps from holding the phone. Also, when talking on the phone the speaker sounded very bad. Think two tin cans tied together.

The phone is on it's way back to Verizon already, hope this helps someone...

hahah... thanks for your "review"

Honestly the phone looks absolutely absurd in these hands-on reviews... i really don't know what LG was thinking. The aspect ratio alone was reason enough for me to not think twice about this phone.

Couldn't stop laughing at you saying your "hand cramped up" when using it as a phone... hahah

No....just no.....4:3 is terrible now and as everyone has said, why get this when you can get a Galaxy Note II with amazing specs AND it will run Jelly Bean and have an S Pen. This thing is crap.

Ok, I know I will be a minority here, but I stopped by my local VZW store today (looking for a hotspot) and saw the LG Intuition there... I actually kinda liked it. It was huge, yes, but it was still able to fit in the front pocket of my Khakis (I didn't try sitting down with it in my pocket tho). It was quirky and build quality seemed pretty good, and I like that.

However, there are 2 things that will keep me from getting this tab-err phone: 1) the S3 processor. This is old news and I am not gonna pay premium price for a 2011 processor; and 2) the lack of stylus storage. Why would you make a device that focuses on Pen input and not have a place to stow it??? Really makes the Stylus feel like an afterthought.

Anyway, maybe LG will address these issues in the next version. Its funny but the 4:3 didnt bother me nearly as much as I thought. But overall, As for the current model, I don't really understand why they just didn't wait till the 2nd gen was released.

You figured since they took out the tv antenna that would be a perfect place for stylus storage.

LG definately dropped the ball on that one.

I really like this phone and am ordering it the day I get paid. The aspect ratio is perfect for what I use my phone for. I don't watch videos or use apps. I browse the web, listen to music, and use Flipboard. Don't care about removable storage, removable battery or stylus integration. I'll probably leave the stylus in the box. I just want a 5" phone. Simple as that.

Verizon might not be getting the Note 2. They are the only carrier to not announce it. This would not be the first time the Verizon buyers screwed up on picking the wrong phone. Good luck to the two people that waste their money on this!

All this talk on the processor. Sure it's an S3. But how does the phone perform? This review talks on paper specs but that's not fair imo. It's ugly, yes. But prior to complaining over a 1.5 S3, let's see how it performs maybe?

This phone is the answer to a question no one asked. I'm all for choices, open nature of Android and all that, but LG is going to lose money on this phone for sure, and you have to wonder exactly what they were thinking of when they designed this phone.

It doesn't do anything well, isn't a replacement for a phablet, and it doesn't look like they tried too hard either.

I really want to know what the hell Verizon was thinking charging $199 for this thing or even carrying it at all? Not trying to be funny here, this is a real head scratcher for me. Verizon has been overcharging for their phones for a while now, but $199 for a phone with an s3 processor?

This thing reminds me of an older Blackberry. Big for the sake of being big, with zero aesthetic design. I'll happily wait to see the Note 2

It would be fun to put iOS on it as its resolution is essentially like a mini iPad. Or, since that's obviously not possible, at least skin it so that it looks identical to an iPad, and then trick some iCult member, hehe.

Verizon is going to sell about 7 of these phones. In about 4-5 months, they will be giving them away with a 2 year contract. I also doubt it will ever see an update to Jelly Bean, either.

Love the thought of big image onscreen. Great for viewing my graphics design work one final time before sending to clients. AT&T just put 4G LTE here in Atlanta several months ago and whatever phone I get has to work on that, but the "phablets" are few and far between. Maybe in another six months...